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  1. We really didn't deserve to win that, but Dunfermline, and De Vries in particular, got their come-uppance for ruining the game with their time wasting. If they'd had any sense they'd have got on with it and thumped us. As said above, great away support.
  2. Sticking by my comment about Caff - I'm fed up of watching RossCo wheezing as he chugs up the wing, putting in the occasional cross which invariably fails to clear the first man, and then watching from the distance as our opponents counter attack into the area that he's vacated. Caff offered virtually nothing in the way of an attacking threat, but to be honest RossCo doesn't offer much more. And the number of left sided attackers who have run rings around him this season - Derek Riordan, Steven Naismith and Steven Fletcher come to mind - means that I was much more relaxed watching Caff d
  3. GOOD POINTS The three we got today - after all, this is the results business. Dargo's sharpness in front of goal. That glorious move in the first half when Munro marauded forward and nearly laid on a goal for Hart. Having a right back who can defend - McCaffrey was man of the match for me. Our first clean sheet in bleeding ages. Russell Duncan's defending (as usual) That bloke in the main stand who kept shouting "we want four" even when it was 0-0! BAD POINTS The second half - a new cure for insomnia. Russell Duncan's passing (as usual). Bizarre substitution no. 1 - Br
  4. Saw McPake play for Livi against County in February - he looked pretty nifty. A defender very much in the Dods mould, but is much younger and possibly a little bit faster. At the moment, with Dargo probably offski, I'd take Sutton like a shot - can anyone actually think of a better striker we could realistically sign? I can't.
  5. Here's a report I knocked up if you need it... RANKIN RESCUES A POINT Inverness 1 Falkirk 1 John Rankin struck late on to earn Caley Thistle a draw in their last match before the split. The former Ross County midfielder struck with just four minutes left on the clock to save the home side from defeat after Falkirk substitute Carl Finnegan seemed to have earned the visitors a smash-and-grab win. Caley made two changes from the side that drew at Ibrox last week. Darren Dods’ suspension meant that Grant Munro took the armband for Caley, with Stuart McCaffrey recalled to
  6. I'd certainly be happy to put together a report for today's game if you need it, from my vantage point just behind Charlie's dugout.
  7. If he's fit to play and doesn't want to then he can get stuffed. He's paid by this club to play football - I don't get to choose to take days off work just because I can't be bothered. He's club captain for god's sake! If this is true its completely unprofessional and we shouldn't rest him - we should drop him. Of course, it may not be true...
  8. Still in a daze after coming off nightshifts on Friday morning, I decided to give the rugby a miss (good idea, it turns out :007:) and brave the elements (well, a little bit of drizzle) and take in the travelling folks' match with Livingscum. The visitors won 2-0, the game lit up by an absolute screamer late on by a Livi sub called Liam Fox...I'm sure I remember that name from somewhere... Anyroad, the main focus of my attention was very much Don Cowie, who spent most of his time on the right touchline. Right now he is clearly the only County player capable of stringing a pass together,
  9. To echo those above - absolutely superb effort today. Every single player gave everything from start to finish, they did everything asked of them and more. And McAllister! What a great performance, hopefully this is the making of him. No need for a smileymometer - even despite the soft goals we let in I'd give :003: :003: :003: :003: :003: to everyone today.
  10. What?! :010: I will support Celtic against Milan because I support all Scottish teams in Europe, but there is no way we will give Celtic a greeting like that. I'm saving myself for booing their fans every time they sing "Fields Of Athenry". The home fans should cheer only one team at TCS, and as loud as we can - remember the way the full house inspired the players against Rangers?
  11. A smiley count for today (out of 5): FRASER :003: :003: :003: Dealt with crosses well, otherwise had nothing to do. The closest you'll get to being paid for nothing without being an MSP. TOKELY :003: :003: :003: :003: Is he coming back to form at last? Some great drives forward and finally looks like he has some stamina back. Assist for McBain's goal I think. DODS :003: :003: :003: :003: Ref wasn't happy with his grappling, but was his usual self on high balls and managed Hibs' pacy forwards well. MUNRO :003: :003: :003: :003: :003: Outstanding. Again. It seems to b
  12. Just back, what a fantastic result. Luck went our way in the first half, first Murphy's clearance hits Wyness and rebounds straight to Dargs with the goalie out of position, the McBain flicks out a boot as the ball goes flying across the box and ends up lobbing the keeper. (Did he mean it? Probably not). No luck about Barry's goal though - an absolute cracker that will push Rankin's strike against the Huns for our goal of the season, bending in a scorcher from 25 yards. That's also the first time we've closed out a game well in a long time too - though its easier when you're 3 up!
  13. Oh my God, I haven't enjoyed myself so much in ages! What a finish by Rankin, when was the last time we scored a goal like that? Absolutely stunning. We were fantastic, Rangers created very little despite their possession, and McGregor made three stunning saves. Brilliant. Totally brilliant.
