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  1. Dundee and Dunfermline playing out a scoreless makes the path to the playoffs that little bit easier. Now puts it into our own hands - if we win our 3 remaining matches we're in (although I don't think we'll actually need to).
  2. Hopeless for 70 minutes. Slightly less hopeless for 20. It would have been a robbery had we equalised. Big game on Saturday now, need 3 points before we find ourselves worried about the wrong playoffs.
  3. We really must improve defending balls into the box. We are conceding a stupid amount of goals from crosses, corners or long throws.
  4. Decent performance and decent point. 2md half was a non event but we should view that as a point gained. Pretty ballsy line up and subs by Mccann with 4 forwards on the pitch so I can't fault that. There will be easier games to come so time to get up the table. We need to start turning draws into wins though.
  5. He comes across very well here, very aware of the sensitivity of the situation and its reassuring to hear that he didn't want to do anything until he could speak to Robbo first. A little moral integrity doesn't do any harm. Best of luck to him and let's hope he can drag us into the (right) play offs.
  6. To be fair he's stepped away from a couple of lucrative TV gigs to do this, and he's also done it in the knowledge that it's potentially shortish term. I think he's got something to lose by doing this. The Dundee supporters actually speak pretty highly of his period as interim boss (less said about the permanent position although I don't think he really wanted it) so hopefully he can do the same here and get us up the table.
  7. Thought we'd rescued 3 points from another poor performance until we hit self destruct yet again. I couldn't believe how nervous we looked with the ball at times. After Alloa went ahead we huffed and puffed without creating much of note. The away side were happy to defend what they had and to be honest we didn't look like we were ever going to break them down - even our dozen or so 2nd half corners were easily enough defended. Storey going wide left seemed to completely change the game though and once we scored it felt like 3 or 4 were coming. I just want to finish with a note on S
  8. The other point we need to remember in all of this is that although he's the first team manager Robbo is actually much more than that. He does a hell of a lot more than just the first team football side of things especially since Covid kicked in. I'm not a Robbo apologist by any means and recent results + performances are clearly substandard. However those questioning him need to be careful what they wish for as there's not much scope or resource for anyone else to do any better.
  9. I'll give it the benefit of doubt and chalk that down to the lack of match practice recently. Everything was just a bit flat. If we're still seeing the same after the next 3 or 4 games then we're in a bit of trouble.
  10. That was a little frustrating to say the least. It felt that we were lucky not to lose it with both Hamilton and Doolan missing great chances. As with last week we completely lost our way as the 2nd half wore on. Any ideas what Roddy McGregor has done to be jettisoned to the bench? He was probably our best player earlier in the season so I find it odd that he's getting so little game time now when his skill set seems to be exactly what we need.
  11. Very doubtful that we'll see anyone coming in at this stage. We're the only club in the division not to make a signing & strengthen and worst of all we've lost a key player in Kennedy to a rival. Finances and Geography obviously playing a part but I'd be very interested to know what the actual ambitions are for the season.
  12. If you're planning on buying kids strips make sure you size up. I bought age 5-6 for my 3.5 year old and it'll barely last him the season. There's not quite as much growing room as I'd hoped (although admittedly he is tall for his age).
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