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  1. Scotty

    Ken Thomson

    It is with great regret and deep sadness that I post this note to pay tribute to Ken Thomson, former director of Inverness Caledonian Thistle who passed away earlier today (Friday). Personally I am happy and privileged to have been able to call Ken a friend as well as someone who always tried to do his best at Caley Thistle, sometimes under very challenging circumstances. A man who also liaised with us here at CTO to foster the excellent collaborative relationship we had with the club in recent years. Many people will have known him not only from the football world where he came to the club around 1999/2000 but also from the shinty world where he was president of the Camanachd Association in the early 90s. He was elected president in 1990 but served his time in that association well before coming president. He was on the executive committee in 1978 at the age of 24, and was also a former president of the Camanachd Referees' Association, a former secretary of the North of Scotland Shinty Association, and an organiser of the Aviemore Indoor Sixes. He was goalkeeper for Aberdeen University in the 1973 Sutherland Cup-winning team before turning to refereeing, and also sponsored Strathglass, the club from his home village of Cannich. Ken was an extremely important part of our relationship with the club. I would go as far as to say that he was the primary architect of the bond we forged over nearly 20 years. In the same season where Super Caley went ballistic, Ken reached out to me and we met a few times to discuss how the fledgling (5 year old) CaleyThistleOnline site could help the club communicate with fans and act as a two-way conduit directly with, and to, the board as the internet became a more and more important communication tool. He recognised the significance of the internet before many others did and was open minded enough to embrace it and ourselves and not worry too much about keeping things as insular as they had been for the first few years the club existed. He may have been more AOL than iOS when it came to operating the technology but he understood the importance. In modern day terms he was a supporters liaison officer (SLO) before anyone had ever coined the phrase or even thought supporters were that important ! He was instrumental in helping setup "Boardroom Banter" both times we ran it. He was the man responsible for the live chat sessions we had with the likes of Graeme Bennett and others and he helped us facilitate a number of events where club officials and fans mingled in social settings in the Caley Inn, Caley Club, Innes Bar and even on away trips at times. Over the years he dragged along the chairman, other directors, chief execs and other folk to these get togethers and I believe his input helped forge a bond with many supporters that can never be broken. There are not too many clubs that were as open as Caley Thistle during his time on the board and he is to be applauded and lauded for that. Goodnight my friend, you will be missed, but you will never be forgotten.
  2. I did the draw for this year's goodies and it can be seen here : @finmack and @Badly_Drawn are the winners of the shirt and signed caricature of Liam Polworth. I have sent both a message to co-ordinate prize pickup/delivery. Well done/.
  3. Here are the draw results for 2017/18 season to see who receives Liam Polworth's signed shirt from this season just past. WINNER - SIGNED SHIRT : @finmack WINNER - SIGNED CARICATURE : @Badly_Drawn The names in the hat for each of the seasons are based on the members who joined the sponsorship group each year (see topic linked below). The draw itself is conducted using a random generator website ( We have used this same site to conduct all our draws over the years, and have also successfully conducted several test draws on the current data that completed without any issues. The draw is completely and utterly random and no-one on CTO or within ICT has any influence or control over the names that come up. This is important to note as there are people connected with the club and with CTO who have subscribed and are therefore eligible and who will not be excluded from the draw. If anyone has any concerns or questions about this process please feel free to PM me or mention it in the thread below. 2018-19: List of participants 2018-19 Draw Result on the randompicker website
  4. If you were in the group last year then you should be able to renew in your profile here : If there is an issue then dont worry about it. I'll be back in Canada in 10 days and have more time to get all this sorted. We've got until Friday in Inverness then a 4 day detour in Dublin ! Hoping to get down to the stadium in the next few days to chat with Emma and buy the little guy some new gear and a new backpack for school, then probably offline while we are in Dublin !
  5. a few people have renewed after getting email or reminders from the site. Sorry I have not updated things to show who has paid and who we might get as sponsored player etc .... I am not in Toronto right now .... I am currently running around in Inverness visiting friends and family so literally have zero computer time. Hope to get the sponsorship for this year rolling and the draw for last year's sponsorship prize winners done soon (while I am here).
