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  1. Utter dross!!, That's 2 hrs and £22 I'll never see again, what a waste of time and money. No wonder our crowds are diminishing!!
  2. All the best Scotty!! P&B
  3. Stay strong Scotty, all the best. P&B
  4. Having been a ST holder since the early days of div 3, I was resigned to not renewing this year if RF was still at the helm as the footie has been guff to say the least. When the announcement was made that RF had left the building, I changed my mind regardless of who the new manager would be. Only to find that I'm expected to pay SPL prices for Championship footie!! The club have taken our loyalty for granted for too long now. Consequently, unless there is a U-turn, I won't be renewing and will pick and choose which games I attend! Like other posters on here, I feel that once this malaise sets
  5. According to the same link, we've signed Billy on loan until end of season!!!!
  6. I thought Gunning played well last night, looked composed and stamped his authority on the back 4.
  7. Went to the game, McFadden was the best player on the park by a country mile. Motherwell were slick and well organised but ICT huffed and puffed and were clearly second best.
  8. Forres 1 ICT 3. (1-1 ht)
  9. Sh1t, I'm not available for next week, not impressed. We regularly can't fill the bench due to injury but we still fulfill out fixtures FFS!!!
  10. PandB

    R C Tickets

    Back on topic..............Got my tickets today, £22 each.
  11. Rank rotten!! First time I've left a home game early and the first time I 've felt i haven't got my money's worth!!!!!!!!
  12. Saw more of Brian Rice tonight on the touchline than Russell ever did!
  13. Good to see the return of the matchday programme, however £5 is a bit steep, hopefully it's a one off for our 1st euro game!!
  14. Yep, Many Thanks DBJ for arranging this. Anybody any idea what currency to take; Euros or Romanian dosh or a mixture of both?
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