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  1. Not the first of our players to say the same thing so I wonder how bad it was to get singled out.
  2. Hiro


    And what about those supporters who made neither due to not living in the country for example? It was a daft comment to make on Facebook by Jim Oliver, at best naive and at worst crass & insensitive. There's no such thing as a 'true' supporter, anyone who supports the club in any shape or form is more than welcome.
  3. Legend: Charlie Christie. Moment: Hissy's header v Clyde. That changed everything.
  4. I'd heard similar but dismissed it as the usual Chinese whispers. However, reading between the lines of the EGM notice it wouldnt shock me- certainly reads like a plea.
  5. Away to Ballymena, Glenavon or Bohemians please. Any of these would be a 'home' game for me..... Waterford also acceptable at a push.
  6. Absolute bobbins. It's been the same since the start of the league cup, 4-4-2 and hoofing it to White isn't going to cut it. Even the subs have been pretty much the same every week with barely any minutes for the youngsters.
  7. If Mark Ridgers hadn't chucked one in that was a stick on 0-0 but make no mistake, we were terrible. Unless something changes this could be another season of grinding out draws. We really need Welsh back ASAP as 2 of Trafford, Vincent & Carson isn't good enough to get the ball to Doran & Walsh in good enough positions. Far too many hoofs up the park. Disappointing to concede yet another goal originating from our right hand side. He might not be directly involved but all too often Brad McKay is beaten too easily or out of position. Would like to see more of Roddy McGregor in that central position as there's a massive Liam Polworth shaped hole at the minute. Trafford, Carson and Vincent don't have the ability to drive forward with ball and pick passes in the final 3rd.
  8. Who's David Dowling supporting this week then?
  9. Hiro

    John Beaton

    Very sad news this. Football in inverness owes a massive debt of gratitude to John for the amount of work he put in over such a long period. He must have helped launch so many careers at so many levels during that time. It was always a pleasure to play in his teams.
  10. Superb result and even better performance. Im sure there will be others on with a more detailed report but a few highlights for me. - formation was spot on and we dominated the midfield as a result. Massive credit to the manager and backroom for that. - Jordan White was unplayable. I've not been his biggest fan but he ragdolled the Utd defence. Great hold up play, superb workrate and won almost every header. My MOTM. - Charlie Trafford not far behind. Seemed to be first to every ball and helped keep United pinned in. Kept it simple but won every challenge. - after the controversy of their equaliser and the boost it gave the home crowd we responded brilliantly. It would have been easy to let the heads go down but it didn't affect the players at all and there was only going to be one winner.
  11. Who'd have thought selling your best striker with a couple of hours left in the transfer window and not replacing them would have such a detrimental affect on our results?
  12. What on earth was our back 4 doing farting about on the half way line in injury time? Terrible defending. I'd imagine Chalmers will also be getting an earful for wasting possession just before that with a ridiculous pot shot from 30 yards.
  13. Decent enough first half and extremely pleasing to see Doran get his millionth goal at Victoria Park. I think there's another goal or two in this for us but I can see County scoring. I've lost count of the amount of times Brad Mackay has fallen over and Gardyne has him on toast, anytime he runs at him gives me the fear. Welsh also walking a yellow card tightrope so wouldn't be too averse to subbing him early.
  14. Hiro

    January signings

    Wouldn't be too convinced that Macaulay will end up with us. He's from Derry and still lives there so that's still his preferred option. Hes unsure about the upheaval for him to move to across the water at this stage in his career. We have offered a better package so this might swing it.
  15. A wake up call finally? The draws have been papering over the cracks for a good chunk of the season. There's a few players who seem to have slipped into a comfort zone (looking at you Brad) so hopefully we'll see some changes (formation or more playing time for a few of the youngsters). We need to get out of this rut to ensure our top 4 position.