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  1. Caley v St Johnstone, 1992... Only 9 years old at the time but still one of my all time favourite football memories. Coming back to 2-2, sensational stuff. It was by far the biggest crowd I'd been in up to that point, and we were at Telford Street most weeks. It's a completely different football world now to then. More choice, more TV, more exposure, greater demand, and options, on the leisure ££. It's almost pointless to compare and we'll never know what Caley would have achieved attendance wise. What we do know is that average CT attendances early on were higher than the combine
  2. Ahhh, I didn't realise / wasn't aware they were one and the same. Cheers! Utterly shambolic from them. Good point re: kit sponsors ymip. Potentially a compensation claim or 2 being a lodged...
  3. Is the problem not more Cabrini rather than JD though...? I'd have thought that JD are waiting on delivery from the manufacturer and as such it's the delay from Cabrini causing the problem? What ever the situation it's shambolic and clearly not remotely good enough from all involved. Pleased to hear the club appear to be taking a firm stance on this.
  4. Great idea Scotty but sadly, due to a variety of long established reasons, unlikely to be something we ever see in Scotland. I know smaller clubs than us are supplied by Nike, Adidas, etc. and I believe the way that works is clubs basically pick an off the shelf design, in club colours, and badges/sponsorship are added. Could, potentially, leave us with the same basic design as a few other clubs but the supply chain is proven to be a lot slicker and organised than what we've experienced since, well, forever! Strips may even be available before the summer holidays! Not
  5. Thanks for the answer CaleyD, a good explanation of ST policy. Didn't appreciate that abuse of u12 tickets was such an issue and the free ST was in response. Also agree that you can't please everyone!
  6. A completely unrelated and irrelevant example offered up to attack a different point to the one being made... What I was suggesting would be something akin to the socio membership that works so well for small clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and has been adapted by many English Premiership sides (albeit in a much watered down membership style format). You'll find no argument from me that football wages are obscene, but guess what? That isn't going to change until selling football on TV doesn't work for the media companies, and that isn't going to happen anytime soon. A player is worth what th
  7. Charles, more details about the Players Fund that Partick have recently launched can be found here: http://ptfc.co.uk/news/2015-2016/may_2016/partick_thistle_player_fund Essentially it is as you infer above but where I think ICT are missing a trick is the demographic of our support. Historically a large number of Invernessians leave the area for education or work, often never to return permanently. To my mind this leaves a substantial number of childhood fans with an affinity to the club who would like to continue to support the club but for whom a season ticket or regular match at
  8. Free season tickets for u12's are a great idea, but clearly this doesn't meet the demands of fans like Cakeytiltheend. Not everyone can commit to a season ticket, either financially or just planning wise. Why not just extend it to u12's go free for all pre bought tickets, including match day sales? More chance of on the day/last minute decisions to go, parents taking a kids friend along as well, and so on.
  9. I tend to agree with the argument that the club is punching above it's weight financially, but that doesn't necessarily answer the question where the Christie, Mckay, Scottish Cup money has all gone. These were substantial windfalls, and undoubtedly some of it was used to plug the funding gap, but there must be something left over...? Unless the strategy is very much to save it for a 'rainy day fund', which I'd be OK with personally if it allows the club to remain competitive and not require the windfalls year on year. What I wouldn't be OK with would be had it been taken out of club in the fo
  10. History should never hold the club back and stop it moving forward, but the heritage of Caley & Thistle is an important part of the football story of Inverness and is certainly important enough to remain as the official club (trading!) name. Similarily, #ICTFC is just the result of changes socially and may well go out of fashion in a few years. The club shirt, letterheads, official communication, etc. should always bear the full club crest, IMO. It's the old first impressions argument. The badge looks great, is unique both in name (full) and design and as such is instantly rec
  11. No bubbles burst in the slightest Scotty, merely highlighting what I see as a positive initiative from a club with similar resources and circumstances to ourselves. All the revenue streams mentioned are clearly very important, and kudos to those who willingly spend in the club shop, but there is only so much merchandise someone can buy. Where I constantly feel the club miss a trick is tapping into the out of towners. Inverness has historically been a place where if you've grown up in the area often you have had to leave for education, employment, etc. There is a market there that i
  12. Sadly, for any players reading, not a helping hand for the Xmas party... A Partick fan was telling me about a fund that their club have recently started which allows fans to contribute directly to the playing budget - more details here. Essentially, you set up a direct debit that allows you to make a regular payment to help support/develop specifically the first team playing budget. It sounds like a decent idea to me, and something that those who live away from the area and don't (if ever) attend games could use to support the club in a meaningful way. It would surely cost very lit
  13. Can't see what all the fuss is about personally. Fairly small change, and to a system which many clubs have used elsewhere with success for many years. Should speed up access at the turnstiles for everyone as no queues build up as someone fiddles for change at the 1 cash turnstile. Personally I think the club should be applauded for trying to address the access issues on matchdays. Re: scanner technology, I have experience of these systems at festivals, concerts, etc. and they do work well. For a one off event the whole ticket and access package can be hired, but that's clearly not
