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  1. Petal

    Player Sponsorship 2017/18

    If there are spaces left, I'll take one :).
  2. Petal

    Banning young team from busses

    Forza, it's a shame you didn't make it along to the meeting last night, as the points you raised could have been fully discussed. You would also have heard at first hand exactly what the issues were 4 weeks ago, why the action was taken and the solutions that were put forward both by board members and the young people who attended. My recollection of the tone and outcome of the meeting is very, very different to the second hand view you have presented here. My impression was that everyone left the meeting last night feeling that they had had their say and had been heard, and that the matter was now closed.
  3. I'm also reading that Ruse, across the Danube from Giurgiu and in Bulgaria, is a lovely city and "the next Prague" :)
  4. some travel info from Celtic's away trip there last year:
  5. RT @JKMartwork: @Bev_See #ictfc cup winners items avaialable a3 print £15 mug and phone cases £12 pls RT

  6. RT @ICTFC: 70. He's been toothless all game but he's finally got the bit between his teeth now so he has young Luis. #UCLfinal

  7. TomatoTerrace has put together some footage from the cup run and the league run, which might tide some folks over until the official DVD comes out :) Scottish Cup: League: Scottish Cup footage from the fans (may contain interesting language)
  8. RT @snsgroup: HIGHLAND HERO! @ICTFC manager John Hughes salutes the travelling fans after securing a place in Europe next season http://t.c…

  9. RT @ICTFC: Here's how the #ICTFC European Football Swingometer is looking at HT...

  10. RT @DuncanWeldon: Worth noting: if Labour hadn't lost a single seat in Scotland this would still be a big Conservative win.

  11. RT @alanferrier: Rumours Nigel Farage 3rd place in S. Thanet - says he will step down as leader if he loses. Pleasepleaseplease. #GE2015.