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  1. I'm in London too, and it's my fecking birthday! I still live in hope though
  2. Can't justify the expense of a flight home for this one to the wife, she's no idea where Elgin is let alone heard of Elgin City FC. But she will join at Hampden in May. See you all then
  3. Messi? Far too short for the SPL
  4. Streamed live feed to my iPhone in a bar in Cyprus while having a few beers. Definitely matched Rangers and had a couple of chances in both halfs. Our waiter's from Astra and was also at our European away game. Thought it was an omen for an equaliser but alas not the case....anyway, Merry Christmas everyone, onwards and upwards in 2017
  5. Lenny looking to bring Shinnie to Hibs http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/37070631
  6. Flying up for this one. What time is everyone meeting at The Griffin?
  7. Nae much further here mate ! Few shandies in the "H & F" beforehand and away we go Good call LondonICT
  8. What an incentive indeed! Assuming both British teams get thru, Its only 20 stops on district line for me....
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