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  1. That hurt. Finally, it confirmed that we are destined to be a mid-table team for the second season running. Winning the league has long gone and we'll need a very decent run to get in the play-offs. The problem is simple on the face of it, but very difficult to rectify: we regularly "win" games in terms of performance, but contrive to lose or draw them at full time. The difference today was - quite simply - Dobbie. What to do? A change of personnel will certainly shake things up, but be careful what you wish for. The club is not in a financial position to buy what it needs and pointing the finger at the likes of Liam Polworth is ludicrous. Maybe he needs to leave to salvage his career, but from what I've seen this season, he's one of only a handful that really has the ability to swing a game. If his form has dipped, the boo boys are responsible. We have 3 months to scrap tooth and nail for a play off place with a mediocre squad and little chance of a saviour in the window. It is not the fault of board or management - just reality. Good luck to Robbo and the boys - they're going to need all our support to stand any chance.
  2. I'm going to post pants predictions more often!?
  3. 3-0 down. That's the end of the 7nbeaten run for sure. Sounds like we didn't turn up today.
  4. Isn't it shameful that the headline BBC report from Saturday's match is the bang out of order abuse that Liam Polworth received? this is supposed to be a community club and the moment we have an opportunity to celebrate the rise of a local talent, the views of a minority element of our "support" slating the lad make the headlines - really poor! I don't profess to know everything about football, but I do recognise when a player is playing with all his heart for the club and is prepared to put his body on the line. I totally relate to Davie's points above - Liam beats himself up for making mistakes - he doesn't need idiots in the crowd to indicate when a pass is misplaced. I am totally unsurprised that his form diminished later in the game on Saturday: not only had he missed a penalty, but a section of our own supporters abused members of his family. I challenge anybody to explain how this is going to encourage a player to up his game. He must have felt pretty lonely out there for the 2nd half and been dying for the final whistle to put the whole episode (and possibly this club) behind him. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm ashamed to be associated with the club right now, albeit because of a minority voice.
  5. Here’s the thing: no player deliberately plays badly. Some will give their eye teeth for the team and some don’t really give a stuff for the club they happen to be at. Polworth is in the eye teeth category - he’s come through the ranks and will try his hardest for the club. This strength is also his weakness, because when things are against him or the team, he takes it personally and his performance drops. That’s because he cares. Personally, I’d have 11 Polworths who cared for the club any day ahead of guys who are passing through. The personal cricism will cut deeper with him than any other player in our team. If I were him, I’d stick my fingers up to the support and further my career. ICT would be the losers because any fee would go to the bottom line, not to a better replacement. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it.
  6. OK. Enough is enough. Polworth had a poor game and missed a pen. When is an element of our “support” going to realise that he’s a confidence player and that abuse from the stands is not going to drive him on to a better performance? If there was a stack of better talent to choose from, then fine: sub him. But there isn’t. Get behind the young lad and support him, otherwise accept that he’ll leave and we’ll be the weaker for it. Sadly, it seems that the fans’ verdict might determine his fate.
  7. Sad to see Iain Vigurs leave. He was our stand-out player this year and is a talented footballer. However, the first half of last year, he was awful. The reason for the difference last year compared to this is anybody's guess: poor management (for sure), wrong position (yes), poor discipline (yes), petulance (sometimes), personal issues (no idea). Anyway, he's gone and you can't criticise him for taking a higher wage. Good luck to him except when they play us! Mulraney was a constant disappointment - so much promise and so little product. All that skill and pace wasted because of poor final ball or wrong decisions. Maybe he'll come good yet, but I doubt it.
  8. Whatever the result on Saturday, for the lads to keep this alive until the last game is nothing short of miraculous, given where we were in the depths of the winter. Short on confidence, inconsistent and with poor discipline, it looked like the only play-offs in view were for league 1. So while there's a chance, there's a chance. Dunfermline could not deal with the pressure and make a frolicks of it - who knows! In the meantime, we should be thankful that our season has been kept interesting to the end.
  9. Think we'd need 21 points from 9 games to be in with a shout of 4th. Not totally impossible, but would require a monumental change in fortunes. Key games are Dunfermline, QoS, Morton. Lose any of them, especially Morton, and the game is up. That's a tall order, but at least we're talking about that possibility and not the other play-off place now!
  10. Must admit, I was totally underwhelmed by the prospect of the final. Couldn’t go because I was coaching, but was quietly glad. When I saw the first half, I was even happier not to have gone. Second half was marginally better, but I was more overjoyed than I expected when we scored and I watched the lads celebrate. As others have said, this was a well-needed tonic in a dire season. Would love to say that we could kick on from here and challenge for 4th spot, but the level of performance yesterday suggests that mid-table is where we will end up: we’re just not good enough to deserve a crack at promotion. Well done lads, enjoy the victory! Let’s get this season over with and regroup in August for a better tilt at it.
  11. Daniel Mackay take a bow! Superp. Well done Tremarco for the finish!
  12. Why Vigurs??????????? His record is utter mince on pens. Really poor.
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