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  1. Inverwegian

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Me and my two boys will be in the North Stand so that's at least 8 of us. Am I looking forward to it? Not the words I would use really, I also can't say that I'm overly confident of a win but I'll be there, freezing my butt off and supporting the team.
  2. Inverwegian

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    Okay, first half was great, second half, not so much and the officials had a shocker HOWEVER why has no one mentioned the best thing about the second half?? The Partick keeper falling over the advertising boards! Really, you’ve got to take what you can from that second half and that was mine.
  3. Inverwegian

    Bairns Away

    I agree with most of what you’ve got there, I’m still not totally convinced Austin is what we need. As far as I’ve seen he likes to get in close to the goal and take a shot when he’s almost certain of scoring but, in my opinion, we really need that player that’s going to take the shot from the edge of the box when they get the chance. I thought that could be White or Oakley, hopefully one of them will shine! Also, I like Elouzedi, he’s got great pace to get up to the back line with the ball, just needs to get a good cross or two into the box and we may start seeing some goals. As for the match itself, does anyone know if tickets for this will be sold by ICT prior to the game or just pay at the gate?
  4. Inverwegian

    Pre-season Friendlies Roll Call

    I’m heading through to the Forres game tomorrow and wondered if anyone knows if there’s anywhere close to the pitch for parking
  5. Inverwegian

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    What about traffic going in the opposite direction? It really wouldn’t surprise me.
  6. Inverwegian

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Neither do I but my point was if he can get it he should take it (it’s not like I have a club lined up for him). I’d rather he stayed but I’m sure he’d rather go somewhere and play football than possibly just sit out the season on the bench. On the other hand, he may be quite happy to maybe/maybe not get played but if he’s on an appearance fee (as mentioned on another thread) I can see the club doing the same to him as they did to OFW by not playing him.
  7. Inverwegian

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Okay, bigger than he could expect by staying with us.
  8. Inverwegian

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Unpopular opinion here it seems (what a way to make my first post, eh). I would rather he went elsewhere but only because I don’t see him being picked as a first choice player next season. He’s played really well for us, always (literally sometimes) putting his face on the line for the ball...when he can get there in time, and that’s the only negative I can see with Gary. Whether it’s his positioning or a lack of speed I’m not sure but there were quite a few times last season when the defence was missing or sleeping (admittedly not just Gary’s fault). To end his career on a big payday I’d rather he found somewhere else but it would be sad to see him go. And that’s where sentimentality comes in. I think we should be saying yes, if we can get someone younger, fitter, faster that can do the job by all means let him go, but do right by him financially. The only problem is, we probably can’t do both.