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    Semi-Final Poll

    From memory our semis in 2003 and 2004 had low crowds. I think it was just under 8,000 v Dundee on a Sunday at 3pm then 13,500 v Dunfermline with a 3pm kick off on a Saturday. So less than 20,000 v Hearts with the game live on TV doesn't seem all that bad for creating an atmosphere. The lower gate money from this is a bit of a bummer though. I also think that most of the Jambos would more easily get to Hampden from Edinburgh for a 12.15 ko than our fans. 1.30pm at Tannadice or Dens on the Sunday might work better but the other semi ko time would have to be moved to avoid a clash for TV.
  2. Was it not this time last year that we started that impressive unbeaten run? Here's hoping that can be repeated to see us safely into the play offs.
  3. Get a couple of dozen volunteers to unfurl it on the pitch in the pre-match build up at the Global Energy Stadium on Monday night. Then keep it for our next cup final appearance this May.🎺
  4. As said so many times this season, our lack of finishing was our undoing again. Then County did a Dick Turpin on us to steal the three points they didn't deserve. Subs should have been on earlier to give fresh legs.
  5. Says it all for me too. Another insufferable draw was too much to bear even if United dominated for most of the game. Thank goodness we don't have another home game until 5 January.
  6. If it had stayed at a 7 pm ko then I would've made it down to give my support. 6 pm is just too early for me now. Why the late change?
  7. Yes indeed. It wasn't looking too good at 1-1 though when EC had loads of possession and we struggled to get the ball off them. 3 goals in 9 early second half minutes was the best spell in a number of games.
  8. Bad enough being there to watch it but even more depressing having seen the "highlights". Just what was Mark Ridgers trying to do when he fluffed the ball in the box?
  9. Sorry I mentioned it!!! Thought I was being helpful but obviously not.
  10. Looks like cash at the gates, as it is for all their home league games. They are also doing a hospitality package - a curry, rice, nan bread and a pint plus a seat in the stand for £30. Not clear if it's open to away fans though. If it is it might help folk decide on a pre match drinking venue.
  11. It's East Pilton, which is quite a good area. I have relatives in Pilton Avenue on the North side of the ground and hope to park there. If it was West Pilton, then that's a different story.
  12. If tickets required then I'll have a problem getting them, as from tomorrow I'm not going to be remotely near Inverness before this game to pick them up. Hopefully, there will be a ticket booth at Ainslie Park for away fans to purchase on the day. Did I also read somewhere figures of £15 for adults and £5 for concessions?
  13. No tickets are available to the club for this game yet. Hoping to just turn up and pay on the day?
  14. Yip but cif73 is right. Jordan White changed the game when he came on. He was less effective and made things easier for County. Saying that Doran and Polworth should have buried those chances. Hugely disappointed with the result.
  15. Well, well, the change now allows me to go and I had no influence on that whatsoever. 😙 I feel sorry for those who had already made their travel arrangements for the Saturday though. Typical for our fans to get mucked about again.
  16. This is getting utterly ridiculous. We need a loanee or out of contract striker fix now! Makes it worse when Billy McKay rattles in a hatrick for County.
  17. The Abbotsford, Cafe Royal, Guildford all likely to feature in our post Murrayfield 'crawl' that night. Long term haunts of us old gits from Edinburgh. A 24 hour delay if ground given up to Spartans would have suited me fine.
  18. Yes a potentially tough game, although they only beat Civil Service Strollers 1-0 yesterday. I'll be in Edinburgh on 24 November, but for Scotland v Argentina rugby with 2.30pm ko. As I had to go to great lengths to get season tickets for the Autumn Tests I won't be giving up my seat at Murrayfield to attend the Cup game. As Caley Stan says, there are no pubs near the Ainslie Park ground. The Anchor Inn at West Granton Road and Telford Arms might be the nearest but not advised. If I could have made it I would have gone to Spiers at Goldenacre, my old local 35-40 years ago. The Village Hotel at Crewe Toll has the nearest bar but be prepared for boutique hotel prices. The other option is Stewarts Melville Rugby Club if you can get signed in.
  19. The ICA magazine usually distributed to Inverness residents by your local postie. Many recipients will probably just bin it as junk mail. I use it to find out about up and coming music gigs and other events. As you will see from the online version Don just provided the link to, it contains listings of arts, culture and sports events on in the area in the next 4 to 6 weeks and beyond. A scanned version of voucher is attached. There is also a spotlight feature on Charlie Trafford. I've just spoken to the lady in the club shop on the phone. If the voucher is presented in the shop at least 24 hours before the match in question and you ask to buy 2 tickets, 1 of them will be free. It doesn't work for season ticket holders though, i.e. you can't present your season ticket and ask for a single free ticket. ICT BOGOF voucher.pdf
  20. Is it widely known that there is a match ticket promotion of buy one get one free for the QoS, Morton and Dunfermline games? There is a voucher for this in the latest ICA free magazine that we receive through the post. No info on the official club website about it though. Surely this is something that could be promoted from a pop up stall in the Eastgate Shopping Centre? 😣
  21. Yes, they are obviously earning Tullochs money from use as parking for Thrifty Car Hire, burger van, car wash, contractor's compounds and storage of wind turbine towers, all without planning permissions too. This may be the pre-cursor to permanent development proposals, who knows? If we are to get back into the Premier League or draw one of the better supported teams in the Cup, I wonder how the greater demand for parking would be catered for then?
  22. Great stuff for 35 to 40 minutes - Robbo disappointed it was not more than 3-0 at half time. Then after Doran and Whyte were subbed we took our foot off the gas and Partick took advantage. The match officials were woeful. Always gave advantage to Partick defenders even when they were almost taking the shirts off the backs of Whyte and Oakley. The Storey penalty never was - not in the box or even a foul. Justice done with a great save from Ridgers. Despite the jittery finish I'm glad of the 3 points and top slot in the table. What a contrast to this time last season. Looking forward to an away day by train next week.
  23. I hate to say it but I also think we are lacking leadership on the park. As captain Carlos isn't rallying the team. We had much more bite from Gary Warren in that respect and when he wasn't playing Ian Vigurs could whip up the rest of the team. The only one that looks like he can do this is Coll Donaldson.
  24. Yes, you are right. I got my Perthshire lowland glens mixed up. The potential stadium site by the Campus might prove more attractive for developers (including previous benefactors of ICTFC) to invest in given that the new road will open up potential for some 3000 houses and business land. Potential to provide a training pitch and share the UHI/College facilities too. IEDB Master Plan.pdf