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  1. Was his first act to reappoint Red Pepper?
  2. I’ll add an emoji for sarcasm next time
  3. Nope. Off to Smiffys in Aviemore for chips with his family
  4. Tree

    Club model

    Our demise started on Yogi’s watch!
  5. Tree

    Club model

    Eh? Some of our best financial results have happened when Yogi was here. The change from modest basic plus good bonuses changed on his watch and under public pressure from him following the cup win. clearly this was exacerbated during the Foran season however a reasonably tight ship changed with his arrival
  6. Tree

    Top scorer

    He's put the ball in the net....
  7. Maybe Neil Warnock was right after all 🤬
  8. Did your 'source' happen to mention why the foundation to move the youth/community side under (which would be separate from the club and help save money) hasn't been announced?
  9. Tree

    Semi-Final Poll

    I don't see what the fuss is about regarding whether there are tickets available yet or not. We know when and where the game is and there will be more than enough available. At the moment not being in Administration and having enough staff left to keep the ship afloat by the time we actually play seems to be more of an issue to concern ourselves
  10. Can't give source but appreciate that this is defined as a rumour until this is official
  11. Rumour is true. Ronnie has also resigned which is badged by the club as retiring but is actually due to the behind the scenes issues and the fact he is too old to out up with this. Presumably Charlie will ride to the rescue!
  12. Tree

    4G Pitch?

    A 4G pitch compared with what? With a grass billiard table grown 12 months of the year with the help of ray bulbs and perfect drainage. Grass wins every time. Compared however with our pitch which now has dodgy drainage and become bare and tufted by January and has the ball bobbling all over the place?? How many injuries has this contributed to? Don’t see how we can finance the installation without a gift of an interest free loan
  13. Fully expect a touch line ban for entering the field of play...........
  14. The Auditor's comment relates to a point I made in an earlier post regarding the strengthening of the balance sheet through the addition of new assets (stands) and the basic solvency test. Without the addition of the asset then the short term liabilities and cah flow difficulties over the past year would have made it difficult to demonstrate that, in lieu of a credible increase in income, the club was solvent. The comment specifically shows (understandably) that the Auditors have concerns that the value of the asset cannot be realised in the short term to act as a liquid asset (to offset liabilities coming due). The current month on month P&L (and resulting run rate) is needed to understand whether this is an improving situation which through further reduction in expenditure and increase in income can be controlled. The lack of external debt is a positive in relation to all this however I view it telling in terms of cash flow that we decided to move Oakley on in the last window. I would add that the current board are in many ways dealing with the hand they have been dealt with. Removing the remaining large wages off the books (and I would ask whether we are still paying Foran?) will assist however I'm not convinced that this will balance things out. In simple terms further injection of cash is likley to be needed over the current finacial year Winning the Scottish Cup again or at least getting to the Semis where the attendance monies are pooled would be a major help......