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  1. Highlandbadger

    FC Astra Giurgiu -V- Inverness CT

    bus 5.........we fought the carpet in the toilet and won You had to be there!!
  2. Highlandbadger

    Flag/banner To Welcome El Tel

    Howz about BUTCHER GIVES THEM THE CHOP ? :thumb04:
  3. Highlandbadger


    Not sad to see Brew go....is it too late though? What about Grant's comment at the weekend...'the players are right behind Brewster' ? What is the reaction going to be? Lets hope we have the players with the right attitude now to get through this season and stay in the SPL. Bye Brew...give my regards to ICAT if you see him...........I think he was sacked this season as well.
  4. Highlandbadger

    ICT -V- Aberdeen : Matchday Thread

    One of the biggest pieces of unbelievable nonsense was Talcy Malky actually applauding each occasion Mike Fraser kicked the ball straight from his hands to his opposite number ???....eh....do we not want to keep possession when we are chasing the game with 10 men? On the defensive side, I agree with what has been said about McGuire but I felt for the second goal, Hastings could have blocked the cross and Fraser should have come to meet the ball instead of standing rooted on his line. I don't know what we employ a goalkeeping coach for. Anything in the 6 yard box should be the goalkeepers...he could have come and punched the cross...there was no great pace on it. I still feel he is not confident enough. Tactics still non existent....looked like 4-1-3-1-1.....what is that???...at home !! Can't fault the effort of most players today, though, Niculae is class...shame he not being played properly. Your Days are numbered CB.
  5. Highlandbadger

    Marius check

    Perhaps if we tried playing him alongside another striker more consistently we would get a better return. Hitting long balls a for his head is not playing to his strengths...he has great class with the ball on the ground at his feet. Time the manager started to use him properly to get the best advantage. This defensive 4-1-4-1 formation is SH***. There were times today when the midfield were camped on top of the back 4 and when the ball broke Marius was on his own with the nearest Caley player 30 yds away. You don't win games without strikers and this 1 man up top lark is not the answer ...especially playing at home. :018:
  6. Highlandbadger

    Brewster's team selections

    Have to agree with you. I am beginning to get a bit hacked off with the 4-1-4-1 line up....especially at home when we should be 'taking the game to the opponents'...to quote Brew this week. Not to mention Marius must be getting hacked off running around on his own with long balls hit at him in the air...not a clever strategy today Brew, with messrs Kenneth/Wilkie/Dodds in the Utd Pool. We must Keep the ball ON THE GROUND ! I don't know how McBain managed to stay on for 90 minutes and taking off Black...your creative midfielder and leaving Duncan (who had a shocker), your holding midfielder on when you are chasing the game baffles me. Not sure if there was any evidence of tactics today. Bottom line is both sides were poor and we were lucky to get a point. Must do better if want to keep top 6 and Brewster needs to re-take his tactics exams. :018:
  7. Highlandbadger

    Brewster Can Go

    Well..............he's 'big on discipline'.....pity he isn't big on tactics and big on team selection as well :029: He has some big decisions to make in the January transfer window....if he gets it wrong, he should be out in the summer.
  8. Highlandbadger

    Brewster's midweek thoughts

    Have to agree with most of the posts here....lets summarise our Manager's actions over the last 4 weeks Niculae dropped....Wyness' strike rate goes to zero McCaffrey subs for McGuire.....defence leaks goals like a sieve (ok maybe not much choice but Proctor or others worth a chance) ****ing about with the midfield line up...Cowie in/out...Black subbied...erratic use of Barry Wilson...what is Mcbain's role? Rankin can go........What??....and keep Hart ?????......have I woken up on the planet Stupid? :crazy07: and the best of all Rory is back....oh my god....sorry but he doesn't have it and he can't hack it at this level...why do we persist??? Sorry Brewster but you are losing it :029:
  9. Highlandbadger

    Against All Odds is 10.

    Maybe it's time for Against all Odds 2 - the Brewster Years.....start keeping the press cuttings and taking notes :023:
  10. Highlandbadger

    New Manager

    I am a declared Warnock supporter and am accepting that he now looks to be the unlikely candidate. If that is because of cash then I would want that to come out later down the line and I could accept that.....probably just about although the risks between spending money on a good experienced manager and staying in the SPL need balancing against appointing a cheaper dodgy manager and getting relegated. If Warnock has not been taken seriously and the Board have not pursued his interest with proper attention it shows the lack of ambition. We need now most of all given our start to the season, to get someone in to stabilise things right away. I don't think Brewster is the right choice. I will continue to support the team....that is what supporters do....and continue to voice my opinions....that is what this site and others are all about. Who knows if Brewster is a success, I might have to eat a pie at the Stadium. :tic01:
  11. Highlandbadger

    New Manager

    Sorry to state the obvious folks, but the nicely prepared managerial stats on our home page show clearly that Brewster has the worst managerial record of results. Tell me why this is a good reason for bringing him back? I may have to accept it if Warnock withdraws himself but I have a problem with ICT management bringing back the poorest candidate on paper. Remember he went to Dundee Utd to save them and turn it round....and failed. :33:
  12. Highlandbadger

    New Manager

    Well for me it's Warnock if you look at the CV for track record and experience....and the clips for passion ! Second choice would be Pressley.....bit of a risk as no record but he does display the passion. Previous managers take a hike. You were quick to bale out when others came calling.
  13. Highlandbadger

    Charlie Christie resigns

    A pity Charlie didn't give it a bit longer. BBC Scotland are already commenting that Brewster has a release clause in his contract at Aberdeen if he wants to go for Management positions................. :rolleyes02:
  14. Highlandbadger

    Stuff Caley Stadium Needs

    I think we should adopt the Dutch approach and have GROLSCHBUSTERS at the stadium similar to AJAX. These are guys who come around with a piece of kit on their back and a lance like a garden weed sprayer and fill your plastic glass with BEER. You don't need to join the queue at the pie bar. In the winter they could dispense hot coffee and/or tea?? :015: A decent PA system in the main stand would be a good idea.
  15. Highlandbadger

    Rangers Match Reactions - [merged]

    Had to laugh at McDonald lining up against the towering Rangers defence when he came on, even more so when long balls were still being launched towards him.