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  1. Ffs! I realise it's extra money for the club but thats now a main sponsor, short sponsor and now a 'back of the shirt' sponsor. Cringe!!! How long before we start looking like a Japanese pro-league side, all for a little few more pennies
  2. Is it true that this season will be our last with Errea? I sure hope so...
  3. Barry scored a number of humdingers for us. The first SPL goal in the Highlands was a beauty. And who remembers Gollys 30yarder v Liviscum 99/00 season. Absolute screamer!! Dave the Raves 1st goal at the swamp is defo up there aswell just for the sheer #scenes
  4. Absolutly fantastic of the club and chairman to give the lad a tour. Its also made me realise that in the 18 years i have followed ICT i have never had a tour of the background scenes lol
  5. Feck right off with that idea! AMF
  6. 5th season in a row C*unty have brought out a new home and away top for the new season. The community club eh?
  7. Well we defo need a striker or two, maybe three if Billy leaves. We also need cover at right back. Apart from that we are pretty much sorted. I would have said a winger also but forgot about Williams. I do rate the boy and i reckon he could come good with more game time
  8. I'll take either of the top two. Absolutely stunning!
  9. To be fair that mock up Scotty did wasnt to bad actually lol. Suppose we'll have to wait and see...however the 'eat fresh' thing looks totally corny!!
  10. Totally agree Rene. Have no problems with Subway as shirt sponsor as they are a well known company. But pleeease i dont want our colours and identity spoiled by green and yellow splashes across the shirt! Atleast Wonga were decent enough to change their logo to Maroon for Hearts and Standard Chattered to Yellow for Liverpool
  11. Since the last Caley - Thistle derby and on the 14th it will be 20 years since both clubs played their last game. As i wasnt around at the time, could those who remember please share their memories of the last few days.
  12. I've really noticed this season that the ground is needing some serious work done on it. The red seats in main stand are pretty much pink. The main stand needs a good paint, inside and out....the red girders are getting extremely rusty. The goal sheds im surprised are still standing and again need a lick of paint. And ofcourse, the west sode especially just seems to be getting worse n worse. When it rains it get muddier and more puddles seem to appear. Personally i think the club really need to look into the ground infristructure and how they can better it. The ground really is needing so
  13. Oooooohhhhh baby baby!! The new Palace shirts. That home is a beauty. ICT take note. Can we also swap errea for Macron? http://www.football-shirts.co.uk/fans/official-crystal-palace-2014-15-macron-home-away-kits_26881
  14. My understanding is that there is no need for the 2 stands any longer as there is no longer a minimum seating capacity ie 6000 since the SPFL was formed Therefore i think it would be beneficial for the club if we tore down the 2 farm sheds and make the ground look like it did pre 2005. A 6000 capacity ground with 2000 seats and the rest terracing would be ideal size tbh. It would be beneficial because we would no longer have to continually pay money on replacing broken seats and mending stands which are pretty pathetic cheapy things anyway. If the club didnt want to do this, woul
  15. Awwwwwww for Faaacks SAAAAAAKE!!!! FC winning in their play off semi against Ashton, only for Ashton to score a 93rd min equaliser then go and score in the last min of ET. FC failing to get passed the play offs for a 4th year in a row. Ahh well atleast we'll be in our own ground next year. Over 3000 again at the match. Cracking support for a club 3 tiers below League 2.
  16. Yup. FC were 2-0 down in their 'last ever game at Gigg Lane' but came back to win 3-2 infront of 3500. Chorley won against Marine infront of 2200. I believe their fans were on the pitch celebrating before they heard FC had scored lol. So final day decider. FC away to Barwell who have a ground similar to Nairn County. The 2500 capacity ground is preparing for an invasion of 2000 Reds. Chorley away to Buxton. Follow follow follow United are going to Barwell Ther'll be thousands of Reds We'll be pissed out our heads Cz United are going to Barwell
  17. Just aswell we dont play rugby haha. The equal striped effort is the best imo. No fancy swooshes or zig zag lines. Plain and simple, equal stripes. Very classy imo
  18. Absolutely. The above hooped version is FIT
  19. 99-2000 away was the orange kit. We had the orange kit from 99-2002.
  20. You're joking right? FC United v Chorley had 4500 for a Tuesday night fixture last week. Also its only a few years ago that this tie would have got 6000 minimum
  21. Aww man Rene that is beautiful. I could watch that all day. I see what the radio guys were on about though. Hamill has given him a small nudge, Adams has taken a step back the thought 'i could go down here' and falls like mike tyson just knocked him out. Very poor from Adams to just fall over, Natural instinct of a born cheater
  22. Good question givemeacccc At FC United the clubs co owners vote for what the new shirt should be. There are usually 4 shirts to choose from. But even clubs like Darlington and Oldham get their season ticket holders to vote for the new shirt. I wish our club could do this. Another insentive to buy a season ticket.
  23. That is potentially the funniest thing i have seen all season. You know those youtube vids that you watch over and over and over again, well this is defianatly going to be up there!! This has to get on SoccerAM or rude tube or somthing
  24. FC doing it the hard way after getting beat today by Buxton. Chorleys to throw away now! 3500 at Gigg Lane though. Give fans a say in the club and they WILL come!
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