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  1. A good performance that deserved a better attendance than we had. Some nice football played today.
  2. A moot point. You'd be hard pushed to find evidence of the likelihood of that happening.
  3. Says a lot for Robbo that he immediately reported it to the club. A manager with integrity.
  4. After more than 300 years of the Union, Scotland is the only country in the world that can't afford to be independent. Doesn't sound like an advert for the union to me.
  5. Can't really comment regarding lgbt or oo, but if the media and pro union supporters keep telling me there's no appetite for independence, I'm going to challenge that at every opportunity.
  6. Oddquine, as someone else who attended the Indy march, I thought the idea was to let people know that we aren't going away. No matter how much certain sections of the public would like the independence question to go away, it isn't going to happen. Perhaps the lgbt community feel people like Mr. Morrison needs to understand that no matter his feelings, they're not going away. He and the folk that agree with him need to get used to it.
  7. A lot of folk seem to think they can tell people how to live their lives. A little more " live and let live" wouldn't go wrong.
  8. In fairness, they do have an Inverness edition.
  9. I'll be delighted to renew my season ticket. I really enjoy the style of football Robbo is trying to produce.
  10. I wonder if Mulraney is away too? He didn't seem at all interested tonight.
  11. Very good performance and it's great to see the "no such thing as a lost cause" attitude.
  12. Presumably booksellers in England, Wales and northern Ireland have no problem with paying a subsidy.
  13. Blythswood charity shop in Academy St. have another nice collectable in stock. They still have a couple of signed shirts too if anyone's interested.
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