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  1. Great idea. Shows what a good community based club should aspire to do for less fortunate or neglected members of society.
  2. Great result. 3 points picked up at last. Other results also pretty favourable. Best day in a while for ICT.
  3. Well done ICT, great result. Could this be our return season. Dare to dream ...
  4. Blimey what’s going on tonight....absolute shock in a good way...first time in a long time.
  5. Worrying times to be an ICT fan, can't recall so much pessimism from on and off the pitch. Our manager apparently quoted as saying that 'Ayr and Raith are bigger teams than us and they've been relegated to league 1.'Is this where we are at so soon after winning the cup and European adventure. Our club has never (until now) lacked ambition. Even if sometimes it was misplaced or unreal ambition we always aimed above our perceived station.
  6. Blimey....believe.......again...
  7. Unbelievable, have we defended one cross ball successfully all season
  8. Awful game. Hard to see any positives at moment. Team is bereft of inspiration, confidence and organisation.Pressing and general workload appeared lacklustre but maybe a case of players shirking the ball due to lack of confidence and pressure getting to them. Things look bleak.
  9. Yesssssssssssssssss......BELIEVE. We can beat the drop. Great result.
  10. Come on ICT, we're not relegated yet. Believe!
  11. Take the mickey out of the diddy team....a bit like Barcelona did to them! Let's be optimistic, Celtic rarely thrash us (famous last words)
  12. Time for all to pull together and support the club. This is when they need the support to get them through.
  13. Thanks to John Hughes for all that he did for the club, things worked well for both parties when they did work. Shame it ended the way it did. Time to move on now. All the very best of Highland luck to Richie Foran. "Richie Foran's Blue and Red Army" got a good ring to it...
  14. Time to get behind the team as supporters.The highs of last season were amazing. But staying in the top league is always the priority. Wage packet size, number of supporters we punch above our weight and knee jerk reactions to our current circumstances are negating the bigger picture. Can't believe in a footballing year which has given our club European football and a national trophy that we as supporters can be so fickle. Only a couple of weeks ago we beat the team being touted as potential league winners.This is when we should be digging deep and sticking together both on and off the field.
  15. Fantastic result. Looking forward to the Quarter Final draw.
  16. Fantastic on all counts DBJ, great memories of a special day. Made even better with the news that we are going to give leftover money to a Rumanian Charity. All the Rumanians we met were very warm and friendly and we will have great memories of their country. Chris was one of our group and hails from Forres.Cheers again those buses will live long in ICT folklore.
  17. 2 x 49 seater coaches now booked for return transfer from Bucharest to Giurgiu. Waiting for confirmation of kick-off time before confirming cost but looks like it will only be about £10 per person. The above Event link currently takes care of about 50 of these 98 seats - add your details to the list if you want in. Coaches will leave from central Bucharest in plenty time for kick off and return to central Bucharest after the match. Fantastic, well done DBJ!
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