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  1. Tree

    Angus Beith

    Just north of Dundee
  2. Tree

    Angus Beith

    It is a reality that without funds for transfer fees we are needing to look to find players who have potential but have missed out due to injury or other reasons. Dargo is a prime example of this. It is a balance between risk of further injury and accessing better quality.
  3. Tree

    The 'John Hughes broke my club' thread

    On that logic surely all the plaudits should sit with the runners up who were punching even further above their weight!!
  4. Tree

    The 'John Hughes broke my club' thread

    Hughes was possibly the most successful manager (depends how you view winning a cup against winning a league over the course of a season). Not sure the majority would say hs is our best manager. He was fortunate to inherit a team built by Butcher with a few gems from the youth ranks. He then bullied the board into loosening wages in contracts and to bring in a raft of poor players at significant cost. Whilst the year under Foran put the nail in the coffin, the rot very much started on his watch in spite of being blessed witht the best playing budget of any of our previous managers.
  5. The correction of fan's moral compass is missing the point and a hollow victory at the moment. Whilst I have little time for many of the abusive shouts (and I would separate brief outbursts of frustration from some of what appears to be more premeditated vitriol directed at certain individuals), I don't see how Robo telling people where to go helps with improving attendance or enhancing any form of positivity around the club. As has been mentioned on many threads, we are struggling to attract people and even where free entry is offered then this is not sufficient to attract people to attend. We may not be alone with this problem however the on-going and continuous negativity around just about everything is hurting the club and needs to be addressed.
  6. He has a point. It was clearly poor support that led to his centre half to dither then fall over the ball for the second goal. Come on people. We need to step up and avoid us letting Robo down again!
  7. Aimless punting balls forward in old school 442 formation. Apparently it is Jose that football has left behind. People keep asking why people are staying away. Half way through the first half I suspect most at the game wish they had.
  8. Looks like Coll and Trafford coming on. Attacking options??? Assume change of formation
  9. Tree

    Women’s team finally

    So you judge the majority of fans based on Dougal?? Equivalent to the rest of the world judging UK people based on Boris and Rees Mogg!
  10. Tree

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    He’s smarter than the average bear
  11. To be fair, he is clearly carrying an injury and should be applauded for playing on due to suspensions to others
  12. Unfortunately there is a general lack of positivity around the club with match days currently not being any form of experience (this has been the case for a number of years not just the past couple). Whilst scale of attendance for atmosphere has an impact, attending a game has now become a pretty soulless experience and I find it hard to get anyone to want to come to the game even when there is a free ticket going. The negativity (this is meant at a global level and is not directed at the board, team or fans specifically) also means that there is little business benefit in investing within the club (e.g. hospitality). Somethings needs to be done to change this before there is any chance of improving attendances or getting additional investment. If you consider existing major shareholders, they all seem to have issues with each other which limits any chance of them working together to improve things.
  13. Tree

    January signings

    We’re trying to sign an attacking midfielder/winger and a striker but Robbo is saying the latter is difficult to get