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  1. One for RDL please.
  2. The constituencies for the Scottish and UK Parliaments haven't been the same since the number of Scottish MPs was reduced in 2005. And yes, the list MSPs are a wonderful selection of individuals who represent the 65% of Highlanders and Islanders who first-past-the-post fails to represent adequately. In 1999 and 2003, a significant proportion of people put their cross beside a line that read "Labour Party: Peter Peacock..."
  3. It is now Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey. It is the Scottish Parliamentary constituencies that still divide Inverness East (Nairn and Lochaber) and (Ross, Skye and) Inverness West.
  4. As has been said, the County of Inverness (minus its Western Isles portion) was.
  5. Russell was MP for Inverness until 1983 and then Inverness, Nairn and Lochaber until 1997.
  6. Is the High School not a B-Listed building, making it difficult to do it up?
  7. You've just answered your own question. I was asking JB why he wouldn't go to Div 1 games, the general question on this thread is "Would relegation be such a bad thing?" :023: A poorly worded response. I'll do better next time. I promise.
  8. I was using your quote to answer the general question of the thread, not to defend fairweather supporters.
  9. You've just answered your own question. Seventh place in the First Division is much worse than seventh place in the SPL. If we were to go down, we could stay down for years and that would do our club more damage than perpetual SPL mediocracy.
  10. I think we should assess the situation at the end of the season. We are at no realistic risk of relegation and we've already seen how a winning streak can so quickly become a losing streak. We all know that football is swings and roundabouts and it could turnaroud again. As there is no obvious replacement for Brewster waiting in the wings, and because we have nothing to gain or lose by waiting a couple of months, I think we should hold fire for now.
  11. On Dalneigh roads, does anyone know why Laurel Avenue is a dual carriageway? It has to be one of the most misplaced in Scotland.
  12. County one-up at Stark's Park too.
  13. Sometimes I wonder why I bother with Radio Scotland. They seem more interested in QPR and the FA Cup than ICT and Gretna.
  14. What benefits would that be exactly? The annual bonfire and fireworks? The quality of life benefits that come with peaceful green space. As well as events like the fireworks and the shows, it provides an environment for dog walking and jogging, Whin Park is used by many young families, and there's the football, rugby, and shinty pitches. All of these would be adversely affected by the infrastructure we would require.
  15. Isn't going to happen. That area of the Longman isn't allocated for supermarket in the City Plan; there isn't the infrastructure around the Bught to cope with a stadium suitable for us; and Asda are now concentrating their efforts on acquiring a site across the river from the Bught. the city plan however is not cast in stone and allowances are often made which may deviate slightly from the city plan. True, but there is no overwhelming reason why this, quite considerable, change should be made. I'd be opposed to building a stadium in the Bught. It is a irreplaceable green space that brings benefits to Invernessians of all ages. Planting a ground into the middle of it would ruin this. Thankfully, it was a non-starter in 1995 and is a non-starter now.
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