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  1. Why the feck is warren not starting? I was happy to give Yogi time but he is simply ******* up big style
  2. At my work there are always daily records lying around so i tend to read them when bored. Keevins' articles are some of the worst journalism i have ever read. A few weeks back he was complaining like mad about the Green Brigade and how awful they are and how 'safe standing' would bring about more of these groups and its all bad etc. just last week he was complaining that Celtic Park has no atmosphere and needs a singing section group and now he complains that ICT fans were not standing......the guy is what AJS likes to call, a ******* roaster!!!
  3. ForzaCaley


    Have they feck! Also Butcher n co were always big'n them up before and after the final, ofcourse nothing from Adams obviously. BITTER ******** from top to bottom that club!
  4. Im gutted about the scoreline for sure but i now feel devastated we are out the cup. Fact is we are to far behind to catch 2nd/3rd place in the league. And if it all goes peetong next week then what do we have left to play for? Really really wanted a run in the Scots cup aswell, especially since celtic are out and we have such a good side to compete with. Il be honest and say ive been a Yogi supporter since day 1 because he deserves a chance, but frankly im not happy with him. Tactics were all wrong today sure but what i find worrying is every single home performance under yogi has been a
  5. My wife and i got a Tortoise this time last year. I wanted to call him Terry, rather glad she got her way this time....
  6. Atleast there's 'predominantly' more red letters than blue letters.....
  7. Once in Glasgow, how is everyone getting to Parkhead? Is there segragation around parkhead like are there certain roads we cant walk down? Also anyone getting the train from Edin to Queen street?
  8. Its not to bad tbh. The actual words in the verses are class imho!! However the calee calee calee bit is horrific and the backing music is dire. Get a better recording and change the words to the chorus and tbh might be on to a winner. And like govan jaggie says, fair feckin play for giving it a shot!
  9. Thats the stuff, lets build a super stadia in the middle of the only green space left in inverness :/ lol. Also not to mention that the bught is actually further away from the town centre than where we are atm. The bught will always be a no go, simples. No, i doubt very much we could afford a new ground on selling our current stadium alone (i dont even know if we own it) unless we could sell naming rights. It s a fun thread, thats all, but if we ever did think about moving those two sites i gave our probably our only genuine hope.
  10. Do they?? I know for sure they sing beautiful sunday and love is in the air but dont know about the Elvis one.
  11. Oh and as for an 'official' club anthem, the singing section have been singing cant help falling in love by Elvis for years and works a treat! So heres an idea, play that ;)
  12. Song at dingwall was as follows. We are the Caley Boys We make F*ck all noise We go wild wild wild. We go wild wild wild
  13. Anyway back on topic!!!!! This is abit of a novel but please read cheers Been having a think and browse on google maps and if we were looking to move anytime soon, the only two viable options i can see working is the current Longman campus of inverness college and funnily enough Stratton Farm. Firstly the Longman. If you took the college site along with the bus depot (which is actually not used anymore so potentially viable) the area of land which is left is rather sizeable. Infact it is similar size to the new st mirren park site on Greenhill road. A 6/7k stadium, with community 3G p
  14. 'CALEY on the rise'? cue the Jeggie seeethe lol
  15. It has been my ultimate wet dream to see Dave the Rave score his debut goal at the shoebox And he did it!!!! He actually gone and did it!!!! Honestly the #scenes when that went in M
  16. What were the 11 sites? Why was inshes never given serious thought, where matalan is? Personally i think that would have been a good site, right in amongst housing, shops etc. a good base to expand future support
  17. Is the office open over the weekend? Also please tell me the singi g section isnt already ful :/
  18. Ye absolutely Davie you have been a credit to the club and its supporters this past week! Will the train be stopping anywhere or is it straight there n back?
  19. Should get the team to sing a up to date version of 'bring it on home'....
  20. I agree that everyone should be singing. But who starts the songs? You need a section of like minded individuals (the caleyaway regulars) who will start and lead the singing and it will spread across the stand....hopefully. The singing section at the semi was immense!!
  21. L-G......singing section smack bang in the middle behind the goal please! Muchos grazias ;) x
  22. Last nights attendance has proved what i've always thought. And that is we have a core support of around 1500. If we ever 'did a sevco' i would be certain we would continue to get 1500-2000 every week easily!
  23. Utter disgrace!!! SPFL couldnt run a bath!!
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