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  1. May be some rose-tinted glasses on my part, but I always thought the Pele era saw us play great attacking football utilising the full width and camber of our pitch, where we were just as liable to win 5-1 (quite a few of those scorelines back then) or lose 1-5. It was entertainment nonetheless and I seem to remember we also went some insane length of time without a 0-0 result. You always knew there would be goals, just not sure at which end or in what quantity! Ayr Utd in particular seemed to generate crazy scorelines. (even before TB's sermon in the stands). Nowadays, if it hits 1-0 (or 0-1) in favour of the opposition then you really wonder if we have the quality or tactical knowledge to get back into the game. Too often, the answer to that is no.
  2. O'Dea was captain at Toronto FC for a while. Great leader on the park, a fan favourite, and apparently a pretty decent bloke off the field. Not sure where he is at with coaching badges but looking at his coaching career with Motherwell then Celtic U18s and now Celtic B then he might be a better candidate than some.
  3. Not sure if a newer list is online anywhere - closest I can come is 2020 list - but lets start with a coach who already has their UEFA PRO license or is working on it now. 2020-2022 list: Heart says some combo of the likes of Warren/Tremarco/Tokely/Esson would be great, but we just sacked another club legend and that doesn't feel great. Barry Wilson's playing record and achievements on the park will always be there but his role as an assistant to Dudds will always give it that little asterisk against his name.
  4. I agree with the sentiment of @IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER. JR is not the solution, and in many eyes, he's our very own Nero rather than Hero. fiddling while Rome burns. However, I have to also say @Moogthurso makes a good point also. When he stepped down, he did so ostensibly because he realised the depth of his personal mental health challenges and sought help to deal with them whilst very much in the public eye. No stigma or pointing fingers for that, nothing but respect. It shows mental strength to admit and deal with your issues in that way, and even to agree to take on the very role that caused the challenges in the first place. Lets not forget that Charlie also stepped away for personal/family reasons from the same role where - it has to be said - he had got some pretty good results. With all due respect to both, hopefully this is a temporary measure until we get the right person in the job, but the change should NOT stop at just the scapegoat.
  5. 2 out of the required 4 or 5 now gone. I had a lot of respect for Robbo until recently, but given he would seem to rather be anywhere but where ICT are playing on a Saturday, in the midst of this crisis, then he has to go too, as does the CEO. I have not heard anyone say anything positive about him in the whole time he has been here and the one prospect I personally set up for him needed only a single phone call to discuss a possible link beneficial to ICT but according to the other party that phone call never came. As for SK who has survived multiple managerial changes, and our chairman RM, I will leave those closer to the sharp end to make that determination as I really don't know the daily machinations from this side of the pond. I know from talking to the chairman in the past that he was a supporter long before he was the chairman so if its a Kenny Cameron type of "loyalty error" then I could see him stay on but anything else and unfortunately he may have to fall on his sword as well.
  6. Scotty HT: 0-0 FT: 0-1 1st Scorer ICT: Shaw 1st Scorer RR: Mullen Crowd: 2312 CDN Girl HT: 1-1 FT: 1-2 1st Scorer ICT: Mckay 1st Scorer RR: Vaughn Crowd: 2442 SOS HT: 1-0 FT: 1-1 1st Scorer ICT: Gilmour 1st Scorer RR: Hamilton Crowd: 2552
  7. Scotty: Falkirk @ 1.53 CDN Girl: Cove @ 2.10 SOS: Hamilton @ 1.50
  8. Has anyone asked them to define what they see as "representative". I am sure that currently those goalposts would be moving/travelling more often than Robbo does between Inverness and Dingwall (or Brora) so a straight answer would be impossible whoever asked the question. "Invisible Metric" is definitely an appropriate term here. To an extent this has always been the way. The club, and some figures within it eye 'externals' and by that I mean anyone not explicitly employed by the club, very suspiciously. It does not matter if you are a volunteer at the club during the week, on matchday in some capacity, painting the gates, running a website, being part of a supporters committee, or generally giving of your time in some fashion. At some point - possibly after a change in the boardroom when a new broom sweeps clean - the default position seems to be "What are they after?" followed closely by "We cant have that". In most cases you are pissing against the wind unless you get really assertive or controversial or they know you are going to "publish and be damned". At the end of the day they are relying on