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  1. Exactly- difficult comparing part time but charismatic keeper with a full time but steady eddie( boring ) one ! Played at different levels too. Both worthy
  2. alwaysblue

    Social Club

    People drinking for couple hours on 19/20 isolated matchdays a year will not be a reason to keep any business open/ afloat. Know that a new steward has been appointed.
  3. Always the same Sutton ( *****) just said most neutrals in Scotland want to see Utd back up really or just him
  4. Couldn’t make it work changed what a fist Chris Sutton is calling for yellow etc we are doing ok
  5. Well worth the win Never gave up Beaton and his assistants woeful . Fourth official spent game talking to Ferguson with frequent thumbs up . Gardyne should have had second yellow for head into Mackay and Van der weg straight red for punch after . however - who cares they’re out and we march on
  6. All the talk of quitting watching, not renewing season tickets after first defeat - we were poor at times but not awful- surely this is the time to get behind the team .Stopping supporting - its a vicious circle- less crowds less income less quality players etc. etc.
  7. Usual twisting of the post. This was nothing to do with regular away supporters , of which the vast majority always behave, have banter etc. This is our club placing away " supporters " who don't know how to behave- beside others who do and the possible consequences if something happened. Offensive remarks like worrying about the children - who said that ?, snowflakes and Tory voting, cruise holidaying people in main stand is utterly pathetic. We pay our tickets too and support the team.
  8. To be clear Im not blaming the stewards - just the supervisors and people telling them what to do .
  9. Last night ,yet again, away supporters were seated in home fans section - in front of section F . There was no trouble, apart from verbals , same as Livvi a week ago , but having drunk away supporters walk back and fore unchallenged giving abuse, right beside the inept stewards, is a recipe for disaster . Also regular season ticket holders have their seats there and are expected to tolerate this. The stewards couldn't sort out anything if things kicked off. This decision was made by management we were told by stewards ,to save opening the south stand. Perhaps they - the board-would like away fans to sit with them next time they have such a great idea. I'm easy going and know there were decent Falkirk fans there last night who weren't comfortable with situation either.
  10. Accurate and honest -nothing to add -not about blame been punching for years cant get the followers of the " big clubs " to come to games -too busy supporting their teams on the telly ( obv in pub )
  11. alwaysblue


    Exactly - they have allowed the manager take all the flak while denying him the funds . Total catch 22 situation next season - no cash does equal no players ( of likely quality) managers come and go but the board - who many fans wouldn't even recognise ( Kenny C apart ) carry on same as ever !
  12. ouch ! maybe you haven't got it either I have many failings -mainly the shot but not too thick - .how well do you spell after a good bucket in the ghetto! all the best Mr Mac