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  1. quizzer

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    Another game where main positive was the (almost cameo) appearance of Daniel Mackay, and the refereeing being a major talking point. I thought Doran's penalty incident looked more a slip than anything else, but my main complaint was the absolute eternity the ref took speaking to players/writing names in book and the handling of the situation when the guy holding the Dundee sub board blocked Mckay taking our throw til their player got ready to come onto the pitch. Poorly dealt with. And can't blame the Dundee guy for having a fair wee laugh to himself afterwards! Oh and the ref repeatedly counting 10 yards (slowly) then turning round and marking the defensive line about another 3 yards further back. We didn't lose match cos of him though, I'm not blaming him by any means. And agreed, waste of time Jake coming on tonight. From the stand it looked well short of full effort from him. Unlike Mackay, and, to be fair, Baird. Textbook example of goalmouth stramash in second half, how Dundee didn't score I'll never know. Mom Ridgers for me too.
  2. quizzer

    The Social Club

    I've been a member for about 10 years but I've got to agree, it's hard to drag ourselves there each match day given the decline and the other options available. I'd love to see some money invested in it - simple things like new tvs and stocking local beers (served in glasses which aren't prone to stinking/being dirty!) would be inexpensive changes. Obviously it could do with an entire overhaul and new furniture/improved heating in downstairs bar/whatever needs done to get rid of the permanent stale smell but these will take a heck of a lot more money. I appreciate that they've tried to improve the catering in the past - including very recently - but this is another area where there is still massive room for improvement. I guess this one is a bit of a vicious circle though, no point in investing or a company/individual taking on franchise if there isn't enough footfall through the door. Sadly the interior surroundings means that no matter how good quality the food is, not many non-members would go there for food on a regular basis. I love the Caley Club as a facility in principle and would love to see it prosper. Despite whatever politics have been going on over the years, I've found the staff to be brilliant. I love the fact that it's a meeting place for our fans before/after games, and had many good afternoons when buses of away fans have come along and everyone has mixed - the way it should be at football. Sadly, for reasons highlighted by others, it's not a place I'd want to go on non-football days. I'm not exactly sure what - if any - links exist between it and the football club but if there's any possibility of stronger links then these should be built upon. For example, cash sales for tickets/basic merchandise sales/working together on match days to create a pre-match atmosphere instead of competing for bar trade (with neither particularly attractive options atm).
  3. quizzer

    Derby - 8th November

    Trialist is Nick Ross.
  4. quizzer

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Really enjoyable game today, great team performance. Tough call for man of the match but for me it's Vigurs again, held it all together and spread the ball tremendously. Can't remember him losing the ball once either. Great tenacious display by Bell and very good defensive display all round too. Loved the fight and determination of Raven, another vote from me to do all we can to keep him till the end of the season minimum. If I remember correctly he linked excellently with Doran, so if Aaron's fit and back on right wing I think we'd have a great combination. Slightly disappointed that Baird's grievance with Polworth led to him being booked, even after he'd been booked and ref stopped play he was more interested in carrying on that argument than anyone else. To be gym fair he seemed to get on top of things after a wee word from Rice about keeping the head. No doubting at all his effort and looking forward to the goals starting to go in for him. Calder's inexperience maybe showed a bit at the end a couple of times when he went for the riskier option of taking on players/going for goal rather than taking the ball into the corner but on the whole a much more positive display from him. Oh and I said a few weeks ago that I never wanted to see Chalmers in (central) midfield again. I apologise for judging so early.
  5. quizzer

    The Ian Vigurs enigma

    He was my MoTM today. So composed, and I thought he showed his class in second half when he used the wind several times to our advantage kicking the ball into the air where it looked horribly misjudged but nope, he knew it'd hold up and thankfully his teammates read this. Really impressed by him today again.
  6. quizzer

    Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    I said early in this thread that Polworth had a shocker. Others may disagree but in my eyes, he did. I have reasonably high expectations of the guy as I rate him, which makes displays like today's harder to take. However I am most certainly NOT one of the folk who picks fault with him in minute detail, as many in the main stand were today (as with many other games). I've got friends who would never have him in the team, whereas I'd never consider leaving him out. But... I agree that he's a confidence player and incredibly self critical. To me it's not lack of effort to back track when he's dispossessed, it's anger and frustration at himself. I could be wrong, I don't know him at all. However I remember reading he was notoriously shy as a youngster in the squad. I've no doubt about his ability, but a player with self confidence is always going to be more successful on the pitch than someone without it. Incidentally if he had been in the middle of the park today instead of Chalmers then I doubt we'd be having this conversation..
  7. quizzer

    Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    Highlight of the day was most definitely the third goal. He'd actually been very close to scoring with time he got the ball, ran half the length of the pitch but couldn't beat the keeper. Baird was unmarked in the middle throughout and he'll never get off with passing in the same situation ever again! Scoreline probably makes the game seem more interesting that it was. One goal was right at the start and another was right at the end, there wasn't much going on in between. Midfield was a huge disappointment. Chalmers in centre midfield is hopefully a sight we'll never see again. Calder did indeed seem lacking in effort on a few occasions, I wasn't impressed despite the goal. Polworth - again, despite the goal - had a shocker and Vigurs is either composed and calm or pedestrian and lazy depending on your viewpoint. Tremarco definitely isn't making the same runs as he used to (possibly due to instructions) and the rest of the defence did ok again 2 big guys. Rory should probably have been off for raised hands but it was indeed handbag stuff. Baird tried very hard but very few lay offs or passes worked. Now to the positives - very reassuring to see OFW in goal, and the biggest positive of all for me was Bell. What a wee livewire, and gave his all throughout. Bemused by decision to sub him as were most of the crowd I believe, hence muted applause for him. Crowd announced as 930. Hugely disappointing but not unexpected and could be say deserved.
  8. quizzer

    Worst Ict team ever?

    For sure. Was struggling to this who in this current squad wins the accolade of My Favourite Player. Thank goodness for Tremarco! Sadly zero challengers in my eyes at the moment, hope to goodness that changes in the near future.
  9. Just wanted to echo what others have said before regarding this NOT being just about the smoke bomb/flares/whatever the heck they are. I commented after a game recently how the result was spoilt by the behaviour of some of these guys after the game, where some of them were running along outside the stadium afterwards singing the sort of nonsense that's nothing to do with our club but everything to do with the old firm, and then going on to intimidate our own fans on the walk into town afterwards. This goes back a good few seasons, and I've got friends who'll never go on a bus to an away game again due to the way they behaved towards them. I'm not interested in the argument that oh it's only smoke bombs/oh it's only a small group/och they are just young boys - it's wrong, it's against regulations, it's offending other fans and I couldn't care less whether it's accepted at other clubs or not, it's neither welcome or accepted at our club. What's almost laughable is that I know that the club were intending to engage with these guys and discuss how they could work together to enhance the atmosphere. That ship has now firmly sailed.
  10. quizzer

    Board statement 14/08/17

    I'm pretty sure it was said at Monday's meeting that the £500000 new investment was from people who were already investors in the club. No surprise there!
  11. quizzer

    ICTFC Open Night

    Massive plate of doughnuts upon arrival, always a good start! I - along with several other small groups and individuals - have met with Danny over the last couple of weeks and it was fantastic to see the same commitments and promises being made by the chairman in public as the COO said to us. It was great to see the chairman fully backing both Danny and Robbo ie plans for both off and on the park, and apparently very open indeed to criticism and feedback. He seems like he's a pretty shrewd man, and if last night is a fair representation then he's both a good talker and listener. Might seem odd to anyone who didn't witness it directly, but the comments about Raven and OFW came across as fair and logical. Very different circumstances as has already been said. Raven obviously still held in high regard but OFW - hmmm not quite! Touched on Doran's situation which I don't think has been mentioned so far. Fair way to go until we see him again, and the over-riding message was that he's been through a horrific time and it's been touch and go whether he his football career would continue. Sounds like a host of folk from here will get an invite to meet up and give their opinions too, please take it if you get the chance. Plenty gone wrong in the past but with Graham Rae, Danny and Robbo we have 3 people with a clean slate, positive outlooks and who want to engage. Fingers crossed they live up their claims, I for one buy into what they are saying and willing to give them the opportunity to follow through. Oh and for anyone who is worried about youth, I firmly believe that Robbo and Danny are two great fans of the youth systems and fingers crossed we'll see evidence of that on the pitch for the first team sooner rather than later.
  12. quizzer

    Season Ticket Holder Offer

    A good day, room for improvement but they were happy to take feedback on board and make changes for future weeks. Looks likely that the format will continue, basically back to Kingsmills Club type days. Chairman was wandering around introducing himself to everyone beforehand and did a speech afterwards, other board members around too. Got the impression our new chairman may not be a football man but maybe I was just thrown by the accent lol. Talk by Robbo prior to match and summary by him afterwards, a rather downbeat Warren came in after for his (screw top prosecco - hmmm...) MOM award with a rather worrying limp, hopefully nothing major up. Everyone spoke sincerely of how fans have been let down in the past and they want to improve things, will give them opportunity over next month or so to see if actions back it up. Would very much encourage everyone to give it a go if offer comes up again, great value at a tenner (and great new barman ;-))
  13. quizzer

    Transfer in and outs

    Robbo said after the game today that they are looking to bring in short term cover for Zschusschen
  14. quizzer

    Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Another vote for giving Raven and Seedorf a trial on the right. Robbo's post match interview told us exactly where Raven is in his thoughts though. Very scathing about Polworth and Mulraney. Speaking out in public like that may have a positive impact on some players but got to be careful, could destroy someone. Finally can I make a last call for some of our supporters to join the 21st century - guy during game calling our new striker "Suzi f***ing Wong" and young boys running along in front of the stadium singing the Fields of Athenry were both pretty pitiful, frankly.
  15. quizzer

    Transfer in and outs

    Scott Davidson is apparently in high demand amongst Highland League teams and could have had his pick. Seems to be unclear whether he's signed or on trial during pre-season but either way I'm delighted we're looking at promising HL players. Heard about this during the week and the person who told me had great confidence in Davidson's ability to step up.