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  1. Tree

    All Clubs Attendance records

    Higher up if the record 2004 attendance at Pittodrie is used wonder what Caley and Thistle record attendances are. Time to dig books out
  2. Highlights show McKay is onside
  3. Tree


    Can understand being worthy of criticism but what exactly merits abuse??
  4. Tree

    Patrick another 3 points!!

    Without trying to be overly critical as at the end of the day we were left playing with 9 1/2 men due to injury, JR has to shoulder some of the blame from a tactical sense with part of the issue being the team tiring with a high press and being 3 nil up we could have conceded the ball higher up the park and looked to be tigher together and then hit on the break. The obvious substitution was also Doran (who had a good game) for Calder who would have added pace as well as improving the left hand side defense. Instead he took off Whyte and we lost the way up front thereafter and struggled to hold the ball up (obviously made worse with Oakley's injury).
  5. Tree

    Our youngsters

    Not sure what costs you believe are of our own making? Project Brave even at the current level has very specific requirements including specified numbers of coaches for each each group. It has also resulted in having to split Roles as certain people cannot do other roles. This is beyond the control of the club. That said there are a significant amount of things wrong which are being papered over and there is quite a bit of bemusement at decisions being taken. Very diplomatically put re CC being a figurehead. Many would be a bit more blunt.
  6. Tree

    Alan Hercher

    Heard about the fact that Alan was ill and terminal a couple of weeks back but as it was not public I thought better not to mention things on CTO. Having had the chance to work alongside Alan (as well as watching him play) I can say that this was a pleasure. Thoughts are with his family and friends.
  7. Tree

    Ayr and the problem of Shankland

    Window in Scotland is open till 31st Aug
  8. Tree

    Hearts Game

  9. Tree

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Would be surprised if having to park round the corner is a defining factor in people deciding to attend the game
  10. Tree

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Season ticket and hospitality seats were reserved until lunch time today. Should now be released
  11. Tree

    Recruitment Policy?

    The reason I ask is that some have been offered P/T contracts. These may be in addition to the above. Whilst looking to take the positives I know that some in the club have some reservations that a significant number of players have had to leave school to take up the contracts with limited football available after this year. Fine for those good enough to make a career but not so great as a fall back. There is always a balance of risk for players making a career and not but I know a few players have left the club due to having limited choice between contract or school
  12. Tree

    Recruitment Policy?

    Are all 10 full-time?
  13. Tree

    Recruitment Policy?

    Baffled by the expectation that Charlie will be the solution? There are many such as Ronnie, as you note, who deserve any of the credit.
  14. Tree

    Season Ticket

    Think tomorrow is when this is available