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  1. Although, we are far from the only club struggling to maintain full time football on a shoe string budget out with the Premiership. I have been as critical of the boardroom as most but they do deserve some credit for getting us through the crisis of Covid (hopefully) and still being able to provide the manager and coaches with sufficient resources, albeit very limited, to be able to field a competitive team in a highly competitive division.
  2. Any chance of joining in remotely for those of us who don't live locally ?
  3. We lose 4-5 on penalties after a goalless 90 minutes. All will be forgiven if we can beat Kilmarnock on Friday.
  4. I very seldom find myself in agreement with Dougal, indeed, more often than not, I profoundly disagree with him. However, he never breaches site rules and is as entitled to his views, however negative they may be, as anyone.
  5. In that case, bad luck with their dissertation 😁
  6. Can't find a bookies that will give me odds on the holders being knocked out.
  7. Personally, I would swap a victory against Kilmarnock on Friday for progress in the cup. However, a continued cup run, although not a priority, would be a welcome bonus.
  8. In fact, he was in Hamilton when he struck the ball.
  9. I agree. I am generally a fan of this competition affording as it does the only realistic opportunity for the majority of SPFL clubs to win a national knock out tournament and I have thoroughly enjoyed the days out afforded by our ventures into the final over the years. However, with a truly massive league game and a cup replay coming up, we can't afford to hive tonight's match any sort of priority. Raith may very well feel the same way which ironically might lead to an entertaining and competitive game of football.
  10. The under reporting of crowds by the home team when gate receipts are shared has been an issue since the advent of the professional game. It was more of an issue when the takings from league matches were shared in the same way that cup tie receipts are now. Celtic, in the biscuit tin era, were particularly serious offenders often under reporting crowds by 10,000 or more.
  11. Done. Good luck with your dissertation.
  12. Although not quite as guilty as our neighbours in Dingwall who employ the simple formula of counting everyone though the turnstiles for a lesgue match twice but only every alternative person entering the ground for cup fixtures.
  13. The winner of our replay against Morton drawn away against Motherwell. Not the best draw for whichever side progresses.
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