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  1. I wish they found out who actually did it because no doubt now there will be people who will want to take the law into their own hands.
  2. Society meddles with mother nature on a daily basis.
  3. I am with BT and it has been doing the same thing! Right pain however, we did have SKY broadband and it was so much slower so this cutting out for me is so much better than the speed we got with SKY. They promised more and it was poor.
  4. I hated how when England lost against Germany Andy became Britain's hope. Like England were a hope for us Scots! If he is out today he will be Scottish in the am! Come on Andy!!
  5. I like the idea of him wearing a dress in the dressing room. Maybe he could send us a pic if that moment ever comes.
  6. A bit silly IMO putting it the day before westlife!
  7. Boundaries as in - leave schools alone, leave play parks alone. Well actually two doors down from me a family who travel for 6months maybe more of the year live. So as a family and I am sure many others who live in homes for X amount of months during the year should know that there are certain places that shouldn't be acceptable to park up. I am sure they wouldn't appreciate me setting up camp in their front garden. I don't think any different of them to any other person living on my street.
  8. I am not a snob nor am I a racist. I am not saying they shouldn't do what they do, what I am saying is they should have set boundaries and not park in school grounds regardless of their reasons. Regardless of what you all say there does seem to be a feeling that because this is a lifestyle choice they can get away with things that other people cannot.
  9. I'll remember that next time I park my car illegally 'sorry officer it wont start', IMO no excuse for the whole lot of them to be there.
  10. So I was reading this article - http://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/news/fu...p_moves_on.html What do you think? Personally I think it's ridiculous that it could be classed as discrimination for making them move. Has the council gone nuts? What if they decided not to move? I think the world has gone mad and personally the council have their priorities wrong.
  11. http://onlineshop.rnib.org.uk/browse.asp?n...mp;it=1&l=3 There seems to be a few here x
  12. One of the reasons they get these are because it keeps them quiet. So much easier if they are content for the prison officers.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00sjmxj I saw this programme advertised.
  14. You are missing something, you are breaking the UK down into areas instead of looking at the UK as a whole. Like it or not we are part of the UK and the election which was held yesterday was for the whole of the UK, not just Scotland. You could look at it another way and say that England, which does not have a devolved parliament of it's own, has voted for Conservative yet the Scottish Lib Dems and Labour could become a part of a coalition which rules that country, giving Scots more of a say than they deserve in the running of England as a country, at least we have Hollyrood which has a lot of
  15. Ok, so I am going to sound thick here but as it stands (1 more to go for Scotland) the Tories only have one seat within Scotland. So technically if they manage to form a government and it is approved the UK will be run by them and Scotland who overall didn't want them in will have to deal with it? That doesn't sound fair or am I missing something?
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