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  1. Matchday Thread

    As the Chinese say out of chaos comes opportunity. I'd be very surprised if there is not someone around these parts giving a wee chuckle to himself this morning
  2. And when we beat them we'll only need to win half of our remaining games to be in with a chance of staying up
  3. We' ll really need to keep our eye on this round thing for the next five games
  4. Ok, who's up for animal in goals?
  5. I must ask Jim about that goal one day, that was a classic, I saw it from a very close position and it was clearly three feet over the line!
  6. Our fortunes will change today just watch.
  7. I agree and you now have Andrew Macrae of ICT at Forres now who is a talent if I've ever seen one!
  8. It is worth remembering that Charlie Christie once one won all our five games after the split
  9. I agree with Charles need to keep Hamilton below us if possible. I think 10 place for us is nigh on impossible but if we could make 11th place it will need improved performances and results. It's rather obvious but it would be a good time to improve if we were to make the play offs rather than sliding down the table to 11th facing a team from championship on the way up. For us the opposite of what Hibs did under TB.
  10. We could easily cast Ritchie and the board adrift in a boat to Fraserburgh right from our front door, simples!
  11. Sssh.....not to loud Charles, there could be people listening....
  12. I think a mutiny would be our best chance of survival
  13. Matchday Thread

    Not an easy listen so far, think I'll go out onto the road and play with the traffic
  14. They gave me a job selling scarfs like this and I thought I'd get a game of football........ I swore he told me it was a job interview as a player.
  15. Matchday Thread

    I think everyone here is deluded and I include myself in that category also, as I have tried to remain positive. If we were to win our next three games, which ain't gonna happen, we'd still be deep in the mire.