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  1. In answer to the original question, after watching yesterday's game I'd say: Both. Oakley to start, Baird to come on as a second striker in the last 10 minutes for whoever looks knackered out of the front three.
  2. Good team win that. We didn't have any weak links tonight, Vigurs and Polwarth worked hard off the ball, and the defence watched each other's backs well. Up front, there was some really sublime one-touch stuff, Mulraney scored one, made one and his goal was a beauty. Full-backs contained Falkirk for most of the game, Calder looked really decent and Mackay didn't make any errors. More of the same would do nicely!
  3. Vigurs suspended after sending off against St. Mirren. Polwarth put in an excellent midfield shift, outstanding delivery from corners as well as a good range of passing from him. Bell and Mulraney both lively and the defence looked pretty solid after an early scare. All in all, a really impressive team performance, beautiful fourth goal from Oakley and good to see Doran back on his feet. Nice work all round!
  4. Whatever the terms, it's water under the bridge now. At least the club and now the board have eventually taken pretty decisive action. Onwards and upwards.
  5. Glen Affric. At least you can get radio
  6. Bloody hell. I'm working on Saturday.
  7. First 43 minutes we went toe to toe with a better team and didn't look like a result was beyond us for the 1st 1/2 hour of that. Lost one goal to a great individual strike, lost another and all our confidence to a classic defensive clusterduck, and then went to pieces. I've seen a lot worse, tbh. The only thing I'm glum about is results elsewhere which have piled on more of the sticky stuff. It's snorkel time.
  8. Billy Mckay - not just for the reasons well set out above, but also because he makes it very plain what he thinks of the service he is getting - or not getting, and sets the bar for pressing and trying to win lost causes. It has to be said, whoever at the club got him back when they did deserves a massive pat on the back.
  9. Vigurs in then, and hook him for Mulraney if he can't be arsed. To be fair, he is our best set-piece taker by a long way - which is the second reason I'd drop Tansey.
  10. OFW MacKay Warren Meekings Tremarco Draper Polworth Doran Cole King McKay With Billy back, I reckon the best chance to get him scoring is to play the system he was used to last time he was here - fullbacks have to focus on defence and feed the wide-men - who have to stay wide, not all get sucked into the middle. Cole has decent vision, and with Mulraney, King and Doran we have three players who are best when they play wide. Midfield is weak at the moment, but I think Polwarth and Vigurs could both do a
  11. I think Richie may be close to the quitting stage tbh - that last interview suggested he doesn't know how to lift the players, and one more performance like the last couple might confirm that. He cares about the club, and I wouldn't be surprised if he falls on his sword. I feel really sorry for him - the decision to promote him to manager without being an assistant first was a really bad call by the board - presumably largely because they didn't want to pay off Rice, who had just joined. I'm a bit baffled that they didn't manage to fire Hughes rather than keep paying him, after his unprofes
  12. Whoops, someone spotted this in Ryan's Twitter history from 2012: Awkward
  13. Makes sense if Hayes and possibly McGinn are offski.
  14. Anier could be a great signing. He only got ten starts at United, the rest of his appearances were off the bench, late in games. Got injured on loan at Hibs, so it was sub appearances there as well. Sometimes stats do lie.
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