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  1. buckett

    January signings

    A winning team would be an attraction! Or a team that wins now and again!
  2. buckett

    January signings

    Kevin MacDonald, Billy Urquhart . . . .
  3. buckett

    Next Season

    Richie Hart struck terror into Row Z whenever he lined up to take a shot. Brilliant midfielder though!
  4. buckett

    January signings

  5. buckett

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr United

    Jordan White, He used to be sh!te, But now he's alright! First game I been to for a while (due to working away) and thoroughly enjoyed it - very entertaining but sometimes frustrating. Fairly close first half, although we just about edged it. A lot of build-up play on the outside of the box but just seemed nobody had the confidence to shoot. Often screaming for someone to just blooter it in and see what happened. First 20 minutes of the second half was shooting practice for ICT. Seems we need a bit more! And then, just as Ayr looked like they might be starting to get back into the game, Mr White scores. The balance of play changed after that, with Ayr having a bit more possession, but we could have nicked another, maybe 2. The last 5 minutes or so we were guilty of a bit of time-wasting around the corner flags, holding on till the final whistle, although I think most of us would have preferred to see the team going all out for another goal. Can't knock it though - great to get a home win!! Throughout, Tremarco impressed, with his ball control and constantly tormenting the Ayr midfield. Doran put in a shift too, but seemed to tire a bit towards the end. McHattie seemed solid enough and picked out some nice passes. McCart and Donaldson can take a lot of credit for the clean sheet. Oh aye, and Jordan White - dunno what all the fuss is about. He's alright!!!
  6. If our Board was seriously looking at promotion this season, then they would be pumping money into the club and Robbo would have a better range of players to achieve this aim. Existing players would then be parting company with the club, but Robbo wouldn't. Robbo would then win promotion, like he did the last time he was with us, and the Board pumped money into the club. Money, as it turns out, that the club couldn't really afford!
  7. buckett

    Owain F Williams--he should try the Vancouver Whitecaps

    Happy New Year to you too Scarlet, and here's hoping we'll be supporting a Premiership team by July!
  8. buckett

    Owain F Williams--he should try the Vancouver Whitecaps

    Scarlet, I don't think that remark was directed at you. More likely at the subject of the thread, with a touch of irony characteristic of that particular poster!!
  9. buckett

    Good wishes to Scotty

    Yes, best wishes Scotty. Hope it all works out!
  10. buckett

    sectarian chants

    "Shocking stuff", "Shocking complacency", "Truly shocked" - there's a lot of shock on this thread! I'm shocked at all this "faux outrage"
  11. buckett

    sectarian chants

    Maybe a bit of an over-generalisation there, in my opinion anyway. I certainly have no issue with Irish Catholics and haven't witnessed this sort of thing in the part of Scotland I inhabit, but I take your point if you're referring to the Strathclyde region.
  12. buckett

    sectarian chants

    It may surprise you to know that followers of every religion maintain the arrogant belief that theirs is the only true path! Even the Free Presbyterians!!! And it would be a fallacy to suggest that the Rangers/Celtic thing (which, lets face it, is what this is all about!) is motivated by religion . It is motivated by hatred, and religion is only an excuse.
  13. buckett

    sectarian chants

    This is what I don't get - how can we put religious bigotry on the same level as racism? Religious bigotry is prejudice against people for what they believe. Racism is prejudice against people for what they are, and is many levels more serious than religious bigotry. You can change what you believe but you can't change what you are! And I think the reason for any implied complacency about this matter is that many people in the Highlands just don't get this Catholics vs Protestants thing.
  14. buckett

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Dunno what all the fuss is about. I fully expected another draw! Didn't you?
  15. buckett

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Spot on Scarlet me old pal! It is nothing more than entertainment. And sadly nowadays, the masses demand only the best. Watching football now involves attaching oneself to a top-tier team from some country or other and sitting in front of the telly watching highly-skilled multi-millionaires exhibiting their abilities on Sky. The attachment is seldom geographical - maybe one likes the name, maybe it's a team that usually wins, or perhaps one is drawn to a star player. The financial gap between the top teams and your local team is ever widening and so long as people choose to pump their money into rich football teams with no geographical relevance and Sky Sports, I can't really see the situation changing. Football, as a spectator sport has evolved from the tribal affair it used to be, to a 5-star exhibition of riches and skills that we, supporters of our local team, could never realistically aspire to.
  16. buckett

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    I think Terry Butcher had a significantly greater budget for attracting players from south of the border.
  17. buckett

    ICT Youth Development

    Successful youth development is probably the only way we can sustain ourselves as a top-tier team. So long as we can do it better than anyone else!
  18. buckett

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    [email protected] - another forking draw!!
  19. buckett

    These draws

    At this stage last season we were worried about relegation. An easy 3 points. Now, nobody can beat us! How can that be a bad thing?
  20. buckett

    Inverness CT - Morton

    Been thinking along these lines for a while now. Championship team with the occasional foray into the Premiership, maybe dropping down to Division 1 for the odd season. With our limited finances and fanbase, I think that is quite realistic.
  21. buckett

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    County supporters I know feel that they are part of the whole Ross County thing. It's very much a community club, hence the large support. I used to feel that about ICT, but now I feel the upper management is aloof and arrogant, and I wonder if others feel likewise, and if that would contribute to the lack of support.
  22. buckett

    Cleaning up???

    Just wondering if these forums are being tidied up now and again, and threads deemed superfluous deleted. I coulda sworn there was a thread here the other day suggesting which of our players should take a penalty kick, should it be awarded. Now it's no there anymore. Just . . . . . . . . gone! And then I remember contributing to a thread a few weeks back (Ok - so I'm not such a prolific poster anymore!), and that's gone too! Not complaining - just curious really!
  23. buckett

    Cleaning up???

    You grow up and become a Moderator!
  24. buckett

    Cleaning up???

    Thanks Scotty and Kingsmills (and RiG) - clarified nicely. As I said, I wasn't complaining, just curious, so there was no ire directed at anyone. Might just delete this one now. BECAUSE I CAN!!!