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  1. Breathing a sigh of relief at the win, specially with their late "goal" disallowed. Better than many if not most teams outwith the premiership that have played here in recent years. Could have done without the theatricals, but really hope Brown is ok after going off looking in a bad way though. Definitely nothing theatrical about that. I really admired the progress White made last season but he's missed a fair number of chances over the last 2 games. Dundee might be too early for Robbo to gamble starting Todorov but it wouldn't be a bad shout. As for Macgregor - really look forward to seeing a lot more of him I underestimated Vincent returning. Really like the look of him so far. Carson looks like a really busy and hard working player, feeling optimistic about him. Really got to improve our defence though, they cut through us for both goals. Not entirely comfortable with Vincent and Carson being the 2 staying back at our corners (and Doran at one) but I'm guessing it's considered worth sacrificing the risk of having defenders up for corners due to their height/attacking value at set pieces?? All to play for on Sunday, which is brilliant after how I felt after Peterhead!
  2. Frankly, I very much doubt it. Would I do it personally? I really don't know. Up until the last few days, it's not been a great season to be an ICT fan and I don't think anyone would be surprised if our season ticket sales took a substantial hit next year. I just don't think the timing is great to ask the fans for more money, although I totally understand the reasoning that it's best to do so now than wait until it's too late.
  3. Not sure which peed me off the most today - Partick's unsporting behaviour (that's putting it VERY politely - aka dirty, cheating b******s) or the referee or taking Rooney off and leaving Mckay on
  4. Totally uninspiring. Another good goal for Walsh - three very similar goals for him in last 3 games I believe - but other than that pretty dire. Ridgers kept us in game, we totally rode our luck for a large portion of the match. Other than that, same old. Even the subs are same week after week, but credit for giving Macgregor a decent run out again. We need to see more of him though - and his U18 teammates. Things desperately need freshened up, the first team squad have had their chance and it's at the point we've nothing to lose. I'm certainly not being entertained this season and I'd rather pay money to see Robbo take a gamble and play more of our youngsters than hold out for yet another draw. Have to say that I'm getting really frustrated by lack of discipline by Brad and Rooney. Rooney got away with it today when he kicked ball in the air in frustration, but the pair of them live on the edge/step over the line week after week. Oh, and totally sick of going in entrance by sports bar and not allowed to go to toilet, never mind catering. Instead we are forced to go up the stairs, along the passageway to other end of stand and down the stairs. Creates bottlenecks and congestion as we're against the main flow of traffic and totally unnecessary. I'm not trying to get a drink, so why can't I use the facilities?? Been hit and miss for a while, but now we're told we can't get into sportsbar area after 2.30. Causing lots of frustration for those of us who simply want a pie/pee and also costing the club money in lost revenue.
  5. Tremendous third goal, great work from Macgregor and a lovely, unselfish layoff to Doran who had made a fantastic run to finish it off. Roddy looked good throughout his appearance, lively and retained ball well under pressure. I hate to say it, but although White got a hattrick, he won't have won all his doubters over tonight. Delighted for him though, hope it gives him a boost to push on and keep the goals coming. How his second went in, goodness only knows. From my viewpoint it looked like it went straight (quite tamely) at the keeper who somehow let it slip thought his hands/legs to trickle in. By no means our best performance but a result that we needed and the team kept going to the very end, which was typified by Doran's goal. We all left pretty happy anyway, which is a nice feeling.
  6. Some nationwide exposure for an excellent initiative. Hotukdeals ICTFC Christmas lunch ETA Would be worth the publicity for the sole reason if it encouraged other clubs across the country to follow suit.
  7. For me he's been found guilty and the club should be taking action now, I genuinely can't see any point in the club waiting to see the sentencing outcome. Incredibly disappointing news, and totally out the blue for me.
