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  1. Another Gretna? Braves is right, very brave to make the six years predictiction.
  2. The players were far too busy arguing amongst themselves and with instructions from the bench. This is not a team. We have the same few trying but most are simply not good enough. Some of these players were so poor that I thought they were substance impared.
  3. Having just come through something similar, with good results , I hope and expect You'll get through this nae bother.
  4. Chorley Cake, that well known imposter, is just a cheap copy of the the Eccles cake.
  5. Good news I have hesitated to renew but now will. I am on record as saying that the entertainment was always better when we were in the old First division so that is another plus. Just to make things even better, due to fewer television appearances most games will be played on the Saturday, I wonder if they are planning on dropping prices for the car park?
  6. Yes Butcher deserves a good fisting...Not in the face either.
  7. kilda


    This P&J story was retweeted by the club with no comment. I wonder if they are confirming it? It has just been removed from the ICTFC front page, could have been an automatic retweet.
  8. Surely there is a strong case for having two hosts? One live and another storing your site backup data. I have some experience in this field and companies that I worked for had at least three generations of data backup, with one stored at a separate geographical location. I understand this all costs money but then so does losing all your valuable data.
  9. I thought this would be about the RC website being thrown away. A true tragedy as they can't sell tickets any more.
  10. I am getting seriously worried here. We are 5 points clear of disaster at worst and relegation at best. I reject the game in hand, look what 2 games in hand did for us. We are in trouble, I doubt we can not secure top six, I fear we may go down. I have been a long term supporter Of John Hughes but I am now beginning to regret his T town attraction: that rhymes with D and begins with DOWN.
  11. No! I am Greg Tansey and so is my Wife.
  12. kilda

    Brian Rice

    Yes we can see it was pure coincidence, the holiday and everything. What with the reluctance to publish our cash flow, ticket sales and season ticket sales we are sounding more like Greece everyday.
  13. Draw on 22nd June for both first and second round Qualifying rounds.
  14. Draw on the 22nd of June first and second Qualifying rounds.
  15. Thanks pal. Nice of you.