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  1. Stay. Testimonial year. Treat our legends with the respect they deserve.
  2. We still need someone who takes charge and dominates the box at set pieces. We also have an issue at left-back. Harper is an excellent player and the best crosser of the ball at the club, but is he a full-back? Neil McCann didn't think so.
  3. So trips to Tynie and 1 other. Hoping for Cove, although I hear the new ground is sh1t, it still needs ticked off the list.
  4. He had a good season. Played well at right-back for a spell earlier in the season and very well at centre-half under McCann. Never a fans favourite, more due to costly mistakes than overall performance level. Good luck to him at Falkirk.
  5. Last time we played Stirling i was honoured to witness the debut of Felitciano Zschusschen. Thought he looked a player. It seems that some folk can tell which games are where and when according to seeding - how do you do that then? Need a trip to Cove/Peterhead/Stirling to look forward to.
  6. I saw Machine recently and he's as handsome as ever. Davie on the other hand...
  7. I think we should revisit the songs in the next episode - we barely scratched the surface. I can picture Lewis's dad belting out "Give me a C" before returning to the pipe.
  8. New Pod 'Milk & Alcohol'. Shuffle onto your bar stool and drown your sorrows in the company of Davey Carson, Shaun Rooney and The Fermer. Games, Pubs, Comps, Nightmares, Mail & many a tale of drunken debauchery from Drysdales, The Alamo, The Phoenix, Dickens, BtW, The London Road Tavern, The Pub, The 4 in Hand, The Mallard, The Ship Inn, The Norseman, Fanny By Gaslight, The Star & Garter, The Lighthouse, The City Bar, Lafferty's and The Muirtown. https://thewynessshuffle.podbean.com/e/milk-alcohol/
  9. I enjoyed this game. Chances at both ends and - we got away with few which is understandable given the options at centre-half, but also created good chances - Shane played well but his finishing was poor. Most pleasing was the desire to start the 2nd half on the front foot and that's really when we should've moved out of sight. We're a bit fragile at the moment but i still think there's more to come from this team once it settles down and we'll go on a wee run at some point that takes us into the top 4. Perhaps we have to accept at this point that Dundee and Dunfermline will be too much
  10. Perhaps the shortened season improves chances for a side from 3rd/4th. Obviously we'd prefer 2nd, but hitting form in what would be only be our 28th to 31st games of the season could be more important. Then you get a shot at a Premiership strruggler that's already played 38.
  11. Snap Pod: A Bonus Christmas Storey https://thewynessshuffle.podbean.com/e/a-bonus-christmas-storey/
  12. 36 points this season = 48 points in a normal Championship which is exactly the total you need to find mid table mediocrity in this league. I still think our average will increase and we'll be 4th at least.
  13. I think we'll be comfy in the top 4. Tonight was poor for the most part but we've got enough quality in midfield and spark up front to see us turn in more performances like those we saw against Raith, Dundee and Queens. Still unbeaten at home this season.
  14. Statement victory incoming. Morton call-off not a bad thing, time to relax and regroup, more time for the front 4 to blend their magic, for the back 4 to work on defending crosses and for Roddy and Scott to put their feet up and smoke cigars. ICT 4 PARS 2
  15. Encouraging noises. If we can keep Kennedy and sign a centre-half we might finish well this season.
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