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    Inverness CT -V- Montrose - Second Leg (0-0)


    Play-Off Second Leg


    It's only Half-Time in the League 1/Championship semi-final play-offs. Both games are finely poised, Inverness v Morton scoreless and Accies v Alloa level at 2-2. Inverness had a shocker at Links Park on the artificial surface. However, the reality of the matter is we showed no urgency whatsoever and played second fiddle to Montrose throughout the game. Many fans have said this is the worst team they can remember in the clubs short history. No passion, no swashbuckle, nothing, just completely flat and zero dimensional. Only Lawal and Ridgers were given pass marks by the less than impressed Caley Jags support. As much as we have criticised the Caley Jags performance on Tuesday night, let's not lose sight of the fact that Montrose are a decent League 1 side with a good blend of experience and talented prospects. For our part, let's keep them as a good League 1 side and that means no room for faffing about. Time has run out now, there's no hiding places and no room for shirkers. Ditch the sideways passing or put goal posts in front of the Main Stand and tuck shops.

    Gardiner, Morrison and the rest of the suits. Are you listening to the fans, because nothing seems to have changed and the standard of football on display is driving people away from the Stadium.

    Here's a selection of comments from the forums on CTO, have a gander:

    • An utterly shameful performance tonight. Mortifying to be in this position but to approach the game with such little intent or urgency is unforgivable and up there with one of the most insipid performances I can recall in such a crucial game. Genuinely one of the most depressing experiences in 30 years of watching ICT. I simply cannot see us staying up with this group of players and management.
    • Just got home and realised that instead of travelling to Montrose and enduring that p1sh, I could’ve stayed at home and watched the Eurovision semi-final!
    • Awful game.  Caley were outplayed and outfought all over the pitch.  As others have said, only Lawal gets pass marks - the only one to show a bit of urgency and desire. (perhaps Samuel, too, but he was just so isolated).  Lawal's run down the left with a great little turn gave us the only thing to cheer about, and then his shot off the bar, of course.  That was it. 
    • Imagine if we had a former Scotland U21 midfielder who had played for the club on over 100 occasions, born and bred in Inverness and brought through our youth system. Imagine he’d been available since January. I doubt he’d be as good as the loanees though so no point imagining anything apart from life in League 1 
    • Not really shocked by the result it’s the same old crap week in week out bar the odd lucky result .And by odd I mean ODD  Simply not good enough. Can’t believe a former (striker) manager plays a team the way he does!
    • We are a disgrace to the jersey so far. Absolutely honking.


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    Latest Team News

    Not much has changed since Tuesday, but word has it that Danny Devine is a doubt. However, it's at the other end of the park where most of our troubles lie. Carragher and McAllister are available, Devine a doubt as suggested, and Charlie Gilmour training on grass. Think we all need some after Tuesday night... 


    Mark will be a vital player for us on Saturday.


    Montrose have three strikers who have totalled over thirty goals between them, so danger all around the box. We can not afford to be complacent, and we need to show more urgency, passion and quality than we displayed at Links Park.


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    The rhetoric coming out the club this morning is so negative, “we have been practicing penalties” and Mark Ridgers comparing it to the Arbroath play off and how important it is not to lose.

    We have to go after these next 3 games (hopefully) and earn the right to stay in the Championship.

    No disrespect to Montrose, but they all worked on Tuesday prior to playing us, but you wouldn’t have known watching it.

    Time to cut the crap, stand up to the plate, and deliver, or at least go down fighting.


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    I’d be pretty horrified if they hadn’t been practicing penalties. He’s just reassuring us that that they are prepared for everything and aren’t just assuming that we’ll win.

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    In fact if we play like we did at Montrose, holding out for a 0-0 and pens is our best hope! But I’d expect us to show some ambition in actually trying to score goals this time.

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