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  1. Scotty

    Season Ticket

    I guess they just dont totally trust the technology over here then .... although it may also - in part - be a security issue too. As most of the professional leagues (MLS, MLB, NBA, and of course NFL) are American run then they have this over-riding 'september 11' mentality that makes entry to a sporting event almost tighter than airport security !!! The same rules apply in Canada despite the more relaxed laws. ... I am always that guy who the turnstile or airport gate or other automated entry method doesnt work for .... which reminds me we do have the automated entry to the subway (tube) here and that sometimes gives me hassle too !!!
  2. Scotty

    Season Ticket

    Scanned tickets in all sorts of sports and events over here ... and whether its PDF, real ticket or a QR code on a smartphone ... the one constant seems to be that its hand scanned with a simple barcode reader. Dont think I have entered a sporting event or a concert without that. Only place I recall scanning any form of entry card or paperwork in an unmanned fashion is in a few airports where they have those gates to get from one area to the next and half the time those entry gates still dont work .. requiring manual intervention from the (usually bored) staff member nearby for just such an occurrence.
  3. Scotty

    Davie Balfour's End to End by Bike

    Davie has now completed his bike ride. Well done
  4. Scotty

    Special General Meeting - Rescheduled date

    Good luck to the new board. I look forward to hearing of the progress made and more importantly to hearing that they are all committed to working together to promote the interests of all supporters of our club. I also look forward to hearing that the three late nominations - subject to being deemed valid - are co-opted onto the board at the next meeting. The more the merrier. I also re-iterate CTO's offer to help in any way we can .... At least 5 of those 6 are or have been active members of the site so just holler .....
  5. Scotty

    Forres Mechanics -V- Inverness CT

    Forres Mechanics -V- Inverness CT (friendly)
  6. Scotty

    Rothes -V- Inverness CT

    Rothes -V- Inverness CT (friendly)
  7. Scotty

    Strathspey Thistle -V- Inverness CT

    Strathspey Thistle -V- Inverness CT (Friendly)
  8. Scotty

    Keith -V- Inverness CT

    Keith -V- Inverness CT (Friendly)
  9. Scotty

    Championship 2018/19

    we'll be adding them to our calendar here (so typing them in for everyone) and there is an 'events' feed you would be able to subscribe to.
  10. Scotty

    Music for the team to run out too

    My son suggests this one !
  11. Scotty

    Championship 2018/19

    Been there, done that .. Worked my ass off while my employer was putting down obstacles and trying to get me to quit ... had the last laugh though ! After about a year, when the manager realised my worth to them and tried to re-promote me to my original position I gave them 7 days notice and walked across the street to start working for a direct competitor ! Enjoyed that immensely. Taking it back to Jake ... I see similarities with Barry Robson. Barry was a petulant SOB who got frustrated all the time. The problem was not that he wasn't trying, or didn't have the talent, it was that he had a better football brain than some around him and no shortage of self-esteem to go with it and when the frustration set in he stopped trying at times. I dont think Jake was as petulant as Barry (who was still a gurney b****** even by the time he got to Vancouver !) but I have seen him try hard for a bit then when things were not going our way to become a bit anonymous and fade out of games .... I think (hope) he might flourish at Hearts and wish him well. Now - back to championship discussion .....
  12. Scotty

    Russia - The World Cup

    I hope you are right ..... I am now looking forward to World Cup 2026 !!! Quite fancied a trip to Morocco if the vote didnt go our way but with Canada, USA and Mexico winning the bid and Toronto likely to host at least a handful of games then I may just get to go to a World Cup within my lifetime .... now if Scotland could qualify .....
  13. Scotty

    Championship 2018/19

    Met Jake several times on our last two or three trips and always got the impression he was a great chap. He was wonderful with my little boy - in fact the vast majority of the players were - so not sure where the 'prima donna' or 'control his emotions' bit comes in? I would also wish him good luck ....
  14. Scotty

    Special General Meeting - Rescheduled date

    I did not submit a nomination as I dont know what I could do from even further afield, or even if I am still a member or not ... did have a card once, dont think I ever renewed it after a couple of years, but cannot find it to try and verify the info. Will take another look. Regardless, I do however leave my offer on the table to assist - through CTO - in any way I can ... whoever gets elected can let me know what they need, and if I can help, I will.
  15. Scotty

    Player Sponsorship 2018/19

    Many thanks to those who have joined the sponsor group. Have confirmed cost for this year is same as last year and have told club based on response so far that we will continue to sponsor Liam Polworth's Home Shirt. That shirt will be randomly drawn to be given to one of the members at the end of season.