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  1. Well hopefully that ain’t all from the ones let go from over the bridge forwards not backwards
  2. Good luck to billy dodds needs the backing from us all and some new recruits as well to get the squad up and ready
  3. Feel 1st half we were 2nd best but came at in the 2nd half Carson was my player of the night put in a great shift . The youngsters are getting better playing out of position 3 points on Tuesday would be great
  4. Think we need to be winning games before any of the current players would then see interest from other clubs and right now none are really standing out but if we get a run between now and end of season that might change .
  5. Well maybe need to wait to see where we are playing next season before they start losing players as the last few games are now gone and if we dont start winning we may be a part time team next season which would mean bigger changes then anyone really wants .
  6. Neil McCann really well never mind promotion best watch teams below us
  7. no update on the new tops as yet and the week is nearly over , thought they were due out this week
  8. Anyone got links to the game the night then
  9. Me plus another 2 cannas wait bring on the jambos we can do this
  10. I only started playing regular football at around 50. And mostly on Astro pitches it costs us around £38 for a hour , I now find it harder when we play a game on grass with or without a proper warmup . My thoughts are it is not ideal to go to 4 or 5g pitch but the revenue it could bring into the club would make a very bid difference as I Am sure it would be hired out nearly Every day of the week when not needed for matches . Just m thoughts and I’ve been a season ticket holder since we played at Telford street as well .
  11. WHO CARES IM GOING and will have a great day out supporting my team with my mates hope the cup heads up the a9 mon ict lets do it
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