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  1. This is all getting rather depressing, especially as we have a semi-final to win. All these off-field agendas aren't helping and making allegations about people is unacceptable. Yes, the club is in financial straits but we all should be doing our best to rally round and try to sort things out.
  2. Yes, spot-on there. Agree or disagree with him CB's comments and posts were always worth reading.
  3. Seems like another world from today's outlook for the club.
  4. Surely any business worth its salt would be doing some market research to actually find out why the attendances are falling. They should be getting out on the streets and asking some basic questions. What about going to season ticket holders who haven't renewed - that would be a good starting point. There's the website too - put a questionnaire on that. Of course publish the results and see if there's a common thread. Surely worth a try.
  5. Great result after all these draws. Well done guys and roll on Saturday. Let's hope for a decent turnout of ICT fans at the Dump !
  6. Another potential banana skin. Look at the Edinburgh City game - ICT were complacent and were taken to a replay (which we won convincingly).
  7. Spot-on there. An ongoing problem at The Dump but where have all the supporters gone ?
  8. I'm looking at the current situation from long distance and it depresses and concerns me. ICT just seem a bit rudderless at the moment and in desperate need of some good results - that's stating the obvious I know. We are in grave danger of being cast adrift mid-table (or even worse). The club needs to get the attendances up for a kick-off but it's a double-edged sword - better results and performances = bigger crowds, or hopefully that's the outcome.
  9. A huge disappointment of a performance and a result of course. Why can't our players play to their strengths instead of trying to play like players with abilities they clearly don't possess ? Anyway, we live to fight another day and if we win the replay next week the mighty East Kilbride lie in wait - another potential banana skin.
  10. Absolutely correct. We need far more fans through the gates and we do play good football. Come on Sneck get behind ICT.
  11. Great result for the ICT and full credit to Robbo and the boys. Quite agree with other posts that if we are serious about promotion we do need spend in the January window. Our unbeaten run and results like this show the team has a backbone but we do need some more firepower up front.
  12. Wishing you all the very best Scotty. It's just one battle (and a very big one, there's no mistaking that) but you can win the war.
  13. Surely a victory in tonight's match could be the start of a winning run. We've already beaten The Pars away this season and that was a very good performance. A return to that sort of form would be a big boost prior to Saturday.
  14. Surely a win for ICT is long overdue. The team really need to come up with the goods on Saturday. All to play for so come on lads !
  15. Yes, the board may be small but on the other hand do we want it turned into something top-heavy and bloated with people. The main thing is that we have people on it who have experience and business acumen gained in the world of modern business.
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