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  1. Matchday Thread

    thread closed : it is really serving no purpose and the topic has been lost amidst the puerile point scoring pissing contest that has taken place.
  2. Matchday Thread

    Any more personal abuse and this thread gets closed ... and that goes whether the poster is 17 or 77. Theres enough bile being flung from all directions that no-one can claim innocence in this thread. stick to the facts and leave the name calling out of it. As to why moderators have not acted already. Simple fact is we have received no complaints/reports (from anyone) using the process we have in place. If we were to shut a thread down at the first sign of trouble then we are accused of being over zealous, get called "nazis" or called out on impeding free speech ! But once it gets to a stage of abuse where we feel it has crossed the line and dragged the topic away from the subject then a forum moderator can and will moderate the thread without the need for a report. This is why Kingsmills posted the warning, why others have noted similar and why I am now wasting 10 minutes of my life typing this paragraph that no-one will read ! Anyway ... moderator hat off now ... normal person hat on ! For my own part. Singing/Atmosphere and trying to get the crowd going and the players motivated is great in my opinion and I totally support that ! I have been present in the past when our chairman (not chairman at that time though) has gone to bat for those guys when the stewards were being jobsworth's. At least some of the people in those expensive seats or boxes do see and understand what you try to bring. I have seen the atmosphere dwindle on my trips home over the years and thats not because people dont want to have an atmosphere, its because the enjoyment has been legislated out of the game so anyone trying to bring that enjoyment back has my full support and backing ... However, if the actions of a few of the group are dragging your name down then you either need to cut them loose or take them aside and have a serious word. In other words, you need to self-police before someone else does it for you. At the end of the day, if you don't, they are either going to get arrested, get you arrested, or get your group banned from the stadium ... especially if any of the comments regarding the actions of "the few" about hassling their own supporters, intimidating disabled supporters, and/or physical or verbal abuse to both home and away fans is true. I talk from experience here - albeit with Toronto FC not ICT - where one specific supporters group engaged in all those kinds of behaviour and after one flare too many the cops moved in and removed 200 of them en-masse, took all their details, then requested the club to revoke season tickets (which they did - for a season and then permanently for some after another incident). I belong to a different group and ours is still raucous, waves flags, banners, beats a drum and all sorts, we go to the pub before and after games and get pi**ed ... its all very reminiscent of the early days of ICT for me ... but apart from the odd scuffle here and there, where two people might disagree or someone is rat-arsed and makes a bad choice, there is no hassle .. even with 35,000 in the ground ... and even when we play the likes of Montreal !! You can have atmosphere without the negative stuff and it strengthens your hand with the club and authorities if you do engage in self-policing to make sure your group stays in line as much as possible ! Write me off as an old fart giving crap advice if you want, your choice, I wont lose any sleep over it ... but trust me, its much easier when you know folk have your back than it is when you're seen as the problem ...
  3. Matchday Thread

