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  1. Mods! A line has been crossed here into dangerous fascist conspiracy theory. Yer man probably watches 20 hours of youtube a day. Should he be allowed to regurgitate this stuff on here?
  2. We should be doing whatever we can to keep Walsh and Doran. Very difficult to replace that kind of quality.
  3. No, that's just Moff getting psychedelic. It's a bit like when John Lennon started using backwards guitar loops on Revolver.
  4. New pod out tomorrow.
  5. There's it! The Wyness Shuffle Scouse special featuring Greg Tansey and Carl Tremarco. Once Upon a Time in Liverpool Part One
  6. Caley100 definitely had a copy. You should hassle him to have a look.
  7. I met a Hibee in the Iona last night who took £100 spending money on their Europa League trip to Molde. He had to borrow cash to get a round in before they were out of the airport. I'm inclined to agree with those who complain about Robbo's tactics in big games. We were far too open last night just as we have been against United all season. All the same, he's done a great job of managing our decline, and the atmosphere last night was testament to that. We're still here, will still in Cup QF's, we're still challenging for promotion. Things could be so much worse.
  8. Confirmation that tickets will be available at the gate.
  9. I just phoned Hibs and they said they will post something on their website tomorrow afternoon. They also confirmed that the ticket kiosk outside the away stand is still a thing. We'll be fine.
  10. There's a lot of people hoping to buy tickets on the day. I'd be shocked if there wasn't a ticket kiosk outside the ground before the match. Will post on here when it's confirmed.
  11. That was wonderful. A really mature, controlled, performance and actual singing in the north stand. I'm reflecting on 30 years of watching Caley/ICT in the Cup. We basically own this competition.
  12. Harrison Biggins, son of Wayne.
  13. Tight game to start with but we took the game to them, fluked an opener then scored a cracking second. We looked hungry for more after the break but opted to kill it after the red. Happy enough with that after recent problems. Great to see us sitting in 2nd.
  14. My steak pie was pretty dry but it was still the highlight of the day.