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  1. renewed yesterday and the girl gave me a new one without me asking - great service
  2. Are you implying that Sean is swinging it ? Hope not
  3. We- a collective group of six getting on a bit boozers- tried to use/support stadium bar all season but have given up following mental door policy and even if you get in -early bell preventing getting a pint after 2.35. Plenty others willing to hand over cash but turned away. Also pure lies from stewards forcing early drinking up saying you must be in your seat before kick off due to H and S!! So now our and plenty others cash goes to pubs in town centre and arrive at ground just before kick off. Same story from many others- club turning away much needed cash. Not moaning just telling it as it is
  4. At no time does he say the only true supporters - hes thanking the ones who went to and supported the event. There is no slur on other supporters or the ones who travelled to Greenock.
  5. Exactly- difficult comparing part time but charismatic keeper with a full time but steady eddie( boring ) one ! Played at different levels too. Both worthy
  6. People drinking for couple hours on 19/20 isolated matchdays a year will not be a reason to keep any business open/ afloat. Know that a new steward has been appointed.
  7. Always the same Sutton ( *****) just said most neutrals in Scotland want to see Utd back up really or just him
  8. Couldn’t make it work changed what a fist Chris Sutton is calling for yellow etc we are doing ok
  9. Well worth the win Never gave up Beaton and his assistants woeful . Fourth official spent game talking to Ferguson with frequent thumbs up . Gardyne should have had second yellow for head into Mackay and Van der weg straight red for punch after . however - who cares they’re out and we march on
  10. All the talk of quitting watching, not renewing season tickets after first defeat - we were poor at times but not awful- surely this is the time to get behind the team .Stopping supporting - its a vicious circle- less crowds less income less quality players etc. etc.
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