    nope. as I said to you in my reply to the private message you sent me containing a less accusatory question .. all passwords are encrypted and even if someone were to look up the database it would just be a bunch of gibberish .... much like your guess.
  4. Derby Draw Disappoints Inverness The Highland derby ended in a disappointing draw as County came from behind to snatch a point with a late Alex Schalk strike. Greg Tansey's deflected strike just after the break gave Inverness an unexpected lead given the poor first forty-five, but they failed to capitalise on some early second half pressure, Billy Mckay hitting the crossbar as he tried to turn a cross home. County were menacing on the counter and Craig Curran missed a sitter when he headed wide when he should have hit the target. Overall, a draw was just about right although either side could have sneaked all three points. Inverness were dealt a blow before kick-off with the news that pacey winger Jake Mulraney was not fit. The converse for Ross County, with big stopper Andrew Davies given the go ahead to play. Richie Foran seemed to go for a formation that was designed not to concede rather than go for glory. Iain Vigurs started with Ross Draper and Carl Tremarco back after suspension. County had Aaron McCarey between the sticks. The game kicked off on a heavy pitch after Friday's constant rain and it was a cagey opening. Vigurs was looking more involved than he has been of late and he curled a ball that skiffed the top of the bar with the keeper beaten. Good effort with his right foot from twenty yards but he was injured soon after and replaced before the break by Liam Polworth. County were looking the more likely as our lack of width allowed them access to the wide areas and they flashed a couple of dangerous low crosses into the box that just eluded the strikers when a touch would have given them the lead. We were devoid of attacking intent in the first half and getting to the break all square was a bonus. Half Time 0-0 However, we exploded out of the blocks after the interval and Greg Tansey smacked a shot low towards the keepers left after indecision in the visitors ranks. The ball took a wicked deflection off County defender Andrew Davies and wrong footed Aaron McCarey in goal to find the opposite corner. We took the game by the scruff of the neck and minutes later Tansey brought out a good save from McCarey from a free kick wide on the Inverness left, the keeper tipping the ball over the bar. Ross Draper drifted a header back towards goal but it went narrowly over the bar from a deep cross as we tried to extend our lead. Carl Tremarco might feel he should have done better as well when presented with an opportunity to score. Costly misses as it turned out. County broke forward and Curran missed a golden opportunity to level matters. A deep cross found him at the back post all on his own but he contrived to miss the target from just six yards. It was Inverness that were still turning the screw though and Tansey hit a thunderous shot from twenty-five yards that McCarey did well to parry. A foot either side and he would have had no chance of touching it. From the resultant clearance, Inverness burst forward again Henri Anier setting up Billy Mckay but under pressure his close range strike cannoned off the bar, the rebound just evading Carl Tremarco's head before being cleared by a grateful County defence. Fon Williams was eventually called into serious action in the 81'st minute as he tipped over a Milan Lalkovic shot from distance. The warning was not heeded and when we failed to deal properly with a County attack, from the resultant throw in Alex Schalk latched onto the ball in the box, turned and fired high behind Fon Williams to make this feel like a defeat. Still time for substitute Dean Ebbe to try his luck from the edge of the box but his shot leaked to the left of goal and that was about it, game over and a better point for County than it was for Inverness. Full Time 1-1 So, the Highlands belong to Ross County for this season, but there will be one more derby to come and neither club are clear of the threat of relegation yet. It could be a season defining game for either club, What did we learn from that game? County are no better than us, but our poor start to the campaign and two derby losses see us in this predicament and not them. Richie Foran didn't cover himself in glory with his team selection and strategy. No width, no pace, no clean sheet and not killing the game off when we were on top all cost us dear. Why did he not bring on the substitutes earlier? We were crying out for fresh legs to further stretch the overworked visitors defence ten minutes before they equalised. Everyone could see that, County shuffled theirs effectively; we paid the price. Not a great crowd for the most crucial Highland derby ever, but those that were there gave the side plenty of encouragement. Overall, a draw was the most deserving of results. It's not the result we had hoped for but it's not a disaster. We climbed above Accies on goal difference and gained a point on Motherwell. Next game is at home to Kilmarnock and we really need to start turning draws into victories. PerfICT posted his Inverness player ratings on CTO. Can't argue with these really and like most, picked out Greg Tansey as MotM. Fon Williams: 6. Apart from a tip over the bar in the second half, I can't remember him having a save to make. Raven: 8. Had Gardyne in his pocket for most of the game. Excellent. Warren: 6. Not so exposed for pace in the 5 at the back formation, but was skinned by Gardyne a couple of times. McCart: 7. Really starting to show his potential. One absolute crunching tackle in the first half was a joy watch. Laing: 7. Solid all game. Tremarco: 8. Another excellent game from our player of the season. Unlucky not to score in 2nd half. Tansey: 9. Without doubt his best game of the season. Deserved his goal. Draper: 8. Always plays well against County and didn't disappoint. Vigurs: 7. Easily his best performance of the season. Excellent right foot shot that clipped the bar early on and good distribution. Anier: 6. Better from him, but first touch let him down quite often. Mckay: 7. Worked his socks off with fairly poor service. Really unlucky with the shot off the bar that would have killed the game. Polworth: 6. Certainly not his best game, but picked out Tansey for the goal. Also wound Gardyne up, which always deserves credit! Foran: 5. Clearly does not like playing with width up front. Did he miss a trick by not playing Cole and King, or was the formation right to nullify County's attack? Personally, I prefer the 4-2-3-1 formation, with pace out wide, but the players almost made the 3 centre halves formation work. His half time talk certainly did the trick. Referee: 6. Did well to keep his cards in his pocket for most of the game. A couple of penalty appeals for County...think he got those right too. . Full Match Available On Demand Now at (Site Registration Required) for only £5. Footage from SPFL website Date: 18/03/17 Venue: Caledonian Stadium Attendance: 4123 Referee: Crawford Allan Inverness CT: 1 Lineup: Fon Williams; Raven, Warren, Laing, McCart, Tremarco, Draper, Tansey, Vigurs (Polworth, 42), Anier (Ebbe, 89), Billy Mckay Subs (not used): Hoban, Brad Mckay, King, Cole, Boden Scorers: Tansey (48) Booked: Tremarco (88) Sent Off: none Ross County: 1 Lineup: McCarey; Gardyne (Lalkovic, 80), Fraser, Davies, van der Weg, Naismith, Boyce, Chow, Routis (O'Brien, 78), Schalk, Curran (Dow, 85) Subs (not used): Foden, Gobern, Tumilty, Dykes. Booked: Naismith Scorers: Schalk (86) Booked: Naismith (52) Sent Off: none a
  5. Matchday Thread

