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  1. If you're planning on buying kids strips make sure you size up. I bought age 5-6 for my 3.5 year old and it'll barely last him the season. There's not quite as much growing room as I'd hoped (although admittedly he is tall for his age).
  2. Worth the wait to be fair....
  3. Your missing the point, I don't expect any statement to say anything. The club chose to put out a statement that made reference to forthcoming announcements on things- I'm just pointing out the fact that they haven't done any of it. Anyway, plenty of clubs are selling season tickets as a way to generate cash and allow suporters to show support. Have a look at the likes of Hearts and Hibs to see what I mean. New strips can also generate some revenue and lots of Scottish clubs have found novel ways to generate both money and goodwill (e.g. face masks). The club shouldn't be putting out statements to say they're going to do something if they're not going to do it. I also refer you to the statement on 12th May regarding the Record article to which nothing happened.
  4. Club statement from 10/05/20 states that the club would be announcing news this month- with only 1 day left I'm fairly sure that they're going to miss that deadline. The same statement also states news on season tickets would be out within a week- also hasn't happened. Our CEO has also disappeared from the face of the earth....
  5. Top flight clubs might vote for it but the championship clubs won't. Our name is mud- actually our CEO's name is mud and if it benefits him Championship clubs are less likely to vote for it. To say our relationships with the other clubs in the Championship are strained is an understatement. We've also not heard the last of WhatsAppgate either......
  6. Quite the riposte to the Record article.
  7. Yep, the more that seems to be coming out the more uncomfortable I feel about the position and actions we've taken. I see that our CEO has locked his social media accounts down which is interesting as he's had plenty to say so far. Im still giving him the benefit of the doubt as until proven otherwise we have to assume everything he says is exactly how it all happpened- however we can't say we weren't warned.
  8. Nobody is coming out of this looking good.
  9. I see that the final section of today's statement confirms the new Puma deal. It doesn't make reference to them specifically but rather a new technical partner as well as related improved online offerings. I'm glad to see this happening as in the current climate with no revenue coming in we need to try and find revenue from somewhere. A new shirt, more merchandise and some additional 25th anniversary goodies is one way to do this and encourage fans to spend some cash on the club if they can.
  10. The only people who benefit from players taking a wage cut are the already wealthy owners and executives. It won't stop them furloughing non playing staff. Other than as a government deflection tactic there's not much sense to this witch-hunt on players. The players themselves have stated they want to help and some have floated having a % of salary deducted and put directly to funding good causes (NHS equipment etc.) This article is well worth a read Football 365 article
  11. Final score probably flattered Hibs but we didn't help ourselves. Competed well for the majority of the match but undone by the speed of foot and thought by Hibs on the break - game was done when we went down to 10 men. Stupid, cynical tackle from Brad McKay. No need to do it especially after we'd just got ourselves back into the match. I don't think we'll be weakened by his absence. I know he gave the ball away for one of the goals but I was massively impressed with Dave Carson. He's improving with every match having stepped up to full time football - hopefully Welsh is fit to partner him in midfield for the run in. I really think if we get Welsh fit we're a shoe in for 2nd and have a chance of going up.
  12. I'm also very heartened to see public displays of support from executives at other clubs for the statement- namely the excellent Alan Burrows at Motherwell and Leanne Dempster at Hibs.
  13. Normally our club statements leave me utterly mortified but tonights is outstanding. Utterly magnificent take down of the SFA.
  14. Not the first of our players to say the same thing so I wonder how bad it was to get singled out.
  15. Hiro


    And what about those supporters who made neither due to not living in the country for example? It was a daft comment to make on Facebook by Jim Oliver, at best naive and at worst crass & insensitive. There's no such thing as a 'true' supporter, anyone who supports the club in any shape or form is more than welcome.