the fact we are all ICT fans and do not want to rock the boat too much, or will accept the platitudes. Someone once said you cant put lipstick on a pig !! Thats how low we have sunk when I have to quote that individual about the state of our club! This website has been through every incarnation at boardroom level. With Dougie McGilvray, we were just starting and got the treatment the Trust is getting now. I understand that. Aside from the fact we were new, the internet itself was less developed and media looked at is suspiciously and 'traditional media' dropped poison in the right ears. With Sutherland, Savage, Cameron and all others up to Rae, we and other volunteers were embraced by the club and worked together with them on multiple things to get communication flowing. That included working with Graeme Bennett initially who was keen to have fans included, but the big uptick was when Ken Thompson came on board in the background. He oversaw a culture shift in the attitude that pervaded things right up until the day Kenny Cameron resigned as chairman and Muirfield Mills took the reins. Since then it has been downhill (fast). Ditto. It is free for anyone to express their opinion here provided it doesn't not cross the boundary into defamation/slander/libel or breach good taste enter into bullying and name calling etc. Its all in the rules of the site. Whilst individual posters are legally responsible for their own postings, I will also always protect the site even if it means removing posts that may occasionally not quite cross the line but are headed there fast. Judgement call on that one but I don't expect to agree with all posters, or them with me. I once tried to please all of the people all of the time but gave that up years ago when I realised that was a losing battle! You are. Others are free to disagree and make that point. Neither party should descend into a slagging match though as that makes both guilty of other site rule breaches. I would hope not, but that would just be my personal opinion. The club would not ask anyone for an opinion. On a personal level I did not back a new contract. Getting to the cup final had more to do with Fiona than BD ! At best, a rolling contract we (or he) could terminate with minimal fuss. Lets focus our anger on the club and the officials rather than each other. Allowing them to divide and conquer or encourage disgruntlement in the ranks of the support only weakens us and what should be a loud and combined message of "enough is enough" .
  9. I will be there in spirit as a paid up Trust member. Just my Tuppence worth, but it is time for everyone to put aside the distrust that comes with this type of situation and make it clear to whoever represents US when it comes to any talks with the club that the current situation is untenable. The Trust should be the conduit to organising or requesting an EGM if the current board remain invisible and ineffective. We cannot have a CEO, board and SLO who won't talk to fans. In the case of the SLO that's his feckin job FFS. We cannot have a sporting director who spends more time in Dingwall than the team bus or directors seats at whichever location we are playing. You were supposed to be an important cog in the wheel. If you are not there then it's stealing a wage. We can't have a manager and coaches who see something isn't working so try the same thing again and again to see if they get a different outcome. That's the definition of clueless. Teams.know how to play us, we don't have a clue how to play a pub team. Dodds has to go. He could reclaim some dignity by resigning rather than getting sacked. No package required or requested. His backroom team need to go with him. Gardiner needs to go. Too many day to day issues, problems and ill will for his position to be anything other than untenable. I know many examples of situations where suggestions have been made to the club, even at their own request just before COVID, but these suggestions or money making leads were completely ignored seemingly because they were not his idea. No idea how true that opinion is other than personal knowledge of one really good lead given to him - by me - that was never followed up on. Ross Morrison may have been a supporter of the club long before he was chairman, and seems like a decent guy when I have encountered him, (or.passed.him that lead) but he is making the same mistake with Gardiner that Kenny C did with Richie Foran. Too much faith and misplaced trust. Time for eyes to be opened and difficult conversations to take place. If he can't show SG a P45 then he needs to award himself one. This is the lowest point our club has been at on its 30 year existence and if we want it to reach any more milestones the rot has to stop NOW.
  10. The answer to the topic title is : TODAY. Wholescale change required from top to bottom.
  11. Scotty HT: 0-0 FT: 1-2 CDN Girl HT: 1-0 FT: 1-1 SOS HT: 0-1 FT: 0-1
  12. Glad you cut off your quote here:
  13. Scotty: QOS @ 1.66 CDN Girl: Spartans @ 2.10 SOS: Dumbarton @ 1.90
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