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  1. Hiro

    Cove Rangers Match

    Hope so. I'm looking to get the wee man a strip to take back across the water.
  2. Hiro

    Cove Rangers Match

    Anyone have any idea what time the club shop is open today? Assume it's right up to kick off and straight after the match too?
  3. Hiro

    Cove Rangers Match

    This. Although if you go onto the website you can buy a ticket. Prices seem to be £10/£5. My first game in a while as for once I've managed to time a holiday home with a home match.
  4. Hiro

    Colin Baillie

    Not sure where else to put this but I see that Highland Council is to award Colin Baillie the Freedom of the City of Inverness. Highland Council Announcement A very well deserved accolade for someone who has put his heart and soul into improving the prospects of young people on Inverness, whether that be through teaching, Boys Brigade, Inverness Harriers or Rugby. I'm sure we all have plenty of stories but up until the age of around 16 I was terrified of the man. Being hauled into his office for some form of misdemeanor was never fun even though by that stage he was mellowing. Once you hit 5th year and became a 'young man' it was interesting just how much his attitude towards you changed and he eventually showed his softer side. A thoroughly decent man and one I'm delighted that has been bestowed this honour.
  5. Hiro

    New kit?

    They generally do for the home kit. It's a full kit with sizes starting from around 12months
  6. Hiro

    New kit?

    I've made no comment on your opinion so I'm not trying to tell you anything.
  7. Hiro

    New kit?

    Fixed that for you. You can just copy and paste it to the rest of your posts, it'll save you time.
  8. Hiro

    New kit?

    Better images here. Must say the away shirt is a belter and the home is far better than I initially thought. Definite grower.
  9. Hiro

    New kit?

    Ah, that makes sense. Need to get that young out of youth kit however.
  10. Hiro

    New kit?

    Could be a potential change of manufacturer? The club has put out an image of Daniel McKay officially signing his contract and I couldn't help notice he was in a Macron polo shirt with the ICT badge on it.
  11. 1-0 full time. We've taken it to the last day, can't ask anymore than that.
  12. Still 0-0 though we're getting on top. Should be winning this as Livi have rested most of their usual starters.
  13. Hiro


    Deal for the stands fallen through?Perhaps our old benefactor has pulled another of his tricks to 'save' the club.......
  14. Hiro

    Wikipedia page

    €400k. The club reported it as undisclosed but Dinamo Bucharest actually posted official documents publically onto their website after a dispute with us over releasing his registration.
  15. Hiro


    At the rate we're going it might be his only one never mind his first Not to say I hadn't given it thought though, he's just a little too wee.