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  1. It could seen as a positive that he is still with us and hasn't jumped ship now we are playing at a lower level?
  2. Yeah, ok then, you can have a swig but I want it back at half time
  3. Iam pleased Andrew Macrae is back a very good prospect and now time to step up
  4. Iam quite happy that they are taking their time, perhaps it is a good thing
  5. How about a female manager, or Frank Zappa even?
  6. I don't think we need to be in any rush to get a new manager and the board should wait until all app,I actions are in and be very open minded. I personally have not got excited about a single name mentioned so far bar no one.
  7. RIP a legend if ever
  8. We have nothing to fear in the championship if Hamilton can beat the best of the rest
  9. I get where you are coming from cif. In football we have seen many brilliant managers who started on a very rocky road and have learnt from their mistakes and gone on to be a success . Some have often come within a game of dismissal, such as Fergie! However, I don't think that Ritchie has what it takes to become a manager and as for his bad apples comment you can help yourself to the following list which I think applies to that remark:- Staggering; stupid; hurtful; harmful; unwise; unhelpful; puzzling (very) & naive. And the list could go on......
  10. A priority for next year is a good solid goalie
  11. If we reach the playoffs we are the form team!
  12. Well played Johndo
  13. Easy buffers
  14. A good time for our third goal perhaps...
  15. It is my view that the present situation has gone way beyond the sacking of our manager and has now become quite incredulous with the silence defeaning. The must be something going on or we would have heard something by now which sounds paradoxical but possibly true.