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  1. Yeah there was some kind of hitch when they were moving in, and we played our first game at the old stadium, so we only played there once and have never been back.
  2. Fair do's Jack, I suppose in England or Belgium that might get called a hill! I've seen bigger piles of dog mess 😂 Seriously though, on GSV you can see how far away it is. They must be desperate. Those guys must be some of those bluenoses who haven't missed a game for years but can't get a ticket. If they weren't Rangers supporters I would almost feel sorry for them. Tell you what, when we play there we can go up there for a look...
  3. We played there in 1998. Lost 3-2 after being 2-1 up. Paul Cherry got himself sent off.
  4. Must be huge, looks deceptively small in the photo. Saw a huge yacht in Ullapool a few years ago, think it was American. Need to see if I can find the photo.
  5. I think the ground’s older than Jack 😉
  6. Nah, the whole Methil Docks area is flat as a pancake. It has the look of somewhere that's been reclaimed from the sea.
  7. Just to show you what you're up against. I got the top picture by standing on a bin 😂
  8. You’ve probably got me mixed up with somebody else 😉
  9. RIG’s complaining on another thread about wanting to see ICT at Bayview. I’ve never managed to see ICT at Boroughbriggs (but have seen Caley there in the old days). Last time we played there in the Scottish I had train tickets bought, but in January it’s always a face-off between me and the flu-type viruses 😂
  10. Aye just take a stepladder.
  11. You just cross the bridge and start up the path! You can see the bridge. The car is on the road to Loch Tulla.
  12. We had some decent chances in the second leg. The best one fell to Ryan who blasted it, too near the goalie. You’d expect the experienced player he is now, to place it.
  13. Your talents are wasted on here Alan... The pubs were opened on certain conditions, such as ehhh, let me see, don’t have people from 8 different households sitting at the same table... Letting young people and alcohol mix after 4 months off was never going to end well anyway, but that’s another argument.
  14. That was a long drive. Ballinluig was shut early too. Couldn't even get a roll and sausage and a coffee.
  15. I wonder if Robbie is the son of Paul Deas who played for St Johnstone, Partick and County amongst others. He’s 48 so the age is about right. He was a decent left back although in the cup tie at Telford Street in 1992 he had to pay to get back in after 10cc tied him in knots.
  16. Glenachulish at Glenelg.
  17. Just having a week over in Lewis, the missus is finding plenty to keep me busy... Plenty pics on the old iPad though, I’ll never run out 😂 Can’t get yours though, no wee yellow man to help me 😟
  18. I’ll probably have to leave it as I’m away from my desktop and the wee yellow man till the weekend. Not quite the same but I was in Igls in Austria a few years back and at the end of a meal asked for 2 Americanos. The young waiter rather pompously replied “we don’t serve American coffee” 😜
  19. It crossed my mind yesterday evening, but have to agree with Kingsmills on this one. Sometimes you have to let people dig a hole for themselves.
  20. He means Jackson Carlaw. The £7m refers to the paintings.
  21. Wandering off topic a bit, I rather optimistically booked flights to the Faroe Islands the other week for the start of October, before our season is meant to start, but AtlanticAir cancelled them yesterday. They obviously don’t think much of our handling of this, as they’re still flying to several other countries. I’m a bit miffed as it was an Edinburgh flight but on previous experience there are always travellers from England on it anyway.
  22. You mean cock-a-leekie? Ahh, the perks of being a mod. I reckon Scotty’s never bothered to put Scunthorpe on the list.