    ok folks ... everyone is entitled to their opinion, and for others to respectfully agree or disagree with it so lets wind things back on all the personal crap ! getting worried though ... we are running out of games !
  6. *** VOTING IN THE POLL ABOVE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE AT THE MATCH ONLY *** If you were at the match, please use the poll above to vote for your top 3 players. As a bit of fun, we have also added an option to rate the referee .... Please make sure you vote for 3 separate players. If you make an error, let us know so we can fix it. PLEASE ONLY VOTE ABOVE IF YOU WERE AT THE GAME Anyone caught trying to cheat the system WILL be banned from voting in ALL site polls...this is your only warning. **NOT at the game ?** As a result of requests received, we have made a slight change to how these threads work for site users who watched the game on TV or listened to the full game live on the radio ....... You too will now be able to cast your votes, but should do it in the thread below, and NOT in the official poll above. Just list the three players of your choosing and award 5,3, or 1 point(s). You can give the ref a mark if you want too ! These votes will NOT be counted in the official total, as we only count votes from those who where actually at the game, but it IS a way for you to participate in the process .... which many people asked for .... a happy medium we hope !!!!!
  7. Matchday Thread

    just a note for overseas viewers ...... those in North America at least ... our clocks went forward last week but UK did not so there is only a 4hr difference on the east coast and 7hrs on the west so 11AM kick off or 7AM .... caught me out this morning with that one Match updates on the site (reports/POY poll etc) will be slightly delayed as my little guy's football practice runs 11-12 on a saturday ... will update everything when i get back.
  8. Scotty HT: 1-1 FT: 3-2 1st ICT: Billy Mckay 1st Opp: Boyce Crowd: 4512 CDN Girl HT: 0-0 FT: 1-0 1st ICT: Tansey 1st Opp: Schalk Crowd: 4400 SOS HT: 1-0 FT: 2-1 1st ICT: Anier 1st Opp: Curran Crowd: 4633
  9. Scotty : QOS @ 1.72 CDN Girl : Falkirk @ 1.90 SOS : Airdrie @ 1.72
  10. THE MATCHDAY THREAD Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen Inverness CT -V- Ross County PREVIEW 18th March @ 3PM, Tulloch Caledonian Stadium Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Go to the Chatroom Media Coverage AUDIO COVERAGE BBC Sportsound Open All Mics or Live Commentary [UK Only] LIVE TEXT (ONLINE) ONE Football - APP also available for iPhone/Android/Windows phones Sporting Life BBC VIDEO CaleyJagsTV (LIVE for overseas viewers, On Demand for Worldwide Users after UK holdback period) : payment required. SPL YouTube Channel ICT Official YouTube Channel TEAM LINEUPS TO FOLLOW Tweets by @ICTFC Tweets by @ICTFC
  11. there was another I didn't post where it showed TB and DA shaking hands at the end of a game at TCS ... then seconds later TB had to be restrained as they went up the tunnel ... I guess DA said something to him that got him raging ... thoroughly dislikeable little man in the same bracket as Ian McCall.
  12. Indeed : however, if they want to pay my fare and give me free digs while they pursue it that sounds pretty good, and I will come voluntarily .... especially as i only posted a picture of a dutch plane with a caravan attached to it and never made any mention of ... well anything really !
  13. here you go highlights and a bonus interview from Mr Bannerman with old sourpuss himself ! We of course won the replay but went on to lose in the next round to Kilmarnock.
  14. looking for it now ... but in the meantime