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  1. Hehehehe. ^^^ doesnt have a scooby
  2. Good point. I have been wondering whether Foran would be allowed on the interview panel? Or maybe the second interview is to see how the 'chosen two' get on with the players... Also i've been thinking out of Avril Levein and Hartley, who is most likely to cause the riddledinks to seethe beyond despair? This imo has to be taken very seriously because there is nothing more perfect than watching them cry with bitter tears. Well since Hartley is a proven wind up merchant there really is only one option for the post... Go Team Hartley
  3. Paul sturrock..... Is not on the list Sorry beastie
  4. Another on the list, will likely need subtitles. ;)
  5. There isONE cellic legend being interviewed. But which one???
  6. Well i can tell you this. Appleton and Blackwell are not on the list.
  7. All this talk of Appleton and Blackwell. Hmmmm hehe and i know who is on the shortlist and who's not... :D
  8. I remember a home game v Hearts where as he approached North Stand to take a corner the chant was 'Vladimir Romanov... He s**** Paul Hartley off' to which Hartley gave a big smile, followed by a gesture with his cupped hand and open mouth. There then was a round of applause from our fans I was there!!!! What a lad though getting the craic, unlike **** lemon! Viva Paul Hartley
  9. Great pics. Was wondering if anyone has any photos of Thistles tin shed?
  10. Like Chris says its an 'Ultra' thing. Ultras across europe upload pics of stolen flags and banners and hang it upside down because its a sign of 'dishonour' supposedly or somthing retarded like that. However im fairly confident the old 'Super Saintee' mascot is more ultra than those pr1cks
  11. I'm surprised noone else has mentioned the choice of shirts that were on show. Reminded me of days of yore when two Highland League sides wore similar colours. However i'm not surprised that the team in blue won.... ;)
  12. Ahh yes Chris Sutton. The player manager who relegated Lincoln and currently manages Wroxham of the Isthmian league div 1. Oh btw thought i might just add that they're 4 th bottom of the league just now. Hmmm ye he sounds like shortlist material......
  13. I put the petition on the FC United of Manchester forum and its proving successfull. They have shared it on their twitter aswell. FC are a club who promote affordable football and will help us if needed!
  14. ^^ He got caught on the bevy in a cyprus club........................well thats what the daily record said lol
  15. Or keep 12.15 ko but change venue to tannadice, half way for both teams. But ye an absolute disgrace and complete disregard for us!
  16. If you think Levein is defensive wait till you see Lazlo. I Took my wife (jambo) to see falkirk - hearts boxing day 09. Bairns were bottom, hearts were third. Hearts got a pen in 5th min and went 1-0 up. They sat in for rest of game.... Honestly one of the most boring games ive ever witnessed and you know its bad when jambos start leaving with 20 mins to go saying "had enough of this p1sh" On a side note, falkirk and hearts fans had a snowball fight outside ground, was hilarious. Then the po tried to stop it....
  17. FFS. Granted levein was p1sh with Scotland and the 460 formation will take a while to live down. However Levein at club level and especially hearts and dundee united was a success. He is the only manager to take two sides from outside the old firm to consecutive euro campaigns. Levein also took hearts to a memorable victory over Bordeaux. I remember his hearts side being attack minded and good to watch. They beat hibs 5-1 in august 2002. However he has never won a trophy at management level and with the position we are currently in the LC and in the League he may well want to take this opportu
  18. Would mo work as an assistant to a new manager? His previous managerial stats are just too dodgy sadly for me to feel comfortable with Mo at the helm. However if he is to stay his loyalty should be rewarded!!
  19. Im willing to bet scaffolder is Dougal in diguise.... However im really starting to get fed up with this constant bull that Hobos are a 'big' club. They play in a city that has population of 500,000 yet only get averages of 12,000. Sheffield has a smaller population yet both there clubs get around 25,000 to 30,000 crowds and both those clubs aren't even considered big. Oh and for the record, i despise Hibs! 5-1 ;)
  20. Totally disagree!! When pele left it was supposed to all fall apart, but Robbo took us to the next level. When Robbo left, brewster made us a sustainable force in the Spl. When brew left, charlie almost took us to top 6. It all went south when Brew came back. Also TB has built a side now which is better than any team we had before so the new manager has got a great chance to take us to the next level. Also i totally believe we continue to grow as a club not just because of the manager but bcz we have a brilliant group of people behind the scenes! Lets see how well TB and co get on with pe
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