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  1. Me too. I phoned the club on Monday and yesterday to enquire about them arranging a charter deal. I was told both times that the club is actively looking to something like this and it'll be announced on the website - probably tomorrow, Thursday. Hope it's gonna be good because I've held back from booking independently - and the costs are mounting every day. So much so that it's getting cost prohibitive to travel via Aberdeen/Glasgow/stansted/schiphol/Frankfurt for a day out in Romania. Fingers crossed.
  2. I've managed to find a workaround. None of the casino bars in Vegas have anything more than Fox Sports, ESPN etc and therefore won't be showing the game. It kicks off at 7am here so even if they could show it, most of the Sports Books don't open till 9am. We've managed to download a version of GolTV onto our iPad using fubo tv. It looks like it will work, so we'll be sat in one of the 24hour bars cheering on a victory. Many thanks to Scotty n Scarlet for giving me the heads-up.
  3. On my iPhone to watch streams, I download puffin web browser which allows me to play videos on the usual streaming sites. Thanks Iain. I'll give puffin a go. Sorry to sound thick, but which of the usual streaming sites do you reckon would be best to stream the game in the U.S.?
  4. Thanks Brinson. Modbro gets good reviews - but it seems to be only available for android devices. Does anyone know of an app that'll work on an iOS I-Pad?
  5. As the result of poor timing on our part, we're gonna be in Vegas on Final day. We hope to find a friendly bartender at 7am on matchday to tune his telly into the match. Can anyone tell us the likely channel it'll be broadcast on that a vegas bartender could tune in to?
  6. So far this season (at home) I've been getting more & more frustrated at our lack of shots on target - or even off target. Does anyone have any view as to why we are so shot-shy? Rooney isn't guilty of this on his own, although it's reasonable to expect a striker whose only job in life is to score goals to shoot rather than always lay it off to someone else. :025:
  7. I'm Craig Brewster - and so is my wife!
  8. It's supposed to leave the bus station at 2.15, but recently it's been about 10 minutes late. A bit erratic actually, so you're best to get to Farraline Park for 2.15. (You need to know that only those fans who get a ticket for the outward bus-run are allowed to get it back into town after the match. No ticket = no return trip.)
  9. I'm absolutely astounded at the shambles surrounding Marius' departure. I do deals for figures in exess of ?400k fairly often - and there's no way I would enter negotiations without all sides understanding exactly how the deal is to work. Doing your homework before considering a deal is essential - and the devil is truly in the detail. Amounts, dates, timescales and exchanges of documents must be mutually agreed. Once that is done, it's up to the Seller (ie ICT) to remain in full control of the transaction. If you are the party with something to sell to someone who wants it, it's your ow
  10. I don't remember this. Can anyone clarify what Shearer did? :symbol_question:
  11. I don't believe there's anything wrong or untoward about a club or society contacting it's longstanding members/customers to remind them about their renewal. It's a nice touch - and makes us season ticket holders feel valued. Also, it's a courtesy that can add value to the club, because there will undoubtedly be waverers who will renew just because the club bothers to make the call and get in touch. However, when my wife & I renewed last month we were disappointed that the club missed the chance to thank us for our loyalty. Howabout giving all season ticket holders an incentive to tu
  12. Before yesterday's game I had been seriously considering not renewing my season ticket- the only thing stopping me was that we've got such great seats. However, the performance yesterday restored my belief that it may be money well spent. Kille might be telling themselves that yesterdays was a meaningless game and doesn't count for anything - but I bet it still hurt! Am I delusional,or did Brewster shake hands with each player he sub'd during the match? Never noticed him doing that before. Little things mean a lot. :clapping03:
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