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  1. And who picks up the poison chalice of running the club? Easy part is to demand change but I don't see a rush of people looking to take things over
  2. Keeping him fit for an impending January sale? We’ve been looking at a number of defensive players and perhaps indicates cashing in.
  3. Game showed where we have been the last few years with a lack of cutting edge up front. The loss of Wotherspoon removes quality and when Billy is removed we are left with nothing. A process is underway to change how the team plays and unlike under Dodds there is a point to the way we are playing but lack quality in some areas to make a difference. Time is needed to bed in the changes and you could see some of the frustration from Duncan at some points. Shaw is a major weakness due to him lack of football awareness and having Carson back may allow a change to a more flexible shape than we have been playing since he dropped out.
  4. Nice to see a team that looks coached and has a bit of identity about how they are trying to play after the past seasons of drifting along. Still a work in progress but also nice to not feel the urge to fall asleep
  5. Solution is easy. You just need to invest a chunk of cash, say £1m and you can appoint your own Chairman. We are in a sorry state and the fact is there are people behind the scenes who have had to put their hands in their pockets to keep the club afloat. Wrong decisions get made when you’re between a rock and a hard place. On the park we are suffering from an average set of players and average coaches. One of these need to be improved to move forward and both have a potential cost impact. Have to say however that the current approach of alienating the support seems unlikely to be helpful
  6. Indeed however we should not let individual defensive errors hide the bigger picture. The difference in the level of coaching between the two teams was stark with Queens having a clear basis to their play hence the ease they could play out from the back. In addition our press is amateur and you feel for the front two chasing around to find that the defenders always had an easy pass. Again standard of coaching. We had four very good chances to score and executed none. The same lack of cutting edge up front which has affected us for much of the past seasons. Easy game in some ways. Stop the opposition scoring and score at the other end. Too often we create early chances and don’t score only to fall behind and chase the game. Early in the season and form may pick up however……
  7. Partick chocking but was never a penalty. VAR correct to overturn red card though
  8. Begs the question what Robbo is now doing. Rumour was the the board tried to offload him to cut costs but he was retained to cover the commercial side.
  9. Suspect Tokely is having too much fun playing in the Highland League
  10. Run like a glorified pub team is closer to the mark
  11. The issue was that Ridgers launched the ball up the pitch straight to the opposition keeper and Dodds was not impressed with losing the ball so easily. Straight afterwards the goal was scored.
  12. Good 1st half and end to the game. Dodds didn’t react to the change in formation when Vigurs came on at half time and the extra man in the middle exploited the space between the defence and midfield. The 3rd goal steadied things particularly after Cove made further changes which helped both defence and midfield. Many positives but we need to lose the habit of losing control of games including when the opposition makes changes.
  13. Cammy could have done better with the first goal but to be fair it was a shot which moved from one side of him to the other quickly and these can catch even top keepers out. Bewildered how some are blaming him for the second goal however and this is just deflecting criticism from the defence in not holding a line or dealing with nothing more than a simple lump forwards
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