  6. CTO Player of the Year 2018/19 - COLL DONALDSON Players of the Month Month Player August R.Calder / Tom Walsh September Mark Ridgers October Coll Donaldson November C.Donaldson / M.Ridgers December Tom Walsh January Tom Walsh February Coll Donaldson March Aaron Doran April Jamie McCart May Charlie Trafford The player of the year awards started back in season 2000-2001, and is one of only two external supporter awards recognised by the club and also recorded in Ian Broadfoot's official club stats. We take great pride in that and continue to seek to ensure the voting process is handled with fairness and integrity. The results over the last 18 years have usually been a pretty good indicator of the season that had just passed and this season's votes seem no different than previous years in that respect. From reading the forums and the supporter assessments of the players on a weekly basis, I would hazard a guess that most fans would easily be able to rhyme off the top 5 or 6 names quite easily. This year however was the first time we had the little wrinkle that is the playoffs to add some spice to the run-in. With a 7 point lead going into the last official league game of the season, last year's runner-up Coll Donaldson was in pole position to take the plaudits. Could he maintain that or could someone catch him? There were a total of 2981 votes cast this season which was an 22% increase on last year. These votes were cast for a total of 23 different players over the course of the season. The season covered 10 months and two players each won 'Player of the Month' three times (Donaldson & Walsh), one player (Ridgers) earned it twice, and 4 other players took it for a single month (Calder, Doran, McCart and Trafford). If you are thinking that that adds up to 12 you are right !!! In August, the Player of the Month plaudits were shared between Walsh and Calder and in November it was shared between Donaldson and Ridgers ! The graphic below shows the number of votes cast each month regardless of 5/3/1 point value. We use this total number of votes cast to determine the player of the month standings. Over the course of the season the player with the highest number of votes cast for them (regardless of the value of the votes 5/3/1) was Coll Donaldson with 390 votes. Last year he finished in second spot with 338 votes so a very consistent young man in his Caley Thistle career so far. Second spot this year goes to Tom Walsh with 282 votes with the next three spots being taken up by Doran, Polworth and Ridgers who are all over the 250 vote mark. We noted last year that Iain Vigurs had been very dominant in pickling up POY points every month and that this wasnt a regular occurence .... Well, as if to prove us wrong, it happened again this year ! Of course it is easy to guess who did it, yup, Coll Donaldson picked up POY points every month and has equalled the Vigurs achievement of last year. A special mention has to go to Jamie McCart though .... Having amassed a grand total of 11 POY points through the first 8 months of the season he earned 26 in the months of April and May to shoot up the rankings and finish fifth. If the season had lasted a month longer he might have even caught up with the leaders. The final total for the year has Coll Donaldson retaining the lead he has held all season and finishing with 62 points. In second place is Aaron Doran with 52 and the next three are Liam Polworth and Tom Walsh in 3rd equal spot and Jamie McCart as mentioned pushing Mark Ridgers out of 5th spot to claim it for himself. Well done Coll, and to all the boys for a season where we almost got there on two fronts ... onwards and upwards and hopefully one step further next year.
  7. and where it goes right we give them credit. Its called balance and you used to look for it !
  8. It sounds like Robbo, the new CEO, and the club all deserve credit where it is due. An unwanted approach, Robbo telling the club, the club then rejecting it when finally approached. just as it should be. I fall into the camp where I believe we should only reject an approach if the manager is on board with that decision. When he is not, then we have seen on several occasions before that its not worth it in the end and leads to animosity and strife. Thankfully Robbo has nailed his red and blue colours to the mast and it should put a smile on all our faces. We may not be rich, or pay the highest wages, but we do have a manager that is probably the best fit for our club since Pele and has proven he can work with meagre resources. After his past sojourn to Hearts, Robbo knows where his bread is buttered and lets face it, who would want to willingly move to Dundee in the first place !
  9. not going to get fazed by this. I would have thought it is a routine thing that players who are injured or suspended don't travel with the team? Probably some daft rule from SPFL/SFA about staff who are not on matchday duties not allowed on the team bus or something equally ridiculous. I remember when I was suspended for being sent off from the touchline during my time running an amateur team in the IDAFA that I wasnt allowed to go anywhere near the changing rooms or even on the opposite sidelines for the next game. I know it happens over here every week but the distances involved and the costs are perhaps make that a different story .... If we do get through tonight then a wee rest for Polly ahead of yet another game in midweek might be just whats needed. who needs to sit in a car or on a bus for a few hours when he could be resting ! (and yes, having a pint is resting in my book !)
