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  1. any idea how many we have shifted? we are attending as a family of 5 :)
  2. It wasn’t a good performance , but his performance went further down hill when he was getting targeted abuse , our fans need to realise that this is not the way forward , and I think most people would agree
  3. Awful performance , but fans are partly to blame , shouting abuse at our own players and there family’s is totally uncalled for , honestly wonder sometimes
  4. I didn’t really know who my loyalty lay tonight as I am a fan off both clubs?❤️?? , I seemed to be the only one at claggan Park semi-enjoying myself ... atleast one of my teams were playing good football ?? not much opposition to judge against but Ricardo Calder was fantastic , it’s gonna be another long season for us fort fans ?
  5. Display , how much are we talking
  6. hi, very long shot but does anyone know if theirs any way i can get my hands on one of the limited edition strips with the embroidered date under the crest that were released before the 2015 Scottish cup final. i really wanted one at the time but i was younger and i couldn't afford it , since then i have gained an apprenticeship and earn a steady income so would love to get hold of one. thanks
  7. Anyone else think Andrea Mobuyi motumbo would be a riot in the championship?!?
  8. Was in around 4.30 to collect my tickets and the women on the desk said nearing 800 ?? They seemed positive
  9. That would do me perfect , 5 minuets from ma house ?
  10. Who will be club captain now? Warren maybe?
  11. Pretty sure they went back yesterday
  12. http://ictfc.com/news/team-news/1773-3-year-deal-for-scott-boden boden signs 3 year deal
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