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  1. Long shot, anyone know of anywhere that might be showing it in the winbledon area of London? The Engerland game is on at the same time...
  2. nice one Thanks for that Elder boy
  3. Scotland V Croatia - ianyone know if it's going to be on Sky? Tickets were a bit steep for me
  4. Glory hunters... Why don't people support their local teams? Sectarianism is horrible. These people should be ashamed coming up here and sprouting tripe like this. Can you remove the red hand of ulster flag? This is SCOTLAND
  5. Anyone know anything about Andy Barrowman? With Bayne pehaps on the way would he be a good addition to the squad?
  6. Is it the case you can buy tickets for the game before the game from their office? I'm trying to recall if that's what Hearts FC have done in the past. I don't want to go out to Tynie to find I can't get in!
  7. He's going home for family reasons - simple as that. We need ambitions for the club and for the future. Where exaclty is ICT going? There is a fair population in and around the Inverness area and the club should be working to increase support. Donald's resignation is a sign of this. He obviously can't see the club moving forward. SACK THE BOARD Let's get ambitious for the club, for the future and for football in the Highlands
  8. Hi I am looking for some advice about going to Ibrox. Is it true that the Caley fans are seated below Rangers fans and they throw pies etc down? I've not been to Ibrox before. Also, is it easy to get to the stadium? thanks for advice
  9. [glow=red,2,300][/glow]It's old school colours... The point is we were going to be chucked out of the ground. Only ever seem to get this puritanical treatment at the TCS... No other ground in Scotland has stewards like ours.
  10. I'm not sure how many ppl agree with this but the lack of noise at the TCS is deafening. The last home game I was at a me and a few of the boys were doing a bit of singing and trying to create an atmosphere. We were told by an over zealous steward on a bit of a power trip to sit down and shut up as we "were in the family stand". Is the whole of the North Stand a family stand!? I know Christie's made this point about the lack of atmosphere and noise but surely the club can tell these stewards to get it sorted out... :018: [admin edit: removed horrendous font/colourin
  11. We should be aiming high. Top six end of season games are much better (but relegating livingscum was joyful)
  12. Well, the last game of the season is upon us.... As a Caley fan based in Edinburgh, I usually only make it to away games. This thing that has really struck me this season is the (lack of) quality in the referees and the linesmen. When are the SPL going to get a grip and appoint full time, paid officals??
  13. Ha Ha! Livvy will be playing C%*nty nrxt season! Can't see a way of Livvy surviving. I'm getting fed up of the commentators going on about players moving to Scumdee United. Hopefully the board will be able to get them to sign contracts that would secure their services for the seasons after next.
  14. Thanks for that Kingkojack. I'm hoping to base my summer holiday around a trip to Europe.
  15. I've been looking at the prospect of European football... Can we do it? What does it depend on at the mo? Cheers folks :)
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