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  1. Indeed what has happened to the foundation? Little has been said about the replacement for Danny (seems to be Charlie) Project Brave has no place for over 18s and we are not in the Reserve League. If we don't 'ship them all out en masse' they will not have any football to play apart from friendlies. Does leave a question as to whether it was a good decision to give contracts to 10 development team players if there is not a route to first team football for them??
  2. Don’t understand why Vincent is being slagged off. Issues are around long ball to a player who never holds it up and being supported by Keatings who either stands looking at the opposition getting to the ball first or has no end product. Will save the standard of crossing for another day
  3. So we're not even into August and we have already decided that we are gash on the back of what are a few pre-season fixtures. This may be the case and we may end up struggling. Might make sense to wait a few games to see where we are place???
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    The pitch is new and had two games within the space of a few days, All new pitches take time to bed and the reality is that the work needed to be undertaken (indeed we had delayed it by a year). There is a risk that the pitch is not 100% for this year and often it is year 2 that it improves. Don't see how moaning about something which was needed will help.
  5. Tree

    New Kit

    Grown ups getting upset about a strip???
  6. Had the misfortune of being sat in front of Saint and Greavsie (without the humour) for the game. Two of our more elderly fans spent most of the game slagging off players for doing nothing wrong. In particular Carson got constant abuse for doing his job properly instead of ball chasing which in their mind showed he was out of his depth??? One of their best quotes was that Robo did not know what formation he was playing (???) even though it was pretty obvious and apparently we do not look like a team (???).
  7. Yes, that and the fact that he had lost the dressing room!!
  8. He was indeed a great keeper though not when he had the ball at his feet or at penalties (did he ever actually save one??).
  9. Are people still falling for the fishing trip???
  10. Yes, or should that read 'non story'!
  11. We are now speculating about replacing a Manager who may or may not be leaving, may or may not have been subject to an enquiry from another club, may or may not be hacked off, may or may not wish to stay, and may or may not get the sack in the future. Assuming he is staying I'm sure he will feel an inner warmth that that people are already moving onto the next man!
  12. There seems to be a lot of people getting very worked up on the back of newpaper rumour and assumption??