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  1. Very strong rumour that Richie Hart recently released by Dundee has signed for us again. The person that informed me said he spoke to Richie today after he had been training with some members of the squad and will apparently be offered a deal to be a squad player for us next season.
  2. Just been informed he's signed for Ross County on a deal until the end of the season. Source is someone in the Ross County coaching set up.
  3. Wayne Bridge has sent his missus a replica of his **** made from Cadburys chocolate.... Sadly, she said that she prefers Terrys. JT, best defender in the world.
  4. He was in Love last night, so obviously fancied one last night in the town!
  5. Just in from town, snow aint that heavy, sesh is though.
  6. Hate both City and Utd with a passion but really looking foward to this game tonight!
  7. Owl City - Fireflies Plan B - Stay Too Long Jedward - Ice baby.
  8. Rory used to score nearly every game in the SPL reserves, I would say 2nd division is about his level.
  9. HT: 2-1 ICT FT: 3-2 ICT 1st ICT scorer - Rooney 1st Airdrie scorer - Gemmil Crowd - 1347
  10. It's Dale Gillespie, not Dave Gillipsie, haha!
  11. Doooougies goal was classic, pretending he was injured getting up and scoring a quality placed goal. As much as ive put him down the last few months, I was happy for him to get his goal after being abused by the section g wankers when he was warming up, then having the satisfaction of sssshing them. An allround good performance from him. Sanchez was awful.
  12. Does anyone know of any Aberdeen fans that went to Turkey for their holidays?
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