  14. I didn't make the game but presumably it was this one, given the response from an official channel.
  15. I could not agree more caleyboy. As an image for marketing, social media, etc. the new text is fine, positive even, as it merges the ICTFC brand identity to the official imagery. However, as an official crest for the club it has been ill thought out, cheapened by using the abbreviation and by adding a throwaway tag line to the banners. The 'Pride of the Highlands' slogan is cringeworthy enough but to include it on official club imagery is arguably disrespectful to other clubs in the region, not to mention appearing arrogant. Neither attributes that I would have associated with ICT before. I re
  16. The new kits look great, really like seeing the stripes back. The badge redesign though... Not good at all. It looks amateurish, like a piece of fan art. A truly naff tagline on to an official crest dilutes the branding, uniqueness and identity to a level you'd expect from a street trader with a stall outside the ground. Really disappointed to see this move and hope that it is returned to the full title sooner (is it too late for this season?) rather than later. I completely agree with Scotty re: suitability on social media, etc. but absolutely not appropriate for a club crest.
  17. I think CB may have missed the point of OTB. It bills itself as the most petty and ill informed football show on the air, and lives up to it! It's irreverent style is no accident and is a welcome reprieve from the seriousness, and repetitiveness, of Scottish football coverage. Sure, it's not going to win many awards (although, if I remember right, it has done so in the past?) but I enjoy it when I manage to catch it. Where I would be critical is regarding the SportSound offering in general nowadays. Inarticulate ex-players on open all mikes, every discussion generally reverting to the 'gl
  18. Out of interest when have the club trialed a 10 game season ticket before? Personally it is not something I have been aware of in the past, although I have seen the 'half season' book advertised around Christmas, which is also a decent initiative. I just can't help but feel this is something of a missed opportunity given the large support we took to Hampden, and in indeed turned up on Thursday. Not everyone can commit either financially or time to a full season ticket. As for costs incurred, the cost of producing season books could be easily dismissed by the use of a membership number and
  19. C*unty introduce £175 10 game season ticket Our friends over the bridge have released details of a 10 game season ticket for £175. To me, this is a brilliant idea and would surely appeal to a lot of our central belt / offshore / shift working fans who cannot commit to a full season ticket. As someone who lives outside the area and works away I know that I would certainly buy one at that price. I did email the club about it a while ago and received a good response, but have heard nothing since. If even 200 people took that up that would be an extra £35,000 in club coffers. An extra pla
  20. Overall it looks like a fairly fair reflection of where a club is in general. Couldn't really argue that the facilities and set up of the clubs above us are superior to ours and likewise with those below us. Dens Park and Tynecastle being graded the same (Bronze) as Borough Briggs, Station Park or Balmoor? I don't pretend to understand that one!
  21. Great idea! Given the proximity to the Merchant City, and that's its early in the day, it could be worth thinking about a medium sized bar club that a pre match 'fan zone' could be set up in? I'm thinking somewhere like Maggie Mays, with club downstairs and large bar/restaurant upstairs, or O'Neills down that end of the city, places that would have no issues with youngersters and would offer food, entertainment, that kind of thing?
  22. Did Mike Newlands ever play a game with us? Came from Aberdeen, IIRC, with a very promising reputation back in the div 2 days
  23. The state of the stadium isn't great and I can't see how anyone can argue otherwise. If there is any rain it becomes a mess, especially at the Main stand corners and the West stand, which with it's collection of portacabins acting as kiosks and toilets just looks and feels messy. That said, until a sugar daddy or euromillions winner wants to develop the ground properly or build something new, what's the alernative? I seem to remember the North and South stands having a 10 year life (correct me if I'm wrong) when they were put up in the winter of 2004, which would indicate something may need to
  24. High ticket prices Saturation coverage of games on TV All seater stadiums
  25. Really, really, do not want Shiels anywhere near ICT. Massive chip on his shoulder and by all accounts a divisive personality. Not at all what the club needs to take it forward. Hartley would be a great appointment but maybe with an experienced no. 2 beside him, a la Robbo and Park? Not a negative comment on Hartley's ability, of which he obviously has plenty, more a recognition that we are a fair step up from Alloa. We've done pretty well with managerial appointments in the past, ignoring the blip of Brewster #2, so I've every faith the board will do their due dilligence and appoint t
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