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  1. Time of club staff was being diverted to putting on the concerts. It was taking them away from club business. Make no mistake, as much as a big deal was made of the separate companies the two were intertwined.
  2. There's been a little bit of a misunderstanding earlier in the thread on the £730k. This is not salaries due to directors but loans given to the club from them, this is how the losses in 2017-2019 were covered. Its unlikely these will be paid in full but potentially converted to shares - £460k of a loan was converted like this in 2019 along with £100k written off.
  3. Devine (and possibly Welsh) should have a new contract announced shortly. Discussions are well underway- I think Danny alluded to that yesterday. Of the other out of contract players I'd expect Hyde and Cammy Mckay to renew their deals. No idea about the other youngsters but it will be interesting to see what happens with Doran. I'm not sure his performances justify a new deal however I'd be gutted to see him leave.
  4. Anyway. Not too be. The first goal changed everything and the 2nd was heading to the Broxburn roundabout before the flukey deflection - that killed the game. You could see the exertions of the last few weeks catch up with the team. Even then we had 3 chances with an absolute sitter for Aaron. The last goals were irrelevant as the team were dead on their feet. We just ran out of fit players. I think pretty much all of the team we would want to keep are contracted for next season bar the loanees Chalmers and Mcalear. If we can add a little bit of quality at full back and the wing as well as beef out the squad from the departures of Broadfoot, Duffy etc. we'll be right there for the title.
  5. I've never understood this way of thinking. It's surely more disrespectful not celebrating for the club that you play for and pays your wages.
  6. Our run of 6 points from 11 games is the same as the run that got Peter Grant sacked at Dunfermline. In terms of form we are the worst in the division by a considerable distance. If we hadn't fluked a few 1-0 wins in the first few weeks of the season we'd be in bother.
  7. I've not posted in quite a while but that was terrible again. A very slight improvement in the 2nd half but that was solely down to having an extra player within 20 yards of their box when we were shelling it forward. We are utterly rudderless. It's completely shambolic and summed up by Billy Dodds screaming at McAlear for having the audacity to play a 10 yard ball sideways to a teammates feet- he was bawling for him to leather it into the corner. Stoneage football from someone out of his depth.
  8. I was drawn to the role of Shane at the very start of the move for the 1st goal. Looks like he was unsure as to whether he should drop in or stay high. In the end he did nothing and it just looked like a half hearted attempt to move towards the Cove player in possession.
  9. Not great to say the least. More worrying than previous years too as we were taking it seriously this year rather than using it as pre season. Just doesn't look like a plan and system is coming together yet at all.
  10. Ouch, pretty painful watch. I hope Broadfoot is just short of fitness because if not his signing is a colossal waste of time. We'd be far better off signing players on other positions and just developing Fyffe.
  11. Strangely vague statement. Why don't they just that there's been a positive test rather than a Covid incident.
  12. Dundee and Dunfermline playing out a scoreless makes the path to the playoffs that little bit easier. Now puts it into our own hands - if we win our 3 remaining matches we're in (although I don't think we'll actually need to).
  13. Hopeless for 70 minutes. Slightly less hopeless for 20. It would have been a robbery had we equalised. Big game on Saturday now, need 3 points before we find ourselves worried about the wrong playoffs.
  14. We really must improve defending balls into the box. We are conceding a stupid amount of goals from crosses, corners or long throws.
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