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  1. Burn him at the stake, or at least spray paint Pheado on the side of his house. Pipe To Pipe Bushman.
  2. Insurance is all based on making money so it makes sense, that everyone will eventually feel like they are entitled to a bit of the action. Jack Straw thinks its all a bit of a scam as well..... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13922554
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-13922463 They might be looking at Terry and Mo if they are serious about getting straight back up. also, the guys in the picture, are quite clearly standing up. That really grinds my gears......
  4. Well, that was a let down! Was in a house full of Vancouver fans, and didn't everyone head to bed pissed off. What were they playing at? So many miss hits and fresh air swipes. I missed the first ten minutes but, from what I did see, Vancouver had one clear cut chance in the whole game. Boston got lucky for third, but were much more clinical in thought and execution through out the whole game. Really disappointed for the Canucks.
  5. http://www.ybig.ie/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=30362&title=phil-neville-seamus-coleman-twitter-row
  6. Oh dear, looks likle a very tense Wednesday night indeed. I genuinely thought Canuks were going to do a Mavericks last night, but never mind, they'll surely win it tomorrow night, won't they?
  7. I would say, Mcleish has signed him on footballing merits, and he's possibly available for decent wages as not that many clubs would want him. I think it will be difficult for his new team mates, as they have to speak to him everyday now, and come christmas party time, I reckon other players WAGS will be giving him the Wayne Bridge treatment. However, he has served his sentence, so thats that as far as punishment goes. I wouldn't want him here, but I remember a two page story in the Sun about one of our players hitting his then girlfriend, and this guy is a fans favorite and club legend, but a limited footballer. What does that say about us?
  8. Both wou;d be very unwelcome in some African countries for different reasons......
  9. Zadi (*ducks to avoid flak*), was booed into a nervous reck, but when he was good, he was pretty good. Only 'hing was though, when he was nervous, he was the dictionary definition of a bomb scare. If we were more patient with him, I think he would have a been rated. This hurts me to say it, it really does, but I have to. dougie Imrie was pretty good, and sometimes I hink his attacking aggression wouldn't do any harm in the current team...... I'm of to burn my clothes and shower in bleach.
  10. Fulham will be trying their hardest to get red cards in the last game of the season......
  11. I believe Munro's wife has a good job in Inverness, so that may be a factor, and Duncan is apparently very settled in Inverness so it makes sense, but that also might be why the media think it's a story.
  12. WOW! Deep breath in, and exhale......... Are we not supposed to be talking about the attack on Neil Lennon at Tynecastle? McGinn, McCourt, Scotland's shame, Bullets and bombs in the post? Different topics guys. So, back on topic, and just incase folk are mixing their incidents up, one Hearts fan, runs onto the pitch and attacks the pantomime villan with crappy punch. I think that has more to do with Scotland's shame mk 2, alcohol, added with grown men refusing to behave in public as they know they should. Also, someone asked is it right to be puched in the face if you say something disagreeable? Well, I wouldn't feel right throwing one, but sometimes I do curtail what i'm saying depending on the size, and proximity of the person i'm talking about, because I understand that somethings should be kept to yourself, unless you are deliberately setting out to wind folk up. I don't hate Romanian's but..............
  13. Or the Hibs fas that attacked Goram......because I think Hibs are a Shi'te club and Goram was a born again new Sunni muslim. Society *ruffles societies hair*, you scally!
  14. I don't think there is a wider issue in Scottish society. None of this has very much to do with religion, it is to do with one person running onto the pitch, to launch an attack on Lennon, which was always going to fail. There must have been 14'000ish Hearts fans that could have done the same thing if they wanted, but they didn't. Just like at any other ground in Scotland, as there are no fences, because this is very rare. One guy did it, thats one. Hardly a mirror for society to look into. Hearts a Unionist club? Who decides these things, is it in the Heart Of Midlothian charter? Some fans may have Union Jacks, but that's it. Lennon is a ned, and enjoys winding people up. Some people get more wound up than others, and this is what happens. Why should there be no consequences for Lennon? He believes he can behave in any fasion he likes, and its going to be societies fault. It has nothing to do with religion, as not very many of these people strike me as the god fearing type. Religion in Scotland The guy that ran onto the pitch could have had ANYTHING in his hands eg a bazooka, a pistol, some Euros, rat poison, tactical advice, a water balloon, an Autograph Book, a Fart he had earlier captured, or, nothing. PHEW. It was nothing. It is pure luck that this religious crusader, had left his weapon of choice at his seat (blunder), but also a little bit admirable that he had continued his charge anyway. I would say this is a much better example of fan rage (raaageeeeeen like) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlM5MSULgoc&feature=fvsr Takes a while to build, but simmers nicely.
  15. One Hearts fan, kinda hits one guy, who does himslef absolutely no favours anyway (ie, brings it on himself), in a futile gesture that was always going to be snuffed out within a couple of seconds. Nothing to see here, move along........ P.S Interesting to see the soundest man in the world off the pitch (did a wear denim to work for a day fundraiser, well sound. Also signed some autographs for the kids and washed his hands before he had his dinner), managed to stay on his feet, even though it was a surprise punch from behind, but when Juanjo looked at him funny, his knees colapsed. Think of the children.
  16. Renegade, the modern day Ernst Happel.
  17. Caley D wrote an extensive, and informative post on how it all works, but I can't find it. What I can remember though, is that 7th place gets around ?1.2 million. If we just completely ignore the day to day running costs for a moment, I reckon we could launch a cheeky raid for Erimenko.........
  18. I've only been to Rovers once before, and that resulted in a 2-1 win against Millwall, (Millwall fans are proper, genuine scum bags, not like Rangers or Aberdeen scum bags, but like "Please, please, please Mr Officer, can you stand beside me as i'm struggling to concentrate on the football due to the level of bad feeling being directed in this direction, I don't think they are very well educated" scum, eeeuuuuuuwwwwwww. Danny Dyer) with Rovers scoring twice in the last 10 minutes, with Ricky Lambert scoring one of them. If we are playiong Rovers, then I might make a trip of it and go down for both games. SP. That Gold medal match was brilliant, but I wanted USA USA USA to win, as they were the underdogs. I really enjoyed the Canadian 'bouncing of the glass' celebration though. Was it not a Canucks player that scored the winner? My mate used to stay in Vancouver and is a big fan, so i'm watching for them in the playoffs as well. The twins are auwesome, as is that guy who stands infront of the goalie on power plays, I want his job. What odds on Miami/Canucks/Chelsea combo?
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