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  1. RobRoy

    Development League info. (2015/16)

    According to hearts sight kick-of is at 1pm at Tynecastle with admission £5 and 1 for children
  2. RobRoy

    Christie call up...

    Well deserved and hopefully more to follow
  3. RobRoy

    cup final song

    Top Six, Like your response but am reasonably serious to the extent of making a suggestion - nothing more. Have taken up Ian Anderson's programme on the internet and listened to song again by a Howard Swindles - Fireside sessions and have enjoyed it even more. The verses make it and I assure you it is worth a listen. It is about 19 minutes into programme for anyone interested. I am eagerly waiting your own suggestion for a song.
  4. RobRoy

    cup final song

    On my way back to Caithness after that wonderful match last night I was listening to the Ian Anderson programme (after 10pm) on Radio Scotland when he played this song that had been sent to him (I think) written and sung by someone from the Inverness are (I assume). It was brilliant but simple. The tune was a slightly different version to 'when the saints' but it could easily be suing to that tune which I imagine everyone knows. There must have been 6-8 verses including references to that wonderful Celtic game including the famous headline; references to Yogi and Kenny Cameron; even references to Rangers and how now that they were playing in the lower divisions that was not very funny because we were loosing lots of money. The chorus was Oh Inverness, Oh Inverness, Oh Inverness we all love you We have a bridge and we have a castle Oh Inverness we all love you The 'Oh Inverness' part can be substituted by 'Oh ICT, Oh ICT, and it fits in just as well. I realise that the euphoria I experienced last night may have carried me away a little bit but I really thought it was a brilliant but simple song and would not need to be confined to the cup final.
  5. RobRoy

    U20s Rangers v ICT today

    There is obviously something wrong with my lap-top as it certainly does not show reports from all the U'20 games. I was merely praising those who attend such matches and are prepared to submit some info for those who are unable to attend these matches but I would still like the club site to provide more info in relation to the U'20's.
  6. RobRoy

    U20s Rangers v ICT today

    Well done indeed - if anyone was at the game is it possible for a brief report along with the team. For people living outwith the immediate Inverness area and not able to attend these matches it is very pleasing to not only see the results but find out the team and performance of fringe and youth players - which unfortunately the official club site rarely does
  7. RobRoy

    Gary Warren Out for the rest of Season

    I have been an admirer of Devine since he arrived but I think his inexperience showed when he came on Sunday as for 2 if not 3 of the goals he was caught out of position probably by the speed of the Celtic attack and with just having come on to the pitch. Prior to that Warren and Meekings had been keeping a fairly tight rein on the Celtic players. I also felt that it was a risk playing Warren but the P&J report states it was an ankle injury and Butcher is quoted confirming it ia an ankle injury and saying it was caused in a clash with Meekings.
  8. RobRoy

    SPL Player of the Year

    I have just seen on Sky news that Andrew Shinnie is one of the 4 nominees for Player of the year - great news not only for him but for the club as well
  9. RobRoy

    ICTFC U20s

    Acording to P&J today Liam Polworth scored both goals - one a free kick just before half time and then a penalty after Shane was brought down in the box. Hamilton had taken the lead twice. It also reports that Chris Hogg continued his comeback with an impressive performance
  10. RobRoy

    Hearts -V- ICT

    I hope Shane doesn't look at this site - if he does it really must do something for his confidence. I seem to have seen plenty others hammering high and wide and missing 'sitters'
  11. RobRoy

    Under 20s

    Although team not known I can tell you that the scorers were - Calum Ferguson (2); Liam Polworth (2); Ryan Christie (Pen) and Dachi Khutsishvili. A good result
  12. RobRoy

    U20s results since Killie

    Just heard on MFR that the Uner 20's defeated St Mirren 3-2 today
  13. RobRoy

    U20s results since Killie

    Team line up and scorers (if any) would be a start. I really don't think that a report (brief if necessary) is too much to ask for and it would keep people liably informed of how the uner 20's are performing. Reports used to appear on the club site of the under 19's and reserves etc - even details of how some of the other youth teams were getting on.
  14. RobRoy

    U20s results since Killie

    I belive that the under 20's drew 0-0 with Hibs down in Edinburgh yesterday. Anyone got any idea of the team or how they played. I wish the Club woudl put a report of these games on their site.
  15. RobRoy


    Having attended the game it certainly looked to me as if Hospitlaity was in place as usual - numbers may have been down but it appeared to be functioning as normal.