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  1. Dunno where you were sitting tonight Rebel, but Section E was bouncing tonight and everyone was right behind the team from start to finish. atmosphere tonight in the Nord Curva was pretty special ;)
  2. Let's seriously get behind the boys tonight! The atmosphere at the Cup final was one of the best i have ever seen involving ICT. Everytime we get the ball, lets make as much noise as possible. When Astra have the ball, boo furiously. Let's make sure they are rattled and our boys feel 10 feet tall
  3. Cracking shirts. Both look amazing. Its just ashame we'll only have it for one year though... Is it worth buying then?
  4. If its true about Cabrini then that's just typical. We suffered through years of crap from errea and just when their products begin to get rather classy, we give them the boot lol. Positives of a change to Cabrini is better quality shirts and far better training gear. Negatives though will be a new home AND away top every year. At £45 a pop, expecting fans and families to sponge out £90 for two shirts every summer is frankly scandilous! I hope the club will do some sort of deal like buy two tops at once for £60 or something.
  5. After losing Marley and eddie i am fairly certain the club would have offered him a good deal. Imo i feel Nick has been foolish. Yes he hasnt been starting much these past two seasons, but we have lost some of those players who pushed him out and were looking to him to fill that void. This was his real chance to shine now with us, but he has naffed off to a mediocre club where he will have to start from the beginning and prove himself against a bigger squad. oh well, que sera sera and all that but i hope Yogi is working overtime bcz starting to fear we wont be ready for Astra
  6. As stated previously Black is a non starter as we can never wear it at the likes of Dundee and Dingwall. I would however like to keep a more Thistle 'themed' away shirt, whether it be all Red with black trim or the traditional white with red and black flashes
  7. Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Big Cup - Big Team Aberdeen FC. Wee Cup - Wee Team Ross County. No Cups - No History Starting to sink in now! #CHAMPIONEES :)
  8. If we can somehow add 10% of 15,000 on to our average gate next year, i think that would be a massive success. 1500 on to the 3700 of this year would see a massive expansion in support up to 5200. Even if we were able to get just shy of 5000 it would bring so much more revenue to the club! As it has been stated before the club needs to get writing to people about season tickets etc and taking the trophy out and about to schools and clubs like the Boys Brigade or scouts. I also firmly believe it would be beneficial if the club held a fun day event in pre season where fans can meet pla
  9. Ok ok who is willing to own up and admit they had a wee cry yesterday... Whether it was full on eyes streaming, or just one tear or two. I actually got all emotional after the first goal, think it was due to the tension beforehand. The second i was alright, just went a bit mental... The tears really came at Full Time though. Looking up at the screen and seeing the words 'Inverness Caledonian Thistle Scottish Cup Winners' It was a beautiful moment!
  10. Cheers bud. I've always had a soft spot for the Hertz ;) Delighted you guys are back up and that Tynecastle is back on the agenda for Away Days! Also delighted that you basically sh4t all over Sevco and like Long Man stated have shown everyone especially them how to rebuild a club properly by using the fans #pleasing
  11. In the summertime, when the weather is fine We have Danny Williams running down the line In the summertime We have Danny, we have Danny down the line Do do do do do do
  12. Its sh1t hot, thats what it is The backing vocals make it though ;)
  13. Gutted for Chorley. They're an alright club with a decent ground which i have visited one occasion. But at same time good that they have stayed down as FC and Chorley have a good rivalry, abit like us and Livi back in the 90s. FC haved moved into their new ground and play their first game their on Friday against Benfica of all teams. Il try get some photos up soon. Broadhurst Park has a cracking big terrace behind one goal which reminds of the old Stretford end
  14. Im only pulling your leg. Im sure it'll look great on the day and on TV and i look forward to taking part. It has also come to my attention that a great level of organisation has gone in to this card display with people taking AL to set it up before the final. I would personally like to say a massive thank you to all those involved. Your time, support and PASSION for this Club is appreciated!
  15. Oh goody a card display. Because nobody has ever done that before...
  16. Unfortunately the black away kits are useless against any team in Navy ie. County/Dundee Therefore i reckon the new away will be White again with the usual blue/red trim. But as stated before wouldnt mind seeing an all red away shirt with black trim or thin stripes or something like that
  17. Looking back at this thread and some of my comments has made me chuckle, especially this last comment. Indeed i was less than flattered when the new shirt was unveiled but as the season has progressed it has totally grown on me. In fact my favourite shirt of all time is the 96-97 home shirt, and this current shirt comes in a close second! I absolutely love it. And funnily enough it has also proved to have given us luck like the 02-04 kit. As for the socks........Still BOSS! Infact is it possible that we keep the blue/red hooped socks as a tradition from now on?
  18. Songs over the tannoy when a team scores reeks of Modern Football. This is how you do it. Seven nation army, indian chants, FLARES and smoke bombs (Y) hmmm pleasing
  19. One Step Beyond, Chelsea Dagger I wonder who you're other team is.....
  20. Strengthening for Europe.... Strengthening. For. Europe STRENGTHENING FOR EUROPE Sorry but im still struggling to believe we have actually done it. Cant believe those words are even bein uttered. Feelings of pride and emotion these past few days. And thats for someone who started watching football/ICT at age of 7 when we were in 3rd division. I cant imaging how it must feel for those who remember the pre merger days of the 80s when the mere thought of a merger was astounding never mind an Inverness team in the Scottish League. Now look at us!
  21. I've heard it been rumoured on a couple of occasions now that we will be bringing out a new home and away shirt every season starting this year. I really hope this rumour is untrue as i feel it would be exploiting the family fanbase somewhat.
  22. In the corners of the East Stand would be the best. Was looking at G7 myself but F1 would be just as good
  23. Celtic East end. Eh? So we are arriving to Hampden from the North West and Falkirk are arriving from the East..... Oohhh i give up. Expect the unexpected when its the SFA
  24. Well to be fair its cheaper than what i was expecting...........i mean at last years final the cheapest adult ticket was £35. But i also agree with Alex that it is not exactly 'cheap'! Personally had they kept the East/West stands behind the goal at £15/£5 i reckon that would have been bold and a decent move. Are we getting the Sevco end or the greeting faced half-wits end?
  25. Fully expecting Josh to score og in Final now... Great news thoughs. Lets get this Party started!!
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