  10. Scotty HT: 0-0 FT: 1-2 1st ICT: White 1st Opp: Safranko Crowd: 7277 CDN Girl HT: 1-0 FT: 1-3 1st ICT: Doran 1st Opp: McMullan Crowd: 8001 SOS HT: 0-1 FT: 0-1 1st ICT: Trafford 1st Opp: Safranko Crowd: 7777
  11. THE MATCHDAY THREAD Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT PREVIEW 17th May 2019 @ 7:45pm, Tannadice Stadium Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Media Coverage AUDIO COVERAGE BBC Sportsound LIVE COMMENTARY BBC Sportsound [UK Only] LIVE TEXT (ONLINE) Sporting Life BBC VIDEO LIVE on BT Sport 1 - SPFL YouTube Channel ICT Official YouTube Channel TEAM LINEUPS Tweets by @ICTFC Tweets by @ICTFC
  12. Really? I dont think there have been too many 'rosey' posts in the last year and as owner of the forum I have fallen firmly and publicly into the camp that wants/wanted to see both Crook and Rae gone. Things are definitely not rosy at the club right now and many site users have that same opinion. The closest thing we have to a happy clapper on here right now is IHE and that is a complete 180 to what things were like when Kenny Cameron or those who went before him were in charge. You may agree or disagree with my opinion, I dont care, its my opinion and I am entitled to hold it and I believe it to be balanced and capable of both criticism and praise for the club ... However, I will also respect your entitlement to hold yours too .. .and that is the issue on here most of the time ... not the opinions themselves, but the attitude of (some) users in denying others the right to hold them and using aggressive or bullying tactics rather than reasoned argument to try and get them to change them. I would also prefer to say opinions are like buses .. if you dont like this one, wait a few minutes for the next one to come along. anyhow, back to the topic at hand .... here's hoping that we can all have a similar opinion later tonight and make plans for the next set of games in the playoffs ..... fingers and everything else crossed for that.
  13. For the second home game in a row TFC went down 2-1, this time to the Philadelphia Union, albeit with a little help from rookie referee Ramy Touchan. Despite having the better of the opening 25 minutes, TFC found themselves 1-0 down when Chris Mavinga got the last touch on a Fabrice-Jean Picault effort. The reds equalised early in the second half with another audacious chipped free-kick from Alejandro Pozuelo which Carlos Coronel got a hand to but couldn’t stop. That’s his 5th of the season. Jamiro Monteiro would go on to score the winner in 68 minutes when TFC were temporarily down to 10 men after Auro suffered an injury and was making his way to the touchline to be subbed. A further cynical foul saw Ciman having to be replaced and the ref then seemed to lose control of the match towards the end, booking 4 players as things got heated with TFC seeking an equaliser and Philly falling over at every opportunity. The most bizarre of the 4 bookings was the one dished out to Philly’s Przybylko who was carded on the bench after being subbed. Why he was not carded on the 2 or 3 occasions he wasted valuable time trying to re-enter the field of play without permission after one of his miraculous recoveries beggars belief but that is the oxymoron that is “PRO” referees here in MLS. All in all a frustrating day where our lack of a credible second striker to deputise for Jozy cost us dearly. Boyd is not the answer. Hamilton is not the answer. Akinola may become an option but he is not the answer right now. Gallery for this game can be found here : Match Highlights Alejandro Pozuelo goal View the full article
  14. TFC went down 2-1 at home to the Portland Timbers in our first home defeat of the season. Jonathan Osorio had put the reds ahead with a scrambled goal after a corner in the 20th minute, but the Timbers drew level with a sweet strike from Bill Tuiloma just a couple of minutes later. Jeremy Ebobisse wrapped it up in the 70th minute for the visitors with another good goal. Gallery for this game can be found here : Match Highlights Jonathan Osorio Goal View the full article
  15. Scotty HT: 0-0 FT: 1-0 1st ICT: White 1st Opp: Safranko Crowd: 2688 Cdn Girl HT: 1-0 FT: 2-1 1st ICT: Austin 1st Opp: Clark Crowd: 2712 SOS HT: 1-1 FT: 1-1 1st ICT: Doran 1st Opp: Safranko Crowd: 2699