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  1. Just got back and im jiggered Great to have competitive football back but today felt like a friendly at times. At times we were so slow at getting the ball moving. Sure we won today but if we continue with this tika taka p1sh we'll soon get found out by the better teams. Hamilton were tripe and it will be a long season for them imo. Deano wasnt asked to do much but did have two fine saves! The back four were faultless and the Rave made some super tackles. Draper and Tansey were solid and put in a fantastic shift. They both were my motm!! Thought Williams played well and has fairly com
  2. Budget is not great, granted. But this team have the potential to achieve so much more and with so many bigger clubs out the equation, anything other than a Top 6 place isnt good enough. And if it is not achieved, i know precisely where the blame should lie. But hey lets see what saturday brings first.
  3. Yogi had one job this summer and that was to get cover for Billy. Its not been done. Now with Fleetwood on Billy's case, we face the prospect of starting the season with NO STRIKERS. So Yogi. What is your plan B?
  4. Spot on! This is pretty much how i feel also
  5. Soooo went in to the shop today to buy the hooped socks (didnt have any) and was 'awestruck' at the quality of the new shirt. Ok, maybe not quite as dramatic but to be fair the shirt aint to shabby. Didnt realise the stripes went up the back aswell which is a nice feature. I really like the collar also. Sure i would rather have had stripes but seeing it in the flesh today reminded me immediately of the 2002-04 'lucky' shirt. Lets hope this shirt also brings us much luck. I May just have to purchase one after all......but most definately getting the socks!! The socks are boss!
  6. I have no problem with the new shirt. Infact i prefer it to the last home shirt as there is clearly a lot more red which is a good thing. I'll probably end up buying it at sompoint aswell as ive purchased every shirt since 2001. However the point im trying to make is when i compare the new shirt to what we could have had, then i feel maybe now is the time for fans to have more of an active say in the design of a new shirt. What do people think?
  7. Remember these beauties? I certainly would rather swap either of the top two for the current mess tbh! And going by the comments from people at the time these were shown, im not the only one. In fact the praise shown for both these shirts were greater than what I've seen the past couple of days. This reminds me of a club called FC United (oh no not them again). They allow the fans/co-owners to design AND vote for their favourite shirt. And they also feel that £36 is a just price for a piece of polyester. Just imagine us, the fans, were allowed to design and vote for our favourite shi
  8. Heard a rumour that this shirt will only be around for a year. As of next year the club will bring out a new home and away shirt at the start of every season, like what County and pretty much everyone else does. Any truth in this?
  9. Naaaa we play in Northern Britain so only makes sense
  10. Ah well atleast we definately know now that our colours are blue, red and white. Therefore it is only logical to wave the Union Flag at games...
  11. Why is the shirt dearer? Giving us a shirt we dont want, then charging us more? Fan exploitation at its finest... And u wonder why people of Inverness want nothing to do with ICT. Football is going down the sh1tter
  12. How much is the shirt retailing for?
  13. I dig the hooped socks!! I dig them very much :) Still undecided on the shirt tbh. I was thinking a solid red line would have been better. The white makes it very like Rangers sadly and a black line would have been alot better imo. Still would have preffered stripes, hoops or halves tbh as this really looks like a generic Rangers style shirt!! I did fear that the club were going down the route of all blue home shirt and black/red away. Really dont know what to say. The template is nice but would have preffered stripes and i dont think im the only one! I love the socks, as to
  14. This is the template. Certain its this but with red down the middle....... http://www.kits4soccer.com/shop/popup_image.php?pID=682
  15. I've not seen it but going by the small 'preview' pic have a good idea of the template which will be used. I'm expecting and firmly believe it will be all blue with a single red stripe down the middle. PSG-esque. Pretty disapointed with that tbh but will just have to wait and see
  16. Thin Spanish Waiter. You're just a bunch of thin spanish waiters...
  17. I've said it before and will say it again. I have had a sneaky feeling ever since seeing the new half n half club scarf that the new shirt will also be blue and red halves each, FC Basle-esque. If so, i would be delighted!
  18. See the wee guy 'stirring the pot'.... Take that as a hint ye.........FS
  19. Recieved my flag yesterday morning. Thank you very much 12th man! A nice piece of momento to remember a 'grand day out'
  20. But hey we're getting Looooooaaads o'money. So who cares....
  21. Thought it was getting played in Inverness this year?
  22. What does the star above the Killie crest represent?
  23. And another point. On the Killie website it says new shirts wont be in till mid-July. Why can't we also see a pick of the new shirt now and wait to purchase?
  24. Errea have really upped their game last few seasons. All 3 Killie shirts are crackers and the New Norwich kit is a belter.........really hoping for a good one! Just a thought. The Killie 3rd kit is black, grey half n half. Our new scarves are blue/red half and half. What if its a hint? And we are going to use that template? What you say to Blue/red half n half shirts? Lol
  25. Or, Is it possible to demolish the west side of ground and build 3/4 5aside pitches in it's place? Could also build a social club with changing room facilities
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