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  1. I, for one, am very sad to see her go. I really liked her and got on extremely well with her. Its a total bugger that shes gone , especially at this time as she had loads of different things on and different ideas to promote the club. She most certainly had the club at heart and worked 7 days a week for all the time I ve known her. Hopefully we can get a suitable replacement in who has the same enthusiasm in as quick as possible. Any potential candidates names would be welcome . We need someone on the ground with business and commercial local knowledge that has vision and doesnt mind getting their hands dirty. Apply within !
  2. I'm no going to put a hex on anything, so I ll not go any further than, I m very much looking forward to the 13th or 14th of April !!!!!! Love it !
  3. I did 10,000 steps walking about Dundee city centre with my Caley coat on pi55ing as many Arabs off as humanly possible. A very good day to be a Jaggie !! Roll on Hampden !
  4. So do you think that a similar idea to the aberDNA would appeal ? Im trying to find the best way to put it forward and it would be good to try and copy the best bits of other clubs initiatives to make our as good as we can get. Attractive for our fans. Agree that the funds should be ring fenced for what they are being put in for, be that the Youth system or directly to the players budget. I m sure the Players budget would be the more appealing as the results of the donations would be almost immediately evident. Hopefully ! If anyone has knowledge of other clubs foundations etc please let me know your thoughts on them. Hit or miss.
  5. As everyone is entitled to their own valued opinion I ll leave the answer to the question to yourselves but I would say that but on the basis of the context of the stories and my recollection of them, I m no sure where I m sitting. The Pied Piper memorized poor unsuspecting innocent youngsters into something and somewhere they didnt know where they were going and when they got there didnt want to be. Dinna think there are alot of poor unsuspecting innocents here ! The Samaritan. The victim of a savage assault was beaten and stripped and left to die. Clearly in need of immediate help his fellow Jews, even a priest, walked by and did nothing , leaving him to die . The only one that did anything was a Samaritan. And the Samaritans and Jews hated each other, for some reason, so no I m no the Samaritan On the matter of crowd funding I m going to push forward with this cos there is still no sign of the Fairy Godmother appearing on the horizon from Far Far away Land yet and in the absence of this contingency plans have to be made. While Rome burns we cannae be fiddling. Positive steps need to be taken and we need to do them as soon as possible.
  6. After watching the game against Dunfermline then on to beat County in the next game, this was so so similar. Robbo got it spot on. The Tuesday performance was a gear below that yesterday. He gave United something on Tuesday to take it all back yesterday. Our lads were immense. Fortress Tannadice ! Played them off the park from start to finish. It indeed is a fine day to be in Dundee ! Perfect !
  7. So you'd be happy to lose the youth?. Go part time ? Please also if you could quantify and clarify your boardroom points I'd be all ears. Along with the long term plan. Personally I don't have an ego that needs boosted and I m pretty sure none of the others do either but if you think you can do a better job by all means get in touch . My email.is [email protected] I do this for nothing. I've put a bloody fortune into our club to keep it going so glib remarks like that **** me right off.
  8. I have my Thistle boys club membership card from season 76'77 . I was number 7. The money I've put into the club in the past is in the past and I agree the best answer is to get a winning team on the park entertaining the b'Jesus out of all and sundry but in the meantime we need to try and establish a firm financial reliable basis for this club, our club, to survive. Without outside help from us, or an Ann Budge etc, it won't. I ve put well I to six figures iinto the coffers and I'm running on empty now so formulating a plan now is most certainly required
  9. I'm not sure , just because we have a smaller fan base than Hearts we are that much different. We have smaller everything but importantly no real pressing debt just cash flow.
  10. it would go direct to ICT that's where funds are required.
  11. We could have two funds , with the contributions going directly into the player budget or youth........or care and maintenance !!!
  12. DD, I m flying a personal thought which is bourne out by real and credible concerns that the club is looking at losses for another year . Just common sense . Its my idea . They ve all seen it cos they now know who the mysterious Sheepslagger with the nice bike is ! For instance if the fans monthly contributions were going directly into the managers budget this would be a way that they could see their hard earned going to immediate good use. Rathar than a the care and maintenance budget ! Are there 500 -1000 fnas out there up for putting £5 - £10 a week into the club ?
  13. The point of this is Ann Budge invested to get them.out of admin and moving again. They d gone bust. We haven't got an Ann Budge but on the bright side haven't gone bust. We have got their amount if fans. From recollection they have 8000 members contributing , but that shouldn't put us off.
  14. Definitely give the fans the influence. As in governance and decisions.
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