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  1. dumpmaster

    Word Association

  2. dumpmaster

    CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

  3. dumpmaster

    Inverness on film 1935

    Found this whilst on a tour of the Interweb thingy me jiggy.
  4. dumpmaster

    Will We Stay Up?

    If you can't keep the goals out and your not putting many in..........There are consequences you may have to face,and sadly thats looking more and more likely for ICTFC.
  5. dumpmaster


    Is that a phone in your pocket or are you just really really excited at signing ?
  6. dumpmaster

    Where did you grow up >

    Another Dalneigh boy here....Dunain Road till I was 4 then Hawthorn Drive for my School and College years
  7. dumpmaster


    I just drove past the stadium about 15 mins ago and there was a gathering of journalists and tv crews there.I wonder if an official club statement is imminent?
  8. dumpmaster

    Inverness Astra TV Coverage

    Me too please
  9. dumpmaster

    Active Nations Cup Final

    I would rather gargle horse semen than support Ross County
  10. dumpmaster

    One word Scrabble

  11. dumpmaster

    One word Scrabble

  12. dumpmaster

    One word Scrabble

  13. dumpmaster

    Music acts you cant get into?

    Eminem - Utter Gash Any Rap music - Utter jobbies x 1,000,000 R&B - Utter ferret urine Boy/Girl manufactured by TV bands - Utter utter monkey sick Other than that I love all music
  14. dumpmaster

    Caption Competition

    Jimmy I can't believe you sh1t on my sunbed
  15. dumpmaster

    Lady Seeking Help On Facebook

    CAN ANYONE HELP ME? I AM LOOKING FOR ANYONE WHO WENT TO THE HIGH SCHOOL AROUND THE 53/ 57 YRS? OR MAYBE HAVE PARENTS OR G/PARENTS WHO MAY HAVE GONE. MY NAME WAS IRENE DUNCAN, LIVED IN DALNIEGH COLUMBA RD. IN PARTICULAR I AM LOOKING FOR JOYCE AITKIN WHO MARRIED AND WENT TO LIVE IN BALLOCH....THANKS ALL FOR YOUR HELP. This messege was posted on a forum on Facebook and just wondered if anyone who goes on here could help this lady out,I will forward on any information to her or if your on facebook just look up Inverness High school and you will find the forum.