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  1. Happy memories.I was also down at the first leg in Airdrie and remember thinking we had our chance .But what a performance and atmosphere at Telford Street that night.In fact it was the one and only time I ever saw my father sing at a football game.Love the end of the clip where you can see Alex Young having a fag in the background .🥳
  2. Found this whilst on a tour of the Interweb thingy me jiggy.
  3. If you can't keep the goals out and your not putting many in..........There are consequences you may have to face,and sadly thats looking more and more likely for ICTFC.
  4. Is that a phone in your pocket or are you just really really excited at signing ?
  5. Another Dalneigh boy here....Dunain Road till I was 4 then Hawthorn Drive for my School and College years
  6. dumpmaster


    I just drove past the stadium about 15 mins ago and there was a gathering of journalists and tv crews there.I wonder if an official club statement is imminent?
  7. I would rather gargle horse semen than support Ross County
  8. Eminem - Utter Gash Any Rap music - Utter jobbies x 1,000,000 R&B - Utter ferret urine Boy/Girl manufactured by TV bands - Utter utter monkey sick Other than that I love all music
  9. Jimmy I can't believe you sh1t on my sunbed