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  1. I have friends & family fare for 4 glasgow to Inverness. leaving Friday 29 march 1.40pm & return Sunday 31 march 10.50am. Looking for face value £48. Please be aware of T`s & c`s of friends fare.
  2. kirki

    3rd or 1st

    Here is an excellent balanced piece on the state of our leagues finances. It also poses the question have the authorties been poor at negotiating the best deal for our game? http://saintinasia.w...pare-to-europe/
  3. And also a few thousand debenture holders who have an option to buy tickets for each event at Hampden, which is always forgot about.
  4. apologies for not noticing other thread.
  5. Just want to be the first to congratulate Tommy on winning Scottish Groundsman of the Year.He received the award today from the Institute of Groundsmanship. So please leave a pint behind the bar for Tommy on Saturday!
  6. Thats great thanks for the info. Will definitely go to game then back to pub for the Holland game. Only one game away from a Hampden final!
  7. I have heard that they were going to try play it on Sat 28th March rather than the Sunday, perhaps to encourage a larger crowd. Can anyone confirm?
  8. I Have found the site very slow the last few days. It is taking about 15 to 20 secs to load a page with a few brainfarts now and again. Although since I have updated to version of Firefox I have noticed that other sites can be a little slower too. Is this related or is just me?