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  1. that ticks all the boxes of the story so far. i think you are bang on. Worst part is that if they went with DD's suggestion above your post, one which has been touted hundreds if not thousands of times by many folk, then they would have achieved exactly that and looked forward thinking and fair in the process. The words piss-up and brewery definitely spring to mind when talking about Doncaster and his cohorts.
  2. Realistically, unless the rights situation has drastically changed in the last couple of years, it could be for whoever you want .... The club own the rights to their own games with the exception of any they may have signed away to the likes of SKY. If you are buying a digital season ticket then you would, by virtue of that, be a season ticket holder .... the devil will be in the details but it may be a way to increase income from overall ticket sales whilst still being able to stick within social distancing norms within the stadium. The big question is whether the cost of providing the service will be profit making or not. no point in doing it if it costs the club a lot of money it does not have.
  3. Clubs have always had the right to broadcast live video of their own games overseas so there should be no copyright issues in doing so outside of the Premiership. The Premiership wrinkle is likely because SKY negotiated "exclusive" rights to those 48 games and this had to be negotiated on that basis. Same is true of audio commentary where Radio Scotland hold the "non-exclusive" right to broadcast within the UK (and in doing so, block their coverage outside the UK). Where the issue might occur is in the UEFA blackout arrangements that currently see live games on a Saturday afternoon at 3PM blocked from viewing for audiences within the UK. I believe the SFA/SPFL supply their chosen blackout arrangements to UEFA at the start of the season so again, if allowing virtual season tickets, online memberships or PPV services this should not be a huge hurdle to overcome ... hell it might drag Scottish football into the digital era along with the rest of the world ! At ICT I believe we do have the technical infrastructure in place to be able to stream games (and commentary) if we wish. This was upgraded and overseen when we were last in the Premiership. There is however a cost factor in having the bandwidth to publish all this so its not without a fair bit of cost .... Would be good to see it up and running though and worldwide availability of our games would be great for the diaspora elsewhere .....
  4. contracts likely expire end of June. As I posted on another thread ..... For once I see this very similar to MLS at the end of a season. In MLS there is typically a small core of players under contract to the club at the end of the year with a lot of others being placed on free agency list or contracts and options 'waived'. Many of these re-negotiate their deals and end up back at the club the following season. Not typically how it works in Scotland or elsewhere .. but there will be a tremendously huge player pool this summer and some on that list may end up being re-signed when they either cant find something else or the club has more insight into the path to come out of lockdown and back to football. Can see Charlie Trafford heading to the Canadian Premier League - maybe with Calvary FC in his hometown Calgary
  5. For once I see this very similar to MLS at the end of a season. In MLS there is typically a small core of players under contract to the club at the end of the year with a lot of others being placed on free agency list or contracts and options 'waived'. Many of these re-negotiate their deals and end up back at the club the following season. Not typically how it works in Scotland or elsewhere .. but there will be a tremendously huge player pool this summer and some on that list may end up being re-signed when they either cant find something else or the club has more insight into the path to come out of lockdown and back to football.
  6. Caley Thistle released a statement earlier today regarding squad status as we reach the end of the season. Some good news but also some hard decisions taken. First of all the club can confirm that Aaron Doran, Nikolay Todorov, Brad Mckay, and Cammy Mackay have all agreed new deals and we will release further details of this welcome news later this week. It's fair to say that if we were not in the middle of a global pandemic with no idea when football as we know it is due to re-start, there are players listed below who most certainly would have been offered new contracts. Unfortunately that is not now possible and so with something of a heavy heart we have to give the following update. The end of June will see us say goodbye to Caley Thistle legend and club captain Carl Tremarco. Carl has spent 7 seasons with the Caley Jags, in that time winning the 2015 Scottish Cup and the 2018 Challenge Cup. Carl arrived in Inverness back in 2013 from Macclesfield Town and he would go on to make over 200 appearances and scoring 16 goals for the club. He was part of the Caley Thistle sides which won the 2015 Scottish Cup and he scored the winning goal in the 2018 Challenge Cup Final against Dumbarton at McDiarmid Park. Carl would go on to become the club captain in July 2018. The club would like to thank Carl for his truly outstanding service to Inverness Caledonian Thistle and everyone at the club wishes him the best for the future. Charlie Trafford also departs after spending three seasons with the club. Charlie joined from Finnish side RoPS in July 2017 and would go on to make over 90 appearances, scoring four goals for the Caley Jags. Fans favourites Jordan White and Shaun Rooney will also be leaving to join their new clubs having signed pre-contracts for them earlier this year. Jordan White departs the Caley Jags after spending two seasons with the club, Jordan made 89 appearances for the club and scored 26 goals. Jordan signed from Barrow and he was Caley Thistle’s top scorer in his debut season, as he hit 16 goals across all competition helping the club into 3rd place and reaching the Scottish Cup Semi Final. Jordan finished the curtailed 2019/20 season as Caley Thistle top scorer again as he hit 10 goals for the club. Shaun Rooney will also be leaving us after spending two season with the club, Shaun made 77 appearances for the club and scored 9 goals. Rooney joined from Queen of the South in 2018 and made 46 appearances in his debut season and his displays at right back saw him nominated for the club’s young player of the season award and this years player of the year. Rooney also netted 6 goals in his debut season, including a goal in the Highland Derby. Matheus Machado and Tom Walsh have both rejected offers of new two year deals and will also leave at the end of June. Matheus has been close to breaking through and we are sorry to see him leave. Tom was outstanding in season 2018/19 and even though he has struggled with injury this curtailed season, he was always a threat to the opposition when he did feature. We will certainly miss him at Caledonian Stadium. Two seasons ago the club made the bold and unprecedented decision to sign what was in effect, the entire youth team on professional contracts. In fairness, it was an exceptional group of young men. Incredibly, six of that group (Dan Mackay, Roddy MacGregor, Matheus Machado, Jack Brown, Cameron Harper, and Lewis Hyde) have all made their 1st Team debuts, this is a phenomenal return for the risk and faith shown by the club, with many of the others going on to star for Fort William during their wonderful roller coaster season. Again it may have been different for some of the boys if our proposed ICTFC Colts team had been accepted into the Highland League but that was not to be and we respected that decision and looked to find another avenue for them. The following players are due to leave the club at the end of June; Daniel Hoban Donald Morrison Gabriel Hastings Ryan Fyffe Harry Nicolson Jack Brown Ross Gunn Roddy Kennedy We wish all of the Caley Thistle boys who are leaving us a long and successful career wherever the road takes them next."
