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  1. Who'd have thought selling your best striker with a couple of hours left in the transfer window and not replacing them would have such a detrimental affect on our results?
  2. Hiro

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    What on earth was our back 4 doing farting about on the half way line in injury time? Terrible defending. I'd imagine Chalmers will also be getting an earful for wasting possession just before that with a ridiculous pot shot from 30 yards.
  3. Hiro

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Decent enough first half and extremely pleasing to see Doran get his millionth goal at Victoria Park. I think there's another goal or two in this for us but I can see County scoring. I've lost count of the amount of times Brad Mackay has fallen over and Gardyne has him on toast, anytime he runs at him gives me the fear. Welsh also walking a yellow card tightrope so wouldn't be too averse to subbing him early.
  4. Hiro

    January signings

    Wouldn't be too convinced that Macaulay will end up with us. He's from Derry and still lives there so that's still his preferred option. Hes unsure about the upheaval for him to move to across the water at this stage in his career. We have offered a better package so this might swing it.
  5. Hiro

    Inverness Ct -V- Falkirk

    A wake up call finally? The draws have been papering over the cracks for a good chunk of the season. There's a few players who seem to have slipped into a comfort zone (looking at you Brad) so hopefully we'll see some changes (formation or more playing time for a few of the youngsters). We need to get out of this rut to ensure our top 4 position.
  6. Hiro

    U18's Season

    9-2 win against Fife Elite this evening. The youngsters are dishing out some hammerings this season. Hopefully see a few more of this crop in the 1st team soon enough.
  7. Hiro

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    It is literally in every single employment contract that this type of thing is grounds for termination.
  8. Hiro

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    He's got to go. As well as he's done over the last few weeks we can't be seen as a club to condone this type of behaviour. I could perhaps have been more understanding if it was one hit in a moment of madness and in self defence. However, it's clear from the report that he's been found guilty of a sustained attack on a woman. Utterly unnacceptable and frankly scumbag behaviour.
  9. 2-2 full time. 6 draws in a row, that must be close to some kind of record in football.
  10. 1-2 Keena let's fly from a mile out.
  11. 1-1 Ricky Calder making his stake for a permanent starting place.
  12. 0-1 poor play from Welsh giving the ball away. Not unlike Brad for the Morton goal a couple of weeks ago.
  13. Hiro

    Alloa -V- Inverness CT

    😴 turgid stuff to say the least.
  14. Hiro

    Inverness CT -V- QOS

    Thoroughly enjoyed Chalmers hitting the first man (same guy) three times in a row in the space of 20 seconds in the 2nd half. It was like a bizarre training exercise.