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  1. Here is an idea. Why dont we make a poll with 3 different designs of dons flag. ie.... 1) together we believe etc 2) we are Inverness - pride of Highlands 3) plain
  2. I like dons the best. But maybe keep it red and blue? Dont like the white n black too much tbh!
  3. I would love our singing section to be where the Green Brigade USED to stand. We can show them how to behave properly and sing about only football! :)
  4. Man alive nobody is seriously going to use the UJ! If you dont realise the sarcasm then i am very surprised and disapointed. Anyway there is nothing wrong with the UJ! Its the bellends of a certain club who are the problem, not the flag. Do Team GB in the winter olympics just now also represent the 'negative connotations' you are on about because they use the UJ? Dont be so silly!!
  5. Except we are not just Caley ... True. I just thought We Are Inverness Caley would be too long though....:P
  6. Im in aslong as it doesnt say anything totally c*ntish like 'One Life, One Club, One Love' like those chelsea plastics. We Are Caley. Pride of the Highlands. Actually no! Pride of the North to **** the dandies off!!
  7. Was thinking about starting a 'card display' thread myself actually. CaleyD said himself he would do it if we could sell out our allocation in the derby. well im fairly confident we can do that on the 16th! Red and blue stripes with BELIEVE in white please ;)
  8. Eagle lad. Fancy bringing up the Holmesdale Fanatics with you ;) class fans!
  9. What a complete joke! Parkhead is tin point stadium in an apache area. Lets be honest here the attendance will be 40k tops. 20k empty seats aye? And no doubt we'll get stuck behind the pillars. Raging!!! Doncaster n co really are clowns. Lawell must be pissing himself again!
  10. Ohhhh please bring back the football specials haha CARNAGE!!!
  11. So where do you want our 'big day oot' to be? I reckon dons could muster 25,000 and we'll be between 8-15,000. However county did take 19,000 to Hampden four years ago so you never know. Also county v dundee utd had attendance of 47,000. Hertz and midden 44,000 last year. I think its fair to say this game will be around the 40k mark also. Therefore i would choose Ibrox as it has capacity of 50,000 and a potential 45,000 crowd will make it full. Celtic park is to big for this fixture imo! Then again we could always just have it at Mosset park Forres ;)
  12. Attendance was 12,600 i see. So much for Tannadice(14,000) not being big enough. Doncaster is a fecking clown n needs to be shot of!
  13. Followed this club loyaly for 18 years, since i was 7 years old. Sheer delight, slightly emotional. Thank you Caley Thistle! The team, yogi, the fans were all immense. We are Caley. The Pride of the Highlands. The TREBLE is on!!!!
  14. Thank you SneckBoy. Only just noticed you put up pics of the tin shed. Its wasnt quite as grand as the Howden End was it lol. Although Thistles main stand was better imo. Does anyone know when the Howden end and Tin Shed was erected?
  15. And heres to you Russell Latapy Caley loves you more than you will know Wooooaaaoowwww 'Taken from Simon and Garfunkels, Mrs Robinson'
  16. A vid of Greg Rutherford here. Looks decent, scores with feet and head
  17. Was that not the worst Gypo support ever ? Less than 800 i heard. Pathetic! They are the Highlands? Are you fecking sure
  18. We were sh1t. We were really really sh1t today end of. But what hurts is county were horrific! They truly are the worst side i've seen in a long time. They won with one shot on target. Boyd was drilling it back into the box, hit off Tremarco, went in, fluke. Sure they won today, good for them but they are pesh and will go down if they carry on playing like that. However as much as I really want to give Yogi time and support, he is making it difficult for me. Why is shinnie at right back when Raven is fit? Why the feck is Williams in the team full stop. Losing Marley after losing two goals
  19. Aberdeen have sold out their allocation, they are clearly up for it. So we have to match if not better that! I want to see everyone in SectE to be on their feet giving it laldy. Lets get behind Yogi and the team from the first whistle! Yogi hughes Red Blue Army!!!!
  20. Scotty if you want a real 'Welcome Home' get yer erse in SectionE and join in the choir :)
  21. Me plus 3 others had a pre match pint there. Great hospitality from Hearts once again in and outside the ground. Stewards were decent craic aswell............shock horror!
  22. Im glad there is a thread on this. Was in town today. Got into car at 1645. Didnt hear caley result till 1705. Utter disgrace, i mean we're only 2nd in the league with a new manager... Its already been said but the debate about who will be second between dons and dundee.u made me mad. No consideration for us who havent been outside top 2 all season. Fergie used to place newspaper headlines up on aberdeens dressing room walls when dons were on top so it would fire up players. Yogi should do same
  23. This! Well put Rene AJS and i had a catch up about the whole thing recently. We both felt out of the final 5 only Levein and Hartley were credible for final 2. We also felt Levein would split the fans to much whereas Hartley was the only person who would grt full backing from the fans. This would create an all round positive feeling around the club which would propell us forward. Also we would no doubt forget about terry in no time. Now however we have a chap who noone wants! I for one havnt felt this deflated since brew came back. You know this i would take Robbo back in a heartbeat
  24. I heard the attendance yesterday was around 2400 which is infact 200 more than the riddledinks and thats with 1000 hibees LOL Better not tell Dougal... #seething
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