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  1. Anyone got links to the game the night then
  2. Mon Ict let’s get plenty goals the night
  3. Me plus another 2 cannas wait bring on the jambos we can do this
  4. caleyblue29

    4G Pitch?

    I only started playing regular football at around 50. And mostly on Astro pitches it costs us around £38 for a hour , I now find it harder when we play a game on grass with or without a proper warmup . My thoughts are it is not ideal to go to 4 or 5g pitch but the revenue it could bring into the club would make a very bid difference as I Am sure it would be hired out nearly Every day of the week when not needed for matches . Just m thoughts and I’ve been a season ticket holder since we played at Telford street as well .
  5. when do the tickets go on sale
  6. WHO CARES IM GOING and will have a great day out supporting my team with my mates hope the cup heads up the a9 mon ict lets do it
  7. i decided not to renew our one and it came down pretty quick before the season started so not sure its true
  8. sack the board dont sack the board the question is who appointed Ritchie the board did , so why not ask the board some serious questions and would be even better if they were answered as well .
  9. and take Kenny Cameron with you please
  10. why does the chairman not get some of the flack he appointed rf
  11. maybe its the chairman who should be going then
  12. can we really afford to wait till sat lose on sat and it might be all over
  13. as poor a display as ive seen in a long time from the home team needs a shake up before its too late
  14. tickets bought looking forward to a the short trip and a good game
  15. does it not help if we have the option on his contract of another year should maybe mean a better offer if any come in that is