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  1. As per Mantis, I've got a lot of respect for the work White does, but he's not a decent goalscorer at this level - the stats say so.
  2. You also have to ask which level the goals were scored at. What's his goals per game in the Championship?
  3. Will this be accessable from outside the UK?
  4. Big Yellow Taxi for Trafford.
  5. I applied for all of the Hampden games plus the semis and final - got 4 tickets for the last 16. Will be weird handing over cash when I don't know what the game will be - might've preferred the group tickets given the chance of Scotland being involved.
  6. Storey and Walsh to roast the part-time full-backs. McHattie to protect the back 4.
  7. Ridgers was right not to come. McCart got done by the ball over the top but recovered well.
  8. He's a central midfielder. We need one badly. Probably two.
  9. Alan is a wise man with incredible powers of prediction. You might even call him a 'seer'. Glad to finally have one of those on this forum after years of false advertising.
  10. Livi also did us 3-0 at home in Pele's first league game. We lost 4-0 away to Dunfermline in the opening day in '99. And 3-0 at home to Rangers in '07. And 3-0 at Fir Park in '11. This is just a thing we do. Everything will be allright.
  11. The 3-0 at Livi was a nasty one.
  12. Shankland's hat-trick came from another header from a cross. After that, United played within themselves and we saw a lot more of the ball. White missed a decent chance on the 6-yard line from a Trafford cut-back after 55 minutes and we didn't create another chance thereafter. The subs made no impact, Doran switched with Walsh but still couldn't get into the game. Carson had a torrid time at right-back and the other 3 defenders were all embarrassed for the 4th goal. The scoreline could've been higher but for a couple of goal-line clearances. So, a painful watch - United were better than us in every department but i still think the main issue is in the centre of the park - there isn't a combination among Trafford/Carson/Vincent that either protects the back 4 or provides a platform for the creative players to get into the game. The long ball is a necessity as a result, and Doran and Keatings are wasted without balls to feet. We have to hope United are just way too good for this league and we're having our usual slow start.
  13. Carson's hellish at right-back. Just been booked - he'll do well to finish the game.
  14. Can't afford Tannadice ticket prices so watching on Arabzone from the balcony of my Greek summer house. Mental start - poor play from Trafford and Carson let United through the middle for an early chance. Heroic last-ditch defending from Brad kept them out - looks like it might be the last we see of him for a while because he went off later with what looked like a really bad injury. We responded immediately - great work from White on the left to wriggle free and cut back for Keatings who hit the post - should've done better - was in space 12 yards out. For the opening goal McCart was caught out by a ball over the top, he recovered well but lost Shankland when United got a cross in from the resulting throw-in. Walsh's equaliser was a rebound after a good ?Donaldson header from a corner was saved. United went straight up the park and scored - far too easy for them to pick their passes in the final third - this time it was Coll who couldn't match Shankland's run and headed home his second from a cross. United are well on top without creating clear-cut chances - they ease past us through the middle and cause problems in wide areas. We are playing everything long to White (who's playing quite well) or wide to Walsh. Doran is anonymous. We are a threat at set-pieces.
  15. We could certainly use his pace through the middle, but I can't see us doing that if Todorov and Keatings are in the team.