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  1. I’ve never said this since we were relegated but I think this is our promotion year (that is if there’s no league reconstruction). I think we’ve got enough of a core there (especially if we can keep Walsh and keep him fit). I’d be quite happy to keep Robbo this season, after all, the only difference between us and 1st place was Shankland. Need to bring in one or two to make sure we have injury cover and bigger bodies, can’t rely on the youngsters and still expect promotion. My only problem with MacGregor is his size. Great player but seems to be easily pushed off the ball by ol
  2. Yet again we fail to score and fail to really threaten them in any way whatsoever. If the “go-to” forward can’t do his job (i.e. score goals) and the manager keeps picking him as the first team starter, who’s really to blame? The striker that can’t score or the manager that keeps playing him? Yogi did it with Liam Hughes (remember him?), F*ran did it with Doumbouya, Robbo did it with Baird and is now doing it with White. I’m in agreement with other posts in saying that there’s a lack of passion in the team, it’s been looking that way for quite some time now. Positives? T
  3. Has anyone heard anything about either the kits for next season or the special 25th anniversary one that was mentioned ages ago? I could be wrong (and frequently am) but I’m sure they’d been released this time last year. I’m assuming we’re still trying to find a sponsor since it was mentioned that McEwan Fraser would not be renewing their sponsorship. Anyone got any info?
  4. I agree with the suggestion of sponsoring one of the up and coming players and I’d be interested in taking part this year. The best thing may be to wait until we know who is available and put it to a vote. If there’s enough raised by all means, punt it on an unknown, you never know, he may turn out to be another Coll Donaldson, I remember United fans not being very complimentary about him and look how that turned out! Again, should probably go to a vote as I considered sponsoring C*lder this year so my opinion on these matters may not be worth much.
  5. I have a feeling this is going to be a close one between McCart and Walsh.
  6. I think if we can keep the defence as is, we need a strong presence in midfield. As much as I hate to admit it, we do miss the strength in midfield that Vigurs, and to a certain extent, Tansey brought. We also need someone up front that doesn’t freeze like a rabbit in the headlights in front of goal.
  7. Excellent link OCG, thanks. Booked and happy now, downloaded the app for any future trips too!
  8. I’d seen that there were restrictions in place, seems really strange that a national stadium wouldn’t have any parking for supporters. We were going to check out the Asda to see if it has any restrictions like that, otherwise we’ll be parking somewhere in Glasgow and getting the train. Thanks for the info.
  9. Does anyone know of any parking near Hampden Park that can be used? I'm heading down on Friday with the wife and kids, staying overnight in Glasgow but haven't a clue where to park on Saturday during the game, anyone know of anywhere?
  10. Anyone have any idea when we’re likely to know who plays on what date?
  11. I have to agree with the posts already made about it being a long 1-0. At halftime I even mentioned to the guy in the pie stand that it was a pretty boring game to watch, but the longer it went on I realised that the guys were knackered and, in at least one case (Coll) not 100% fit. The win is all that mattered today, I’m happy with that and willing to put today’s performance down to fatigue and move on. Hey, at least it wasn’t a draw!!
  12. Me and my kids are definitely up for that. Would be great if we could get a decent crowd there (would be great if we could regularly get a decent crowd to Caley home games but that’s a different thread) because I don’t see a great crowd coming up from Wales!
  13. Me and my two boys will be in the North Stand so that's at least 8 of us. Am I looking forward to it? Not the words I would use really, I also can't say that I'm overly confident of a win but I'll be there, freezing my butt off and supporting the team.
  14. Okay, first half was great, second half, not so much and the officials had a shocker HOWEVER why has no one mentioned the best thing about the second half?? The Partick keeper falling over the advertising boards! Really, you’ve got to take what you can from that second half and that was mine.
  15. I agree with most of what you’ve got there, I’m still not totally convinced Austin is what we need. As far as I’ve seen he likes to get in close to the goal and take a shot when he’s almost certain of scoring but, in my opinion, we really need that player that’s going to take the shot from the edge of the box when they get the chance. I thought that could be White or Oakley, hopefully one of them will shine! Also, I like Elouzedi, he’s got great pace to get up to the back line with the ball, just needs to get a good cross or two into the box and we may start seeing some goals. As for
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