  14. Oh dear God, we at least got some entertainment, but it was mainly from comedy defending... First, the positives. For the first time in weeks our midfield looked balakced and threatening. Black anchored it impressively, and Rankin was a constant menace, finally starting on the left hand side. Wyness missed a couple of great chances, but his use of the ball when it came to him more than made up for that - his spins and flicks were causing havoc. On the other hand, I think EVERY GOAL WE CONCEDED WAS A DEFENSIVE DISASTER. A bunch of wheelie-bins would have been more useful at the fi
  15. Unfortunately I am a season ticket holder... Let's see, what problems were there today? Our passing was poor, we were second to every 50-50 (and in one or two cases, pulled put of it), we couldn't hold the ball up top, we had no width, the final ball was constantly wasted, and when Charlie did change things it made zero difference. We have no heart, no drive, no imagination. Apart from that, we were fine... Only Dods looked like he gave a **** about the result, and then he ruined his performance with a reckless tackle for the penalty. People moaned about the ref, but I thought he
  16. Just back, here's my take on things... Mediocre first half, but open and entertaining second 45. It was all us in the last 25 minutes but we just couldn't find the spark to score. Dods was magnificent, one goal-saving tackle in the first half, then throwing himself in front of a shot from the same player later on. Munro was great as usual, while Dargo and Wyness did well with the scraps available. How Gordon managed to save Black's header I have no idea - looking forward to seeing that again. Hearts looked nothing like contenders for Europe, and Hartley only really had an influen
  17. Just back from the game, have to say RiG's report is pretty much spot on. Callum Murray is a total muppet. That equalizer was so sweet, the Aberdeen fans went mental, thinking it was a foul (BBC report suggests it was just a goalkeeping blunder). I totally agree about Foster's challenge on Dargo, it's a complete travesty that he wasn't sent off. On the other hand, I thought Dargs was lucky only to get a yellow for flattening Anderson - less a nibble and more a bite! Anyway, we didn't do a lot wrong today and deserved the point. One man who deserves a lot of credit today is Grant Munr
  18. RiG is absolutely spot on about the lack of protection Golly got. The number of times, particularly in the first half, that Rankin wandered into centre mid, leaving Golly with neither cover nor support was impossible to count! On the other hand, Golly's failure to complete the most simple of passes, and his poor defending for the first goal, means that his problems were not entirely due to Rankin.
  19. Just back from the game. Some post-match questions for Charlie... 1) Why wasn't Hastings playing instead of Golly? Alternatively, why wasn't Morgan playing instead of Golly? In fact, why wasn't Michael Fraser playing instead of Golly? 2) What is the point of wellying high balls up to your two strikers when they're midgets and the St. Mirren defenders are the sort of people usually found at the top of beanstalks? 3) Is John Rankin actually a left-sided midfielder? 4) Why, oh why did we sub Duncan, who was my personal man of the match and anchoring the midfield, for Keogh,
  20. I'm with CaleyD on this. I think its really unlikely that Black and Proctor would be left out tomorrow with such little fanfare about it beforehand, other than a subtle nod in a teletext article.
  21. CALEY: Craig Dargo is fit after a thigh problem caused him to miss the end of preseason. :003: Ross Tokely is also available after injury problems to challenge Stuart McCaffrey for the right-back squad, so Charlie Christie has a full squad to choose from. John Rankin may make his debut. ITV teletext doesn't name Ian Black or David Proctor in the matchday squad but there's been nothing from the club to suggest they won't be available. ST. MIRREN: Gus MacPherson has doubts over veteran defender Andy Millen, midfielder Ryan McCay and striker Brian McGinty. Summer signings Richard Brittai
  22. Can't wait - my first proper season ticket! I had one for the 4 months at Pittodrie but got a refund after we went back as commuting from Aberdeen was too much hassle. Now I'm back and I'm no longer a poor student, BRING IT ON!!!
  23. I suggest that Dundee United should insert their statement (and their bids for these players) into Craig Brewster's oversized rear end.
  24. I went looking for stats on previous encounters with the Saints, and if soccerbase is right we have played them 19 times, with Caley winning 11 and drawing 5 of these. We haven't lost the last 11 matches against St. Mirren, making us unbeaten against them for almost 5 years! Were Tom Hendrie and John Coughlin not sacked as a result of hammerings by us? HEAD TO HEAD 1999/2000 10th August 1999: Inverness CT 1 (Teasdale 88) St. Mirren 0 (Challenge Cup 1st round) 17th August 1999: Inverness CT 2 (Sheerin 104pen, Byers 118) St. Mirren 0 (League Cup 2nd round) 21st August 1999: St. Mi
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