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  1. Incredibly sad news. I spent time with Ian many years ago when he gave me an insight into the work he carried out as a historian and just last week I came across a huge wad of documents which he very generously copied and shared with me. I'd been saving my proud copy of his new book to enjoy later this month. Like many others, I thought incredibly highly of Ian and sincerely hope we as a club do something to commemorate him on a permanent basis.
  2. That was my assumption...until I read this from the article - Gardiner said: “We’ve got to work through the season ticket list in a system. We started with who had a season ticket the longest, and was in tier one. Now maybe they started off with a group of I dunno - 500? - fans who held it longest and obviously not everyone can get lucky and get offered one. Or maybe half the season ticket holders? Who knows. Whatever it was, they clearly haven't done themselves any favours. Incidentally, I personally don't think they should have started with the longest holders first, everyone s
  3. I don't know about anyone else, but as a season ticket holder (living locally) for many many years, I'm livid at that article. Only one of my group has been offered a ticket in the ballot and they aren't even the person who has held a season ticket the longest. (edited to add - the longevity reference relates to a comment made by Gardiner in P&J article, not my personal feelings) 2020 - the year ICT completely lost the last bit of loyalty that their fans have generously given them for many years, despite the club's best efforts to blow it time after time.
  4. Also sent several messages (wasn't easy to find a way to contact club on website, I'm sure there used to be ail addresses but now there's just a submit comment type thing. Which wasn't easiest to find). Weeks later, no reply. Sent a further message which got a response. Saying... Emails missed due to IT issues 😅😅. Seriously. Got to laugh. Sometimes I really do wish it was easy to change your football team as it was to change your car or supermarket or brand of trainers.
  5. Apparently you are wrong and it's us silly Highlanders at fault and not the providers as per the response sent out... The email was sent at 3.25 one it was apparent the issue wasn’t easily fixed, it must have taken some time to get to some inboxes due to the number of recipients Thanks Luca Seriously, for a company providing an online service to try to bluff us into believing that the number of email recipients has any impact on the time taken for an email to be received is one of the most insulting things I've heard this year (leaving all political discussions aside!). So
  6. I got an email from the SPFL helpdesk at 1615 claiming that they had in fact emailed everyone at 1515 with an alternative link to access game (same as they told 2 friends too) which stated "it must have taken some time to get to some inboxes due to the number of recipients." This was after earlier receiving the ludicrous response telling me to refresh my browser. FFS. I've utterly had enough of this, utter shambles. Why do the club appear to do their very best to make it so very hard for us to support the team? Yeah blame the provider... but how is it always/only us who seem to have
  7. I received an email saying my order is complete and the shipping method as stadium pick-up. I've not been to collect it yet as I wasn't sure if this meant it was actually waiting for me to do so or if I had to wait until I was contacted by someone at the stadium - any advice/anyone else had same message and been to stadium to collect it?
  8. quizzer


    My goodness, that's truly awful news. Thoughts are very much with his family and friends x
  9. Watched on tv. Proud of team, gave everything but have to say the attacking force of Hibs totally outclassed us. Boyle ran us ragged, the 3 bookings on him within about 20 mins told the story. Biggest problem for me was that we didn't have a plan B - literally no alternatives for Carson/Trafford, both of whom had very early bookings. I didn't get the line-up (for me Keatings and Walsh were not involved nearly enough) but such is the way of things with that formation. We'd no other option but to try to make use of the wide players who were (abundantly) available. Last season I t
  10. Breathing a sigh of relief at the win, specially with their late "goal" disallowed. Better than many if not most teams outwith the premiership that have played here in recent years. Could have done without the theatricals, but really hope Brown is ok after going off looking in a bad way though. Definitely nothing theatrical about that. I really admired the progress White made last season but he's missed a fair number of chances over the last 2 games. Dundee might be too early for Robbo to gamble starting Todorov but it wouldn't be a bad shout. As for Macgregor - really look forward to se
  11. Frankly, I very much doubt it. Would I do it personally? I really don't know. Up until the last few days, it's not been a great season to be an ICT fan and I don't think anyone would be surprised if our season ticket sales took a substantial hit next year. I just don't think the timing is great to ask the fans for more money, although I totally understand the reasoning that it's best to do so now than wait until it's too late.
  12. Not sure which peed me off the most today - Partick's unsporting behaviour (that's putting it VERY politely - aka dirty, cheating b******s) or the referee or taking Rooney off and leaving Mckay on
  13. Totally uninspiring. Another good goal for Walsh - three very similar goals for him in last 3 games I believe - but other than that pretty dire. Ridgers kept us in game, we totally rode our luck for a large portion of the match. Other than that, same old. Even the subs are same week after week, but credit for giving Macgregor a decent run out again. We need to see more of him though - and his U18 teammates. Things desperately need freshened up, the first team squad have had their chance and it's at the point we've nothing to lose. I'm certainly not being entertained this season
  14. Tremendous third goal, great work from Macgregor and a lovely, unselfish layoff to Doran who had made a fantastic run to finish it off. Roddy looked good throughout his appearance, lively and retained ball well under pressure. I hate to say it, but although White got a hattrick, he won't have won all his doubters over tonight. Delighted for him though, hope it gives him a boost to push on and keep the goals coming. How his second went in, goodness only knows. From my viewpoint it looked like it went straight (quite tamely) at the keeper who somehow let it slip thought his hands/le
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