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  1. Is this a football forum?
  2. Each year group has a paid full time coach in line with Project Brave. Some overlap in past years with players also coaching.
  3. Sounds like season may be stuttering to a stop already with 7 staff at St Mirren testing positive and increased testing instructed for all Premier League clubs. Thought Nicola had single handed eliminated the virus!??
  4. Given recent trends in attendance I think social distancing is already in place 🙄
  5. Tree

    New ICT Podcast

    There is a very strong argument to move away from the current restrictive environment around alcohol for all but the high risk games (e.g. Old Firm, etc). Having a more social feel around this area is not the full answer but a more balanced approach to this will certainly assist.
  6. I’m assuming that if the courts rules to cancel promotion and relegation that Uncle Roy will tell Dundee Utd, Raith and Cove to accept their medicine 🤔
  7. ?? Furlough is available till 31st Oct with tapering off from August
  8. Should perhaps be changed to say "the controversial Red John pumped hydro storage scheme". At least conroversy fits in with our recent exploits 😄
  9. Group behind proposed Red John Hydro At Duntelchaig
  10. https://ictfc.com/end-of-season-2019-20-squad-update Announcement on players leaving and staying
  11. What are you expecting any statement to say? There may or may not be any games next year. In the meantime give us £350 of your money (I know that you may be about to lose your job but it’s better in our bank than yours). The silence is because the whole of Scottish football is in a mess and don’t have a good way ahead which everyone can agree on
  12. Devine was always an accident waiting to happen. We have benefitted from a couple of ricks since he left when we played both Partick and Dunfermline
  13. Yawn. Oh sorry, think I fell asleep 💤
  14. Rumour is circulating that this time the appeal will not be heard by the Three Blind Mice!
  15. It’s been pretty obvious that we have lacked firepower up front since the start of this season. Jordan is a very honest player but is not a goal scorer and is not a target man in the traditional sense either. If we had a Shankland up front we would be a shoe-in for 2nd and possibly be able to challenge for 1st.
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