  7. Refunds sent to those who paid ....... cancel notices applied to those who had invoices generated but not yet paid. If you do see the invoice in your account please DO NOT PAY. I will try to view the outstanding invoices at least once or twice per day and cancel them manually. It actually costs me about £0.50 more to cancel each transaction than was paid. not sure if that's paypal or currency fluctuations but either way I can do without the extra cost 🙂 update : I think I was able to go through the backend database and expire all memberships as of June 1st then set it to not renew. hopefully there will be no (more) invoices generated for now. As and when we know how the land lies we can review later ....
  8. The system may be generating an invoice for many of you right now to renew your player sponsorship. As we don’t know the status of the game or our players please DO NOT renew at this stage. As and when things get back to whatever the new normal is we will review the situation. A couple of payments have already come through. I will refund those back to users on PayPal .... or in true airline style you can have a credit (joking). I have manually expired a few unpaid invoices and have now set the system to 'do not renew' any others that are still to be generated by default so hopefully it catches most renewals.
  9. Thinking of getting one of these ... An ICT equivalent would be good too 🙂
  10. Hey Smee. Thanks for asking. Its been a tough couple of years but I am still surviving 🙂 . Cancer was dealt with. Officially I was slightly over the stage 2 border into stage 3 so a PSA test is in my diary every 3 months for the foreseeable future but the ones so far have been more or less coming back as 'undetectable'. Most have been 0.0008 (=undetectable) but had a couple that were just up one notch, but no sustained increase or doubling so after 16 months that is a good sign. However, as you may know, during this time (almost 1 year ago now) I also lost my mother. She actually passed the day after Kenny Thomson, former ICT director and all-round good guy and her service was the day before his. Her loss was harder than dealing with the cancer, and still is some days. Mind you, in these days of Coronavirus, and with her having to endure 3 visits a week to the hospital for dialysis, it may have been a blessing that she went peacefully, at her own pace, and in her own place, when she had defied the medical odds for a long time than risk COVID-19 and a potentially horrible and undignified end in isolation in Raigmore. From all of this I have decided to take life a little differently now. I try not to let things bother me so much, and realised we have one life to live so we should make the most of it and do what we want, when we want, and not be ruled by the opinion of others (whilst staying within the laws of society of course). I think the world having to basically press a reset button the likes of which will be talked about in history books for eternity also feeds into this new mindset. I do miss football though .... on both sides of the pond.
  11. Scotty


    #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers The Caledonian Stadium lights up to say thank you to the NHS and Key Workers The Caledonian Stadium was an incredible sight to behold in the early hours of this morning as the Main Stand was lit up in stunning blue light to say thank you to the NHS. The club came together with Inverness based KBE Event Services to run a number of stunning smoke and light programmes which entertained the unsuspecting traffic on the A9 and Kessock Bridge. The climax being the NHS tribute in blue. ICT CEO Scot Gardiner commented: "The KBE Event Services team began work at 7pm and on my arrival back at the stadium for the final touches at 11pm, it was still too light due the fantastic clear skies. It was all wrapped up just after 2am as we had to wait for real darkness but it was definitely worth the wait and the results are amazing." "It was just a shame that we couldn't shake hands as we all had to social distance the entire evening. We will have to do that in the future once we get through all of this and get to work with Kai and his team once again in the future. It was worth it to say our small thanks to the NHS and the key workers doing so much for the Highlands and beyond."
  12. quality hosting in Germany chosen by the previous CEO to thank for that one 😉 Sorry, couldn't resist it.
  13. Still with the club on this one .... the statements issued up to yesterday were clear and well worded in my opinion. The record was the one who already printed the smear piece on the CEO around the time of the first vote and here again they print another alleging we had a plan that would cost us £175,000. I find that really hard to believe when for the last six months both Gardiner and Morrison have been scouring the country and beyond to try and raise £500,000. I would believe our chairman's comment this morning a lot more easily than the red top rag. (any red top rag).
  14. Pretty certain that is Friar's street and the white brick on the right is the corner of that wee house where the guy made Targes and displayed them in the window ?
  15. What moderator is onto anything? The only person to reply to you (until now) is another site member. I do agree with that site member however in saying that the response to that new member was not appropriate. If anyone steps out of line, be it a moderator, be it a new member or one of long standing we will deal with it in a civil manner through processes we have built up over the years. now ... back on topic !