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  1. Caley Stan

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    That's the worst away performance I've seen this season. We missed Coll and Polly as you would expect, but the absence of Sean Welsh had the most impact, his replacement charged and lunged his way around the park in a way that seemed to unsettle his teammates as much as the opposition. We didn't get the forward midfield 3 into the game at all, and when we finally went to 4-4-2 we looked slightly more threatening but without creating clear-cut chances. It could've been worse - McCauley should've been sent off and a better side would've added to their tally in the second half. We are a very poor side without those 3 players.
  2. Caley Stan

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    If we're playing with a similar budget and standard of player than Morton or QoS, then our past achievements don't give us any advantage. They might even be a disadvantage if fans fail to accept the new reality.
  3. Caley Stan

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    I'd be having a go at them if I thought they weren't giving it everything, but I really don't think that's an issue with this team.
  4. Caley Stan

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Harsh. The likes of Joe and Brad are limited players who are playing out of their skins. They wouldn't get near the County bench yet they've gone toe-to-toe with them over 4 matches now. Robbo deserves enormous credit for making this group of players so competitive. I do agree that bringing on Trafford when we're defending a lead is totally senseless though.
  5. Caley Stan

    Stadium gifting complete

    Has anyone else been missing CaleyD's informative contributions recently?
  6. Caley Stan

    Calling ALL Armchair managers

    We don't have enough pace for pace and pace.
  7. Caley Stan

    Calling ALL Armchair managers

    Our poor home form points to an inability to break teams down when they don't show the initiative. All of our creative players (all 3 of them) seem to need a bit of space to produce, and every team in the division is happy to leave Inverness with a point.
  8. Caley Stan

    Calling ALL Armchair managers

    If everyone's fit, then there are decisions to be made in the midfield. Robbo started the season with a lopsided 4, and has returned to it over the past few games - with a wide-man on the left (preferably Walsh but Doran was good there last week) and Polly tucking inside from the right leaving space for Rooney's runs. My problem with this shape until now is that it stunts Polly - I've seen him drift out of games there although I hear he was good at Ayr in what I assume was that position. The other problem with it is that Chalmers and Welsh (who I think are both playing to the top of their capabilities) are not creative enough to start attacks from the centre. I prefer the 4-2-3-1 that we've been playing with for most of the season, just because it gives Polly more freedom. But I can see why it just isn't an option without Walsh's pace. The way injuries have kicked in recently, I think Robbo's had to tweak things according to the personnel at his disposal. Hence we ended up with Brad bombing forward on the right today and Joe out the left for a spell. Sounds awful but that's where we are. Well-positioned for a play-off spot in spite of it all. Well done Robbo!
  9. Caley Stan

    Calling ALL Armchair managers

    If the goalie and back 4 are fit then the only choice to make is whether to play Rooney or McKay at right -back. I'd go for Rooney because he's more a threat going forward. It's clearly an area we need to strengthen in - teams have been targeting us down that side all season, though you'd like to think Donaldson moving to right centre-back would make us more solid there. With McCart looking decent, I don't see any reason to consider a back 3.
  10. Caley Stan

    January signings

    So Polly stays for the rest of the season. That's about as good a result as we could've hoped for from this transfer window.
  11. Caley Stan


    I'm fine with this if it means we're bringing in a different type of striker. It would be very strange if we were left with just 2 strikers at the very moment that we've started playing 2 up front.
  12. Caley Stan

    Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Maybe even 4th choice when you consider that Hoban was above him in the pecking order before going out on loan - he was on the bench for Forfar again today. McKay was completely out of his depth so while it might be harsh to blame him personally, the fact that we had to field him cost us 2 points.
  13. Caley Stan

    Favourite cup memory?

  14. Caley Stan

    Favourite cup memory?

    Feck. Always read the opening sentence before responding.
  15. Caley Stan

    Favourite cup memory?

    That time we won it was good.