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  1. https://ictfc.com/club-news-jamie-mccart-2 Oh don't go breaking McCart. Sorry.
  2. If that is true, that is really poor. Got to say given our current attendances, it makes no sense to have more than 2 stands open but surely it should be possible to better police this. I can't say I found the Morton fans particularly upsetting but it's not difficult to see that away fans could be more... "exuberant" than folk in the main stand might be. Edit: Just found ticket info on Morton website, and that is so bad. I know some clubs have got a bad press (at least in the past) for charging away fans more but surely charging them less is unheard of
  3. Not sure I can add much to what's already been said, but Shaun Rooney had a particularly excellent game. Also noteworthy, was that to me the referee seemed to have a really good game- especially compared to what I've witnessed at the Caledonian Stadium. The only real moment which I thought he got wrong was the booking of Shaun Rooney. Overall, what an excellent result. Did not see that coming at all. Hopefully the team can take much confidence from it going forwards. Yes, though Morton were poor at times, you do not win that decisively by chance.
  4. It would certainly be news to the people of Fort William if Fort William turned out not to be in Inverness-shire... On entering a colt side into the highland league, I think it could be good for club. However like others have said, I’m not too sure I’m entirely comfortable with the idea of colt sides competing against senior clubs. Mind you should the highland league clubs be happy with such a move then it might be a bit of a no brainer. In any case, there really needs to be some recognised mechanism for us to develop young players that are older than 18
  5. I notice that Ryan Esson is no longer listed as a player. Presumably he has retired from playing? You would have thought given how long he has been at the club and the number of appearance he has made, the club would have mentioned it or perhaps I've missed something
  6. Forgive my ignorance on this, but what is the story with the main stand? The statement makes reference to the north and south stands being gifted back to the club and seems to imply at one point the whole stadium was owned by Tulloch (or Tulloch controlled groups) so does Tulloch still own the main stand or has the main stand always been with the club?
  7. If this speculation is true then at this rate due to lack of more credible cheaper options I can fully expect to be playing in midfield come the first match against Brechin!
  8. To echo what virtually everyone else has said. The decision to keep the season ticket prices the same as last season especially in light of that there will be less home games covered by a season ticket this year (not even mentioning we are in a lower league) is staggering to say the least. The Caley Thistle support is not the largest even at the best of times and measures such as this will push away people who have been very loyal to the club. It is unlikely to impact on how many people say they support us but it will certainly impact attendances. Being the most expensive in the league will li
  9. Surely we should be expecting an announcement regarding the new manager really really soon... Whoever it is they will need the maximum time possible in order to work out best playing style and new signings. I would like to think by this time the board at least have a clear favourite candidate and are in negotiations with them.
  10. I personally think that the club's twitter updates over the last few years have been excellent and in many quarters have seriously raised the team's profile. I feel it has been a "unique selling point" of the club.
  11. Could this be our biggest win (by scoreline) in the League Cup?
  12. Thought: If Ryan Williams were to agree to a new contract, could he play up front? We seriously lack in other options currently (apart from Fisher) and he seems to have good technical ability Edit: missing word
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