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  1. FC doing it the hard way after getting beat today by Buxton. Chorleys to throw away now! 3500 at Gigg Lane though. Give fans a say in the club and they WILL come!
  2. Ofcourse the FACT they can pay for a whole new team who were playing in the SPL last year has absolutely nothing to do with their success?
  3. Hahahaha ok but ive heard a rumour about who is getting the Rangers job in tbe summer. I wonder what your mate will think then? Clue - the chap will fit right in to the 'everyone hates us SEETHE mentality' ;)
  4. Artificial pitch would be a great idea. The club could rent it out to the local community for school, street league, amateur/welfare, youth teams and of course us the fans for 5 a side. To good an oportunity to miss imo and with our current pitch being so pump, now would be the time to do it. It may also give us a slight advantage over other sides ;)
  5. Feck Brora Sevco. They bought the league What i love about the Highland League is teams like Inverurie and Clach who nurture their own youth through the ranks and bring them together at 1st team level. Grass roots! Thats what non-league footy is all about!! AMF
  6. Also i dont think its fair that those who attend regularly home and away and behave themselves are being victimised because of the actions of a minority!
  7. Everyone is missing the point! The drum was not allowed in to the ground due to 'stadium regulations' not because of 'thuggish' behaviour or 'sick' songs. Whilst at the same time County fans were allowed their drum only 100 yards away. That is the problem here! County also have a 'thuggish' element who throw smoke bombs and sing sick chants but it appears 'stadium regulations' doesnt apply for them? Funny coincidence.... That is what i want CJT to challenge here. It appears one rule for them and one for us.
  8. 1000 is always better than the 700 they took on new years day...
  9. Likwise. During the melee of the first goal i cut my leg on the back of the chair in front. Oucha sore one!! Bring back terracing while your at it Fraz ;)
  10. I was told last night by one of the Yoof that the drum wasn't allowed into the ground last night because of 'stadium regulations'. Yet at one point during the highlights you can visibly see a drum in the Jailend. How is that allowed? No doubt the seething mutants are jealous of our superior vocal support (we have more than one song for a start) and by baning our drum it would give them an advantage..........well it back fired on them because the atmosphere in our end last night was superb at times, and yes, they only sung one song. However this should not go un-challenged! This is su
  11. Had it not been for Mark Brown we could easily have scored 4 or 5. I also like the look of De Leeuw and he would be the only player from them i would take. The rest are utter gash and Kiss is a complete tw4t! I thought as a team we really were great and worked as a solid unit. Marley and Doran were class at times but The Raves overlapping runs and cross field passing was superb. Billy was unlucky not to score more, especially that 1st half strike. Tremarco i felt did well and personally saw nothing wrong with his tackle. Shinnie was also clearly going for ball but the mutant got his head i
  12. The irony is ofcourse that billys goal came from through the middle as did his great chance in the first half. Last week i was at Liverpool v Tottenham and how we played and were set up is very similar to how liverpool were in all honesty. They kept a high defensive line, as we did. They kept possesion from the back, as we did. They attacked through quick passing and using WINGERS, as we did. Brendan Rodgers has Liverpool playing the spanish/Barca model but it took over a season to get there. Liverpool at times last year were mince. Rodgers however had to rebuild a team and re-jiggle
  13. And who saw our chairman celebrating in that new hospitality area at FT? Giving the 'right roond ye' sign to the riddledinks! #KennyLAD
  14. Yogi doing the 'Scott Brown' at the county bench after Dorans goal.... Fooking yess!!! Haaaaa
  15. Can u buy a ticket in Dingwall or do u need to buy one before hand? Want to go because its a derby and its AJS birthday but fear we're gona get gubbed :(
  16. Ye didnt realise the st mirren hoops were so narrow. Its the same as narrow stripes alex put up, looks like a barcode. Not that nice However that Kinguise shirt is a smasher!! I think the broadened hoops or stripes are the best tbh
  17. I do like the hoops i must say. St mirren had a blue red hooped away did they not a few years ago.
  18. Those errea templates are pretty naff tbh however the above mock up of the hoops looks pretty hot imo.
  19. Iv always wondered what blue and red hoops would look like. I dont think there is a single side in the world who wear such a strip. That would definatly give us an identity!!
  20. Is it time to start talking about the new home shirt yet? Well theres not really anything to play for now so why not eh. Personaly i love the anticipation of when the new home kit is out, don't care to much about the away tbh. I just hope its stripes! But would likke a FC Basel esque shirt if they were to go for somthing different.
  21. Beastie i saw u at the final wearing the 96-97 home top. That top is by far my favourite as it was the shirt of my first full season supporting ICT! Would be quite willing to pay full price for an XL if anyone has one that they want rid of ;) The 2000-2002 home top was a cracker! Please oh please ICT bring back the stripes in the summer!!!!!!
  22. Not at all sneckboy. I wasnt there on sat due to working and sadly havnt been to a home game since the new years derby because of work. I can think of a number of lads who usually stand up at the back of section E but miss the odd game because of saturday shifts. Another suggestion i would like to make is poor stadium design. The location has never helped but we are where we are so thats the end of it. The fact is all the stands are open and miles from the pitch. Ive heard many people complain about soullessness, poor views and p1sh facilities at TCS. Personally i feel the club need to in
  23. BBC saying attendance 3093. If so, pathetic!!! After those awesome deals the club put on i was thinking 3700 and above..... Inverness doesnt deserve ICT
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