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  1. I'm part of GovanJaggie's party if I can be added to the travel thread please
  2. Not quite - we actually recorded a 4-1 win back in 2006/07 when a certain Richie Foran was in Motherwell's team! Grant Munro, Ross Tokely, Craig Dargo and Rory McAllister scored our goals that day. Not quite, we beat Gretna there 4-0 in 2007/08 season Wyness, Cowie, Wilson and McBain the scorers
  3. If striped tops would sell as well as the non-striped tops I'm certain the club would go down that route. The fact is they don't and at the end of the day ICT is a business aiming to make money and if the who are going to buy the top prefer non-stripes then that's what they'll provide.
  4. Pretty sure Jean-Alain Boumsong played at the World Cup
  5. I'd happily have sponsors over the majority of the top if it meant we had money to go sign a higher quality of player. As for 'selling our soul' what an absolute load of rubbish, this FC United rubbish is a heap of Man United fans so there outreach of 'fans' is much larger than ours.
  6. Given the financial state of Scottish football imagine the club trying to earn some much needed money. Absolutely shocking.
  7. He was told in January he was free to go if another club came in for him, he'll be offski
  8. BA


    Let's be honest this tie isn't over yet, if anyone can throw away a two goal lead at home then it's Hibs.
  9. That goal was so far out that Barry was actually in Bellshill when he struck it
  10. Actually, they only had Aberdeen at home once, whereas we had the boost of two visits from the dons fans. They do have Dundee United as well and Hearts took a massive crowd there on the opening week(s) of the season
  11. I've heard Ross County's sales are going far better than ours but then that's to be expected given the feeling of Inverness people towards Caley Thistle. BA
  12. Given the quality of most of the teams in the bottom half I'd be disappointed if we're not in the top six next season. Another decent cup run wouldn't go amiss either
  13. Considering Rob Shields is still working for us expect some more English lower league signings you've probably never heard of
  14. I'd guess goal 500 was circa 2001 so I'll guess Bobby Mann
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