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  1. That's all well giving out u12 STs but if your not able to go to every game then that's not so good....I was taking a 7 and 9 year old tomorrow so they are both eligible for free u12 STs but I don't see that been fair as they would lie in a drawer for 6 or 7 games a season!!
  2. What has happened to cheaper tickets in the family section? Was told today by the club that is £25 and £10 for any seat in the north stand!! Think it was £44 for two adults and two children last season.....£70 is very steep, then there's food, programmes, car park and petrol on top off that. No wonder we can't get decent crowds!!! Not sure if I'm going now
  3. That was brilliant..hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. ⚽
  4. It is true, Wednesday the 18th of January with a 7.45pm kick off.
  5. Dunfermline v Caley Th has been moved to the Wednesday at is live on Sky
  6. Good score in the end, might mean more money, good chance the replay will be on the TV.
  7. Really need to play better teams in pre season, we play Buckie and Motherwell play a big team in Leeds, it speaks for it's self.
  8. HT: 1-0 FT: 2-0 1st scorer ICT: Foran 1st scorer Opp: Hooper Crowd: 48,235
  9. I heard that Gordon Smith and Grassa are having dinner in Rock Pool this Saturday, what's that all about???
  10. Thank you all, that was a nice ?45.30 for winning, I had some really nice cards. I had to use the name Macduck1973 because Caleyuntiltheend wouldn't fit in.
  11. Butcher is a joke, should have sent him to Japan, he hasn't got a clue. Last Sunday was poor but because of the result people seemed to be happy,but today was a joke, the fact is if Butcher stay's the crowd's will go down and Caley won't be far behind. I'm not wasting money every week to watch paint dry! BUTCHER AND ALL HIS STAFF MUST GO NOW!!!!!!
  12. when and what time is the semi final draw of Alba cup?
  13. Sunday 3rd May 2009. 3pm kick-off. Entry is ?5 for adults, ?1 for kids
  14. Get behind the team, The team are bigger than our P##h manager. He will get what he deserves...the boot very soon.
  15. Brewster hasn't got a clue, he was lucky first time up here but then showed his true colours at Dundee Utd now were are getting his P##h here. Get him out Now!!!!!
  16. The Sun also says that Ross County's star player is John Rankin :015: