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    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Very frustrating game which we completely dominated. Numerous crosses into the box, numerous corners - just couldn't score! As for the penalty - regardless of whether the offence took place in or out of the box - it all resulted from extremely casual defending where the ball was given away in a very dangerous position, and not for the first time! With a 250 mile round trip for home games, at least I've got a much needed week and a half to try and work up some enthusiasm to attend the next one!
  2. buckett

    Merger Talk

    This thread I believe was started by a County fan on a bit of a fishing trip - first to bite big style was the poster you mentioned there (as predicted at the time by yours truly!), followed by a few others. It has certainly become interactive and there is a bit of seriousness about it too. And a hooruva lot of repetition - most of the content of the entire 30 odd pages is pretty much covered in pages 1 and 2!
  3. buckett

    Merger Talk

    When flinging around statistics regarding relative attendances pre- and pro-merger for comparison, nobody seems to have considered the huge increase in the population of Inverness and surrounding area during this period. Not, of course, due to an increase in breeding ability, but to large-scale immigration. Unfettered by previous allegiances, the football-oriented among them would be inclined to embrace the local senior team, whether it be Caley, Thistle, Clach, or a combination of these. Don't forget that at the time of the merger, Clachnacuddin was the most famous of the Inverness teams, mainly because of its stupid long name!
  4. buckett

    Merger Talk

    Ignoring the irony, people in the Press & Journal area were quite familiar with the "merger controversy". Not so in the majority of the wider areas served by the Telegraph and so this might be seen as an informative article, probably without the "Banner" headlines. I never fail to be amused by the extreme reaction by certain posters on here every time the M-word is mentioned. Most however see it as an essential part of the club's history and are able to discuss it sensibly without throwing their toys out of the pram! MERGER! Oops, here we go again!
  5. buckett


    I was trying to explain the concept of schadenfreud to somebody the other day. This thread sums it up beautifully!
  6. buckett


    Well, at least we don't have to worry about losing our manager on this occasion!
  7. buckett

    20 years ago

    Just noticed a very young looking buckett celebrating the Caley goal in that clip! I remember that game well - I was flying out to work in the Middle East the next day and was quite looking forward to a midweek derby before going away. Turned out to be a right disappointment of a game and a quite unsatisfactory win. A win nevertheless and a pleasant surprise to see my old mate Billy Urquhart being wheeled out of retirement to score the only goal.
  8. buckett

    Vote for Doran

    The people behind the goal don't seem to appreciate what a great goal they're seeing!!!
  9. buckett

    Realistic expectations for next season?

    We can only do so well. If we start leading the table for any length of time, or even second, we'll soon be waving bye bye to yet another manager poached by a "bigger" club. Hanging in the lower reaches of the table will at least mean we'll get to keep our manager, but by then, will we want him? Mid-table mediocrity is probably a happy medium. However, a stealthy way to succeed, i.e. to achieve something without drawing too much attention from bigger manager-poaching clubs, is to win a cup. Yes, that's what we must expect to do!
  10. buckett

    Richie Foran great restraint shown

    I understand the plods were from Dingwall!
  11. buckett

    Apres St Johnstone final game

    You shouldn't. The game's at Hull!
  12. buckett

    New Stadium location? (fun thread)

    Yes, I remember that hat-trick v Arbroath too. But the thing I remember most about that game was how little the match-day experience had changed - same strips, same pitch and the same winning margin we Caley supporters were used to! The only major change was the extra thousand or so spectators that turned up, totally confusing my time-keeping and resulting in my missing the first 5 minutes of the game! Happy times indeed.
  13. buckett

    My Match Report (concise and accurate)

    Good to see an honest and impartial match review!
  14. buckett

    Hearts -V- I.C.T.

    All in all Hearts were pretty dire. Even with the 2 man advantage they never really looked like winning. And Aberdeen would be a lot happier if they were playing Hearts in the final!
  15. buckett

    Are we all just supporting acts?

    I agree with Scarlet Pimple. I just hope Yogi is using this to fire them up!
  16. buckett

    Celtics fans reputation in tatters

    There is so much that is wrong about that post!
  17. buckett

    Celtics fans reputation in tatters

    I lived in Newcastle for a couple of years and went regularly to St James's Park to watch the local team. I still like to follow their fortunes as I have such good memories of my time there. Newcastle United is my English team!!
  18. buckett

    Paul Hartley

    Yes, he had his chance and he blew it!
  19. buckett

    Welcome to Yogi

    I wondered that too. The original "Yogi" was John Hughes of the Lisbon Lions. They called him Yogi because he was big, strong and a bit like a bear. Our manager is nicknamed "Yogi" simply because he has the same name as the original Yogi!
  20. buckett

    Welcome to Yogi

    A warm welcome to Inverness Mr Hughes!!! I hope your stay is long and successful and that your achievements with ICT surpass those who have preceded you. Ceud Mile Failte!
  21. buckett

    Butcher offski?

    There's gonna be lots of meaningless posts on this thread, all within a few minutes of the thousandth post!!!
  22. buckett

    Who'd be a Hibs fan!?

    When the dust has settled at Easter Road, it must be worrying for the Hibs supporters to know that their new manager's track record for loyalty means that if there's a marked improvement in the team's performance, he'll quickly be lured away by an even bigger(!!!) team and they'll be left in the lurch. Better then to hope for poor to average performance so that at least their new manager is likely to stay for a while. What a dilemna!!!
  23. buckett

    Who'd be a Hibs fan!?

    Good point!
  24. buckett

    Who do you want? Poll

    Derek Adams. Ambitious, diplomatic, media-friendly, and ready now to manage a big team!