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  1. He had polio. I don't think, however, that the big man ever regarded himself as a victim. It just wasn't in his nature.
  2. I have largely withdrawn from this site but am compelled to add to the tributes to John Beaton. A true stalwart of football in Inverness for decade upon decade. A staunch Caley man who became an equally staunch Caley Thistle man. One of the best who will be missed but never forgotten.
  3. If true, very encouraging news. With White, Keatings, Todorov and young Daniel Mackay, we have the best group of potential goal scorers we've had in years. Remarkable what Robbo is managing to assemble on such a limited budget.
  4. Did they mention which particular Wednesday ?
  5. The town centre or retail park would be better. That might remind some folk that Inverness has a professional football club.
  6. I sincerely hope that we are not going to use that as our home strip next season.
  7. Nah. Definitely the Jaggies and just a plain old bridie slightly scorched from the Kinsmills pie shed 😁
  8. Certainly a player who is now well into his thirties and with his career on a firmly downhill trajectory. Not the sort of player we need to be looking at.
  9. Robbo is already manager of an SPFL club and hopefully, by the conclusion of next season, will be manager of a Premiership one.
  10. Especially ones we can afford and would be prepared to come.
  11. A most appropriate topic for a Sunday post.
  12. Aiden Nesbit was a very promising youth player who is still young but has lost his way a bit in recent seasons. Very like Paul Sheerin when we first signed him. Well worth a punt if he is willing to commit to at least a two year contract on reasonable terms.
  13. Both OFW and ICT are now out of this mess. Best all round for both parties.
  14. One of the finest directors our club has ever been privileged to have and, although I didn't know him, I know those who did, and have never heard a bad or negative word said about him. Sincere condolences to his family and friends. Another member of the ICT family gone too soon.