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  1. scorpio60

    Disgraceful attitude of a tiny minority of ICT fans

    And John Robertson swearing at a fan is OK?
  2. scorpio60

    Season Ticket

    Not in main stand
  3. scorpio60

    Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    According to Barry Wilson's summary after the game on Radio Scotland - David Raven was playing!
  4. scorpio60

    Player Sponsorship 2015/16

    That's me paid for one Scotty
  5. scorpio60

    Message from Caleyjagstogther re Final Buses

    Have you considered a bus from the Moray area - maybe Elgin being a central point? I believe there are a number of fans who travel through to Inverness for home games - not sure if enough to fill a bus through
  6. scorpio60

    ICTFC Fans Christmas Night

    We had a great time last night - a big thank you to all concerned in arranging this. Well done everyone!
  7. scorpio60

    End of Season Bowling Night

    We had a smashing time last night - well done and thank you to everyone involved.
  8. scorpio60

    We Gave It A Right Good Go

    I thought Doran was on the bench because he got hurt on Wednesday night against Hibs?
  9. scorpio60

    Player Sponsorship 2013/14

    I paid by Paypal on 5/10/13 - and asked to be shown as Elliejo - can't see it on the list yet - maybe I have done something wrong!
  10. scorpio60

    Season Tickets - Early Bird Reminder

    Thanks RiG - I will try a wee while longer - failing that I will revert to the good old phone!!
  11. scorpio60

    Season Tickets - Early Bird Reminder

    Is there something wrong with the MFR link today? I have been trying for half and hour and keep getting a server error message - the resource cannot be found
  12. scorpio60

    Dundee Utd Match - Ticket Offers

    Any idea of the latest time for buying tickets from Ticket Office - I am coming through from Buckie after work so will be pushing it to get to Inverness by 7pm
  13. scorpio60

    Half time draw

    One of the numbers was 5184 - I remember because I had 5174!
  14. scorpio60

    Player Sponsorship 2010-11

    Count me in for 2 shares one for me and one for Ellie Jo.
  15. scorpio60

    Ayr v Dundee

    Ayr draw with Dundee - believe!