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  1. Are people still falling for the fishing trip???
  2. Yes, or should that read 'non story'!
  3. We are now speculating about replacing a Manager who may or may not be leaving, may or may not have been subject to an enquiry from another club, may or may not be hacked off, may or may not wish to stay, and may or may not get the sack in the future. Assuming he is staying I'm sure he will feel an inner warmth that that people are already moving onto the next man!
  4. There seems to be a lot of people getting very worked up on the back of newpaper rumour and assumption??
  5. Craig Whyte school of economics where teetering on the edge of administration is sold as being flush with cash!
  6. Yes but using similar logic Harris, the Uists and Barra used to be part of Inverness shire. Link up with Tarbert AFC??
  7. Indeed not but rest assured it is not just Rab by any strech. Blocking requests from ICT for trialling kids but setting up trials (not just allowing following a request) thereafter with County is pretty blatant favouratism. Silimilary, sitting telling parents that ICT are the antichrist is also common. Aware that there are many layers but I seen nothing recently to suggest that there is a desire to form a partnership. As an aside, the held view with many in the club is that Clach are looking across the bridge
  8. Seems more necessary for Alex to ask his Head of Development why he is pursuing an anti Caley agenda. I've sat in meetings and heard it and seen the application
  9. 1st hand experience and speaking with a number of their coaches
  10. Coach have thrown their lot in with County and the issues with Savage and Sutherland loom in the background. Having had my son involved in the Development side the spiteful view of ICT by many of their coaches is petty and I don’t see this changing in the near future.
  11. Tree

    Sean Welsh good news
  12. I’m sure Chalmers will survive on the pay cut.....
  13. Tree


    Ross Jack
  14. Tree


    The silence on the wider development side since Danny departed is a bit of a concern. The club now only has one coach left who holds the qualifications to be Academy Director and no announcement seems to have been made on this.
  15. I don't believe a formal contract was ever tabled however I also understand that a broad discussion took place about the fact that any contract would have been a fraction of the current deal and in effect it became clear that this was not a starter