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  1. Good 1st half and end to the game. Dodds didn’t react to the change in formation when Vigurs came on at half time and the extra man in the middle exploited the space between the defence and midfield. The 3rd goal steadied things particularly after Cove made further changes which helped both defence and midfield. Many positives but we need to lose the habit of losing control of games including when the opposition makes changes.
  2. Cammy could have done better with the first goal but to be fair it was a shot which moved from one side of him to the other quickly and these can catch even top keepers out. Bewildered how some are blaming him for the second goal however and this is just deflecting criticism from the defence in not holding a line or dealing with nothing more than a simple lump forwards
  3. Was there any point in red carding Campbell if he is allowed to effectively still sit in the dugout? Good cushion from Mckay
  4. Blaming the officials deflects from our failings. We are a team which huff and puff but lack quality and cutting edge.
  5. Is this a football forum?
  6. Each year group has a paid full time coach in line with Project Brave. Some overlap in past years with players also coaching.
  7. Sounds like season may be stuttering to a stop already with 7 staff at St Mirren testing positive and increased testing instructed for all Premier League clubs. Thought Nicola had single handed eliminated the virus!??
  8. Given recent trends in attendance I think social distancing is already in place 🙄
  9. Tree

    New ICT Podcast

    There is a very strong argument to move away from the current restrictive environment around alcohol for all but the high risk games (e.g. Old Firm, etc). Having a more social feel around this area is not the full answer but a more balanced approach to this will certainly assist.
  10. I’m assuming that if the courts rules to cancel promotion and relegation that Uncle Roy will tell Dundee Utd, Raith and Cove to accept their medicine 🤔
  11. ?? Furlough is available till 31st Oct with tapering off from August
  12. Should perhaps be changed to say "the controversial Red John pumped hydro storage scheme". At least conroversy fits in with our recent exploits 😄
  13. Group behind proposed Red John Hydro At Duntelchaig
  14. https://ictfc.com/end-of-season-2019-20-squad-update Announcement on players leaving and staying
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