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  1. Kingsmills

    A Disgrace

    I have just listened to the vile sectarian abuse directed at Steve Clarke last night at Ibrox. It's very clear from the volume that this was not just an isolated few but thousands. The Rangers have apologised and said that 'it's totally unacceptable and will be dealt with' Well, I am sorry but they have been saying that for years and the club preceded them for decades before that and nothing has been done domestically although UEFA, to their credit, have shown a little more backbone. Surely it's time now for deeds rather than words. In my view the appropriate and proportionate step would be to award last night's tie to Kilmarnock and warn the host club that any repeat will see them excluded from the competition for three seasons. That way, those in charge at Ibrox might just pay a little more than lip service to this appalling behaviour.
  2. Kingsmills

    Having a ball

    Clearly aimed at wealthy corporate types. I do hope that they will find a more affordable way for the vast majority ordinary fans to mark this important milestone.
  3. Kingsmills

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Very poor loser totally lacking in any class.
  4. Kingsmills

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    and every other game between now and the end of the season including the play offs.
  5. Kingsmills

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Pathetic for such an entertaining and action packed match. What's the betting that the BBC find a tad more than a minute and a half from this evening's replay even if it's a tedious 1-0.
  6. Kingsmills

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Great vocal contribution from the young crew last night. Hope they all come along in equal numbers and equal enthusiasm on Saturday for the match against Morton. The cup run is a very welcome bonus but somehow securing promotion still has to be the priority. Our home form has been poor so far but backing like last night for the rest of the season could make a real difference.
  7. Kingsmills

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Nathan Austin put away the fifth.
  8. Kingsmills

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Great game and a team full of heros. Dominated the second half and extra time and showed great character to twice come back from a goal down and to hold our nerve and show great professionalism during the penalty shoot out. Five really well struck penalties. The Scottish Cup loves ICT and ICT loves the Scottish Cup. Maybe, technically another draw but what a draw it was ! If we can continue to take that sort of skill and determination into the league then who knows, promotion through the play offs may not be beyond us. Finally, surely now those loudly critical of Jordan White should admit their mistake.
  9. Kingsmills

    Game 34 - Ross County (H) 19 Feb

    HT; ICT 1 County 1 FT; ICT 2, County 2 ICT; Walsh County; Gardyne. Crowd; 3, 409
  10. Kingsmills

    Poor performances

    Have you ever considered starting a more positive thread ?
  11. Kingsmills

    Sack the board!

    Almost as many as he's had double vodkas ! 'Sack the Board' may be a good thread title but, speaking as one who has been highly critical of the current regime, you can only ' Sack the Board' if there are people with sufficient funds to replace them. I don't see many people with the odd two or three million pounds to spare queing up, do you ?
  12. Kingsmills

    EU In or Out

    Honda have announced the closure of their car plant in Swindon. Another Brexit supporting area reaping what they have sowed.
  13. Kingsmills

    Better Together ?

    So; the Labour Party is publicly riven. Today's developments make it inevitable that the United Kingdom will be governed for at least another decade by an increasingly extreme right wing Conservative Party probably headed by Dominic Raab, Andrea Ledsom, Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees Mogg. Almost certainly out with the EU and subject to enormous trade tariffs. There may be risks and challenges of independence but surely that must be preferable to the certainly of what otherwise lies ahead.
  14. Kingsmills

    Lets be feckin serious

    An extra million pounds or so from promotion might just help in that regard.