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  1. Hiro

    Dodds Sacked

    Correct decision. Results excluding the Scottish Cup over the last 10 months just weren't good enough and there was an inevitably about this. Its a shame to see anyone lose their jobs like this but it had to be done for the good of the club. The problem is that do any of us trust those in charge to get the next manager decision correct?
  2. The first goal was horrendous goalkeeping, really poor mistake from Cammy and i dont think he moved his feet well for the 3rd either. I think he's in a tough position as perennial back up as he hasn't had a proper run in a first team in his entire career. He's barely played 50 competitive matches and he's about to turn 27. He always seems rusty which makes the defence in front of him jittery. I'm not sure who the under 18 keeper is but I'd like to see Cammy get out on loan for 6 months.
  3. I'm currently sitting waiting to go on the 08:15 Easyjet from the international.
  4. Pretty routine win. I wouldn't read too much into the performance, had we needed to we had extra gears to go through. Overall, we played well within ourselves giving all 21 players significant playing time and more importantly no injuries. We raced into an early 2 goal lead with Harper and Duffy the beneficiaries of 2 more excellent Jay Henderson deliveries. We seemed to take our foot off the gas after this with a few players taking an extra touch or just playing at half pace. Multiple changes at half time seemed to impact our rhythm and Dungannon's most dangerous player Scott finishing nicely. This spurred a response and we got the 3rd within a minute through Samuels after a neat move from Carson and Shaw. Ben Woods then somehow contrived to miss an utter sitter, it was pretty much an open goal yet he almost cleared the stand- a remarkable effort. The final 30mins then petered out after the benches were emptied. Some observations from very close up. Cameron Harper was a standout. The main stand was just a few feet from the pitch and he really is some athlete. Great touch too. Austin Samuels is struggling for confidence. Just couldn't get into the game despite his goal and was give grief from a couple of team mates for a lack of effort. David Carson covers every blade of grass. I love his desire and how he empties the tank. I think Steven Boyd will struggle to make the cup final squad if everyone is fit. Nice to see around a dozen ICT supporters at the ground along with some player families. The players and manager were also great with my son, really happy to chat and get photos so that made our day.
  5. Excellent! The eldest Hiro Junior will be with me so that makes 3- that counts as a crowd.
  6. I might to use my imagination for the first 5 minutes as my eldest is at a birthday party and we might have to cut it fine (or more likely we'll make an early exit).
  7. Happy days. Less than an hour down the road for me. At least there will be 1 ICT fan in attendance.
  8. I'm buzzing for this one. I had flights and hotel booked for myself and my eldest straight after the semi. It's his first trip over to Hampden and who knows when we might get here again.
  9. Return of Ridgers and Devine making a big difference with their experience. Hopefully this is a corner turned. Regardless of other injuries a spine of Ridgers, Devine, Welsh and Mckay is very strong for the Championship. If they are fit there should be no excuses for seeing any more of the insipid performances we've seen recently.
  10. The worrying thing is that there isn't a soul on this forum who is surprised by both the performance and result. Thankfully Arbroath don't look like getting their act together so we should be safe from 9th place at least. We're just drifting as a club at the moment and the situation with Robbo is untenable. As much as I appreciate everything he's done you can't have your supposed Sporting Director commentating on other games while we're being hammered.
  11. Time of club staff was being diverted to putting on the concerts. It was taking them away from club business. Make no mistake, as much as a big deal was made of the separate companies the two were intertwined.
  12. There's been a little bit of a misunderstanding earlier in the thread on the £730k. This is not salaries due to directors but loans given to the club from them, this is how the losses in 2017-2019 were covered. Its unlikely these will be paid in full but potentially converted to shares - £460k of a loan was converted like this in 2019 along with £100k written off.
  13. Devine (and possibly Welsh) should have a new contract announced shortly. Discussions are well underway- I think Danny alluded to that yesterday. Of the other out of contract players I'd expect Hyde and Cammy Mckay to renew their deals. No idea about the other youngsters but it will be interesting to see what happens with Doran. I'm not sure his performances justify a new deal however I'd be gutted to see him leave.
  14. Anyway. Not too be. The first goal changed everything and the 2nd was heading to the Broxburn roundabout before the flukey deflection - that killed the game. You could see the exertions of the last few weeks catch up with the team. Even then we had 3 chances with an absolute sitter for Aaron. The last goals were irrelevant as the team were dead on their feet. We just ran out of fit players. I think pretty much all of the team we would want to keep are contracted for next season bar the loanees Chalmers and Mcalear. If we can add a little bit of quality at full back and the wing as well as beef out the squad from the departures of Broadfoot, Duffy etc. we'll be right there for the title.
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