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  1. Latapy & Hughes = Sunshine & Leith
  2. So how many people said "no" before someone said "yes"? Whoever gets the job will have my full support. That's what supporting a club is all about. If it is Yogi he will surely be as surprised as everybody else at his appointment.
  3. I find the use of the word "presentations" in the club's statement to be interesting and wonder if that gives us an insight into how the interviews are being conducted. It's not uncommon to be asked to make a presentation at an interview these days, particularly if the job is well paid and responsible, which the ICT manager's job is. If candidates are having to do this they would need time to prepare and that might explain, to some extent, the slowness if the process.
  4. Shiels or Hartley would do me fine and I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the interviews. One name that has never really been mentioned over the last couple of weeks is Billy Reid who I think did amazing things at a club the size of Hamilton. Maybe he was there too long in the end but he got them into the SPL and developed some brilliant players who served the Accies well before going on to bigger things. Perhaps he should have gone to Swansea when he had the chance.
  5. Another way of getting across the river is badly needed. I've wasted far too much time trying to get from one side to the other at busy times of day.
  6. Perhaps the draw flatters us a bit though there were spells where we dominated the game. Two goals conceded as a result of giving up possession cheaply. Foran was guilty with the first and I think it was Meekings with the second. Nick Ross should have pulled one back when one on one with the keeper but inexplicably chose a square pass to McKay who had a defender with him and the chance was lost. Our first goal saw a Ross shot come back off the post hit a defender then trickle over the line. Greenhalgh was hooked at half time for Polworth who eventually scored a screamer from outside the box to equalise. WIlliams came on about the hour mark and was the pick of the new boys creating some real danger on the left. Finally, this was the first game where I saw a drinks break. About 10-15 minutes from time the game was stopped and water bottles passed round all the players on a hot and sunny afternoon.
  7. And can anyone see two offside ICT goals?
  8. He's done well and got better as the season has progressed. The fact he is a goal scoring threat at set pieces is an added bonus.
  9. Found the news strangely moving last night. Wasn't quite in the main floods or anything but was touched that for once somebody has turned down the lure of the big bucks to stay at our football team. Have got so used to people jumping ship over the years, it's a major but pleasant surprise when it doesn't happen. Well done, Terry. Just a shame we don't have a game this weekend.
  10. DJS

    Danny Devine

    The on-going paddyfication of Caley Thistle shows no sign of stopping. Maybe we should change our name to Hibernian Shamrock
  11. Though I'm sure nobody will admit to it at the moment, his club's chairman has to be starting to get a wee bit worried about the manager's state of mind and some of the things he is saying. I know I would. I do not think his job is in danger presently but surely his old man or Roy MacGregor need to take him to one side and calm him down. He really is spouting nonsense. Two offside goals? No. He should think about how many minutes his team has led against us in three games this season. The answer is just one
  12. I will vote YES. The people of Scotland never got a referendum in 1707. They were just shafted. Don't think there is anywhere on the planet outside the British Isles where there is a very significant body of people that don't want their nations to take full control of their own affairs. I have always struggled to get my head round that. I just can't be part of two nations. Personally, I can't be - and don't want to be - both Scottish and British. I am a Scot and can't be anything else. Scotland will never be truly a nation again until it is independent. It just can't be. Pro-unionists clearly feel differently but the rest of the world does not see Scotland as a nation. In New York this summer I told a woman I was from Scotland. "That's in Ireland, isn't it?", was the reply. A clueless response you may say, but pretty typical I guess. The autumn of 2014 will see whether we really are Scotland the Brave, though Better Together will try their hardest to convince us with the Scotland is not worthy, big enough, good enough, wealthy enough etc etc tripe.
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