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  1. That was wonderful. A really mature, controlled, performance and actual singing in the north stand. I'm reflecting on 30 years of watching Caley/ICT in the Cup. We basically own this competition.
  2. Harrison Biggins, son of Wayne.
  3. Tight game to start with but we took the game to them, fluked an opener then scored a cracking second. We looked hungry for more after the break but opted to kill it after the red. Happy enough with that after recent problems. Great to see us sitting in 2nd.
  4. My steak pie was pretty dry but it was still the highlight of the day.
  5. I think that's bang on. McGregor instinctively goes deeper to get involved - at Ayr and at QoS we had more presence in midfield as a result. I totally understand why Robbo might feel he's not ready to play every week but Keatings is not a like-for-like replacement because he plays so far forward. Why would you consciously take a man out of the midfield when you're playing the best team in the league? Like you say, by all means play Keatings - he's probably worth it for set pieces alone and when he gets sharp again he'll score goals, but in a tight game you need an extra midfielder to compensate for the way he plays. Unless he was injured, it's a crime that James Vincent didn't start this game. I haven't been this annoyed with Robbo since Dumbarton 2 years ago.
  6. It pains me to say it but the answer to this question appears to be Aaron Doran.
  7. Time to get Harper some minutes. Carlo is finished. I also don't want to see Curry, Storey or White in this team. And I'd prefer McGregor to Keatings. Still raging about yesterday.
  8. White did nothing, but we had much deeper problems today. The team didn't turn up but Robbo didn't give them a chance. Carson and Trafford did everything they could but that centre midfield was never going to compete in that game. They were overrun from the first minute and nothing was done to change it. Robbo's been great for us but his tactical naivety was glaring today. I'm more gutted than I usually am after a bad defeat because I've been harbouring the delusion that we could compete for the title.That's over and we've got 7 months to compete for which play-off spot we'll be in.
  9. Lady Gaga and The False Eleven New mini-pod. Please bear with (or skip) the car noise in the first 5 minutes. It gets better once we hit the Billy Houliston Lounge. And some of the language is atrocious...
  10. And we made more noise than the Bridge End on a good day. Another good battling performance. We didn't ever have control of the game apart from a couple of spells either side of the opening goal but we were a threat on the break throughout. Trafford played well and Carson was excellent alongside him. Flashes of brilliance from McGregor, but he struggled with the physicality of the game at times. Really well taken goals, Toddy lashed his home with the last kick if the ball. We're still in touch at the top. Win on Saturday and we start dreaming again.
  11. I thought we were ok yesterday but we suffered from the fact that Morton, having scored the early goal, were never tempted to open up at any point. We'll never know if the opening goal was offside unless someone else was filming it but the defence has attempted to play him off and he's taken the goal really well. That happens. Terrible mistake from Donaldson for the second - the kind of mistake that he's always got in him - I wonder if Robbo is tempted to bring Brad in on Tuesday as a wake-up call (WAKE UP COLL!). We've got lots of options in the forward areas now, and Robbo started with a surprising combination. Deprived of space, they took a lot of shots from distance and tight angles, struggling to create clear-cut chances. When the subs were made, the shape didn't change but we were on top in the game and the four of them were already playing very high so I'm not sure what else Robbi could do. I felt throughout the second-half that we were more likely to score. Bit of 'heads gone' on this thread, which is understandable - we've blown a great chance to cement ourselves in the top 4, but this league is very tight and we could still find ourselves top of it on Saturday night.
  12. Just at the very moment Charlie says "taken away to the looney bin". Coincidence or excellent direction?
  13. Also an option. Curry's finish was very cool on Saturday. A front three of Walsh Curry and Storey would be explosive.
  14. If Keatings and Walsh were fully fit then Robbo could return to the front 4 that started the season: White Doran Keatings Walsh But he might he might be tempted to move Walsh to the left and start Storey rather than Doran. Storey and Walsh either side of White could be interesting. The back 4 is stuck on, so the only other question is whether it's Carson or Trafford that play alongside Vincent.