  8. Terminate contract. No question about it.
  9. Another game where main positive was the (almost cameo) appearance of Daniel Mackay, and the refereeing being a major talking point. I thought Doran's penalty incident looked more a slip than anything else, but my main complaint was the absolute eternity the ref took speaking to players/writing names in book and the handling of the situation when the guy holding the Dundee sub board blocked Mckay taking our throw til their player got ready to come onto the pitch. Poorly dealt with. And can't blame the Dundee guy for having a fair wee laugh to himself afterwards! Oh and the ref repeatedly counting 10 yards (slowly) then turning round and marking the defensive line about another 3 yards further back. We didn't lose match cos of him though, I'm not blaming him by any means. And agreed, waste of time Jake coming on tonight. From the stand it looked well short of full effort from him. Unlike Mackay, and, to be fair, Baird. Textbook example of goalmouth stramash in second half, how Dundee didn't score I'll never know. Mom Ridgers for me too.
  10. I've been a member for about 10 years but I've got to agree, it's hard to drag ourselves there each match day given the decline and the other options available. I'd love to see some money invested in it - simple things like new tvs and stocking local beers (served in glasses which aren't prone to stinking/being dirty!) would be inexpensive changes. Obviously it could do with an entire overhaul and new furniture/improved heating in downstairs bar/whatever needs done to get rid of the permanent stale smell but these will take a heck of a lot more money. I appreciate that they've tried to improve the catering in the past - including very recently - but this is another area where there is still massive room for improvement. I guess this one is a bit of a vicious circle though, no point in investing or a company/individual taking on franchise if there isn't enough footfall through the door. Sadly the interior surroundings means that no matter how good quality the food is, not many non-members would go there for food on a regular basis. I love the Caley Club as a facility in principle and would love to see it prosper. Despite whatever politics have been going on over the years, I've found the staff to be brilliant. I love the fact that it's a meeting place for our fans before/after games, and had many good afternoons when buses of away fans have come along and everyone has mixed - the way it should be at football. Sadly, for reasons highlighted by others, it's not a place I'd want to go on non-football days. I'm not exactly sure what - if any - links exist between it and the football club but if there's any possibility of stronger links then these should be built upon. For example, cash sales for tickets/basic merchandise sales/working together on match days to create a pre-match atmosphere instead of competing for bar trade (with neither particularly attractive options atm).
  11. Trialist is Nick Ross.
  12. Really enjoyable game today, great team performance. Tough call for man of the match but for me it's Vigurs again, held it all together and spread the ball tremendously. Can't remember him losing the ball once either. Great tenacious display by Bell and very good defensive display all round too. Loved the fight and determination of Raven, another vote from me to do all we can to keep him till the end of the season minimum. If I remember correctly he linked excellently with Doran, so if Aaron's fit and back on right wing I think we'd have a great combination. Slightly disappointed that Baird's grievance with Polworth led to him being booked, even after he'd been booked and ref stopped play he was more interested in carrying on that argument than anyone else. To be gym fair he seemed to get on top of things after a wee word from Rice about keeping the head. No doubting at all his effort and looking forward to the goals starting to go in for him. Calder's inexperience maybe showed a bit at the end a couple of times when he went for the riskier option of taking on players/going for goal rather than taking the ball into the corner but on the whole a much more positive display from him. Oh and I said a few weeks ago that I never wanted to see Chalmers in (central) midfield again. I apologise for judging so early.
  13. He was my MoTM today. So composed, and I thought he showed his class in second half when he used the wind several times to our advantage kicking the ball into the air where it looked horribly misjudged but nope, he knew it'd hold up and thankfully his teammates read this. Really impressed by him today again.
  14. I said early in this thread that Polworth had a shocker. Others may disagree but in my eyes, he did. I have reasonably high expectations of the guy as I rate him, which makes displays like today's harder to take. However I am most certainly NOT one of the folk who picks fault with him in minute detail, as many in the main stand were today (as with many other games). I've got friends who would never have him in the team, whereas I'd never consider leaving him out. But... I agree that he's a confidence player and incredibly self critical. To me it's not lack of effort to back track when he's dispossessed, it's anger and frustration at himself. I could be wrong, I don't know him at all. However I remember reading he was notoriously shy as a youngster in the squad. I've no doubt about his ability, but a player with self confidence is always going to be more successful on the pitch than someone without it. Incidentally if he had been in the middle of the park today instead of Chalmers then I doubt we